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Tim Sylvia vs Ray Mercer (Adrenaline MMA)

Tim Sylvia vs Ray Mercer (Adrenaline MMA)
Posted by:grappler0000 on 6/14/09
Category:Other MMA Organizations
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Video Comments
Posted 6/18/09 5:51PM by Bernzie
Posted 6/18/09 1:59PM by reem
Posted 6/15/09 11:26PM by icemansakuraba
tim went back to be the tim of old .......... out of shape big time in this fight...
what happens... ko hahahah
Posted 6/15/09 5:56PM by backalley101
Posted 6/15/09 5:39PM by wrona666
it gets better and better every time i watch it....LOL
Posted 6/15/09 5:19PM by ckingsley
i meant doesnt have a athletic bone in him
Posted 6/15/09 5:18PM by ckingsley
that guy is just tall he does have a athletic bone in him

Posted 6/15/09 12:15AM by Franca311Diaz
Big Tim finally gets knocked out cold
Posted 6/14/09 3:43PM by EvenFlow
now thats just embarressing, its hard to feel bad tho
Posted 6/14/09 3:43PM by EvenFlow
youd think thered be a better angle with an adrenalin show, guess not
Posted 6/14/09 1:48PM by bosanceros
i didnt know i could hate this man more
Posted 6/14/09 11:21AM by Khaos
Jens was right, and Tim lost. I love a world where this **** happens, wow Tim is such a joke nowadays.
Posted 6/14/09 11:08AM by ikesmith
Posted 6/14/09 10:14AM by scottythebody
hahahaaha I heard Tim weighed in at 310, I guess someone wasn't taking this fight seriously at all.
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