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Joe Rogan On Espn Debate (UFC Vs Boxing)

Joe Rogan On Espn Debate (UFC Vs Boxing)
Posted by:Sam_Rothstein on 7/18/07
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Posted 9/13/07 5:33PM by pelican2k
a lot of fighters start off with boxing.
Joe Rogan is a dumb ass!!!
Posted 9/7/07 3:36PM by SpiderSilva
Boxing wants nothing to do with mma Rogen was right when saying every fighter form around the world is trainning mma
Posted 8/26/07 8:52PM by Clevergato1
These stupid ass people need to get to learn the sport before they start judging it. If they cant see the art in take downs, submissions, and well placed kicks they are not true fighting fans
Posted 8/23/07 6:55AM by ufcboss
That was great, Floyd you are stupid, Where did you watch these 12 min fights?
Boxing is dead I say! Put it this way, I live in Aus and have pay tv, When we get a boxing PPV they are full of no-name fighters who I couldnt give a flying fart about and they charge $49.95AU. Yeah some have ok cards, but not great. Then you got UFC (Thats all we got .....so far). I dont need to say much about that but they are only $31.95AU. Now go figure is boxing trying to make every last dollar while they can or what? One more thing they should shut it down just for the amount of deaths and long term brain injurys. So to close this up, Damn I cant wait to see HumanCockFight 74!
Posted 8/11/07 10:25AM by jack
Joe is my hero!! It's always funny when try and discuss something with somebody that doesn't have a clue but they pretend they do. Joe took him to school. Reminds me of the Dana White O'rielly interview when Bill said that you could catch Parkinsons from being punched.
Posted 7/25/07 3:18PM by roman
Rogans the man..... a funny funny man
Posted 7/22/07 9:03PM by prophecy033
First thing, anyone that is not familiar with mma wont get it. they are stuck in their was and wont budge from that. Second, boxing started to kill itself, but mma hurried it along ALOT faster. i feel that this is a new generation and we need a sport to match. mma is the most exciting for of fighting. Floyd maywether ,in my opinion, probably has watched some mma and KNOWS that he wouldn't make it. i'll break it down. Boxers ONLY have the defend against punches thus having more energy to go 12 rounds. MMA fighters have to defend not just punches but high kicks, low kicks, knees, thai clinch, takedowns, slams, and the almight submissions once it hits the ground. put ANY boxer on their back and i gave it 1 minute before the AVERAGE jiu-jitsu fighter taps him or makes him go uncontious. so all these boxers and boxing experts are just trying the defends their remidial sport because the know whats happining. It took boxing 100 years to gains the popularity that took mma 15 years to achieve.
Posted 7/22/07 5:32PM by The_Iceman
Whehehe lmao.. boxing will die!!

MMA will rule the world!

Mayweather sucks the biggest *** of them all, what an idiot

Rogan for president =)
Posted 7/20/07 3:16PM by fedorwins1
Lol funny as crap, I think Rogan needs to calm down a bit though.
Posted 7/18/07 10:08PM by jeremygreen
Joe Rogan owned that interview!
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