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Diaz-Noons Shenanigans (EliteXC: ROTK)

Diaz-Noons Shenanigans (EliteXC: ROTK)
Posted by:grappler0000 on 6/15/08
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Posted 6/19/08 12:48AM by pelican2k
they only did that to get in KJ head's.
and it work! ha!
Posted 6/17/08 9:16PM by originalconspiracy
everyoine saying the diaz bros suck are morons. they both are great fighters. dont get mad because you dont like them talking shit. its funny as hell.
Posted 6/17/08 7:26PM by Strika
Diaz had Staph in his knee. If you've seen the picture of him behind the scenes with Sheilds you can see one knee is like 3 times bigger then the others. But either way we will never know untill the fight happens. And it will happen.
Posted 6/17/08 4:08AM by backalley101
Daiz got beat up last fight lol get real
Posted 6/16/08 10:25PM by quezocrema0032
the diaz brothers are good fighters but that wasnt necassry at all let the champ have his moment he won fair and square the 1st time yea a cut leaves room for doubt but he was winning that fight and i like both guys so im being fair but kj was wining the 1st fight so give him his credit and wait for a rematch
Posted 6/16/08 10:06PM by pelican2k
that wasn't a real win over Daiz the first time they fought. Daiz will win
Posted 6/16/08 10:32AM by rampigill
diaz are good, who cares they make shit intresting if you think they suck you dont no shit about mma not everyone is a poster child
Posted 6/16/08 7:19AM by Budgellism
Noons Krazy horse 2 would be jokes:P
Posted 6/16/08 2:48AM by backalley101
you can see nate start the fight . diaz bros are douchebags. this is MMA not MTV RAP
Posted 6/16/08 1:03AM by Sam_Rothstein
Noons doesnt want the rematch, Gary Shaw doesnt want the rematch. You will be more likely to see them do Noons Vs Krazy Horse 2
Posted 6/15/08 9:22PM by Budgellism
They aren't funny at all, the diaz's are both tools, I'm not quite sure why I'm a dumbfuck (:S?) mma fan for thinking they are shitty and annoying... okay... ya, Nate can submit, put him against a top 5 lightweight and he's done... and as for Nick, he's been looking pretty shitty lately, so ya... I think they suck
Posted 6/15/08 5:50PM by otacon279
Team THC 4 life
Posted 6/15/08 5:02PM by 89vision
karl started it by talking shit about diaz' performance, thats why nate flipped him off, causing karls dad to do what he did, sorry but if you side with the noons' thats injustice, they didnt start it
Posted 6/15/08 3:15PM by roman
I also have never liked KJ for some reason, and I still don't. I was really hoping for Yves to step it up and take it to him but oh well. I guess Diaz will get another shot, hopefully on primetime TV so I can see it live.
Posted 6/15/08 2:51PM by Strika
For some reason I dont like KJ. Always been a Nick fan, you can see he is a hell of a dude showed no disrespect to Mushin. But he cant stand KJ? I think KJ has done something to tick Nick off and Nick now wants to get under KJ's skin.
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