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Light sparring vid, amature in MMA vs friend

Light sparring vid, amature in MMA vs friend
Posted by:seanfu on 10/9/09
Category:Other Non-MMA, MMA Training
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Posted 10/15/09 11:48PM by Jackelope
Well keep working at it all, brotha. If you're willing to go this far out of your way to train then obviously you've got the hunger. Now you just need to hook yourself up with a good coach
Posted 10/14/09 6:54PM by seanfu
Indiana MMA circuit, idk I always thought it consisted of a bunch of pure wrestlers and out of shape brawlers at the lowest level. Shame shame. I was actually scheduled for a fight against a 1-0 fighter at Pierres but my ankle got DESTROYED lol. Turns out you should be careful in a judo session against a Ukraniean who outweighs you by a hundred pounds.
Posted 10/13/09 3:29PM by Jackelope
I'm not big on this backyard MMA stuff whether sparring or fighting, but it's all good. Props for having the courage to post this video for everyone to see/pick at.

As far as critiques- You guys both have to keep your chins down, man... holy God that is your biggest fundamental flaw. Crossing your feet during your footwork is a big no, no too. I duno what the amateur circuit is like where you're from but if I'm your coach and you're from where I'm from I'm telling you that you aren't ready for a fight yet.

Don't take that too personally, more as a gauge for what's out there. You guys need a coach who can give you some real techniques to work on.
Posted 10/13/09 5:26AM by seanfu
Yup, footwork got a lot better since then but still sucks laterally, the hands do drop, but not as much as you see here, I was loose because he had no real technical threat to me. My head movement is exaggerated though, I have to try to work it in to my muay thai. I'm pretty much a pure wrestler learning the game so yeah. A decent guard, decent trips, and I think a competant enough standup game for a local amature.
Posted 10/12/09 10:42PM by Shawn17
i can tell the guy in the red has never done anything before but also your standup is fundamentally weak, you drop your hands a lot especially when u kick and you footwork is awkward.
Posted 10/12/09 9:40PM by seanfu
And we didn't make the ring, we were just kind of there.
Posted 10/12/09 9:36PM by seanfu
it was standup only and we were only at around 30 percent. During the clinch I had a ton of easy judo open but I'm not about to hurt him or anything. Grappling isn't fair on him.
Posted 10/12/09 7:57PM by hotrodttt
Yo gt03, if you knew anything about wrestling then you would know that the elevator is not a slam...
Posted 10/12/09 11:18AM by Menard_StC
Did you seriously make a ring out of string?
Posted 10/10/09 9:07PM by Gt03champ
To hotrodttt: What do you what him to do? slam his friend who is not a fighter?..... good vid. you threw a lot of leg kicks. i would have loved to see a superman punch.
Posted 10/9/09 9:39PM by hotrodttt
You wrestle haha, you could've hit the elevator when you had over unders dude.
Posted 10/9/09 8:51PM by seanfu
My friend in the red has been training with me weekend warrior style and for only 3 months or so and I was impressed how he handled himself.

I've done some wrestling/MMA/Muay Thai for a little while so whatever. I was wondering if there was any interest for this kind of thing.
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