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Aleksander Emelianenko KO’s Opponent Without Landing a Punch

Aleksander Emelianenko KO’s Opponent Without Landing a Punch
Posted by:komodo20 on 4/24/10
Category:Other MMA Organizations
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Video Comments
Posted 5/20/11 10:34PM by superdave
the dude poked himself in the eye, off of alexanders punch
Posted 5/1/10 9:57PM by Taylor8766
lol thats ridiculous that guy should be stripped of his fighting license, and maybe go into a water sport like diving
Posted 4/29/10 4:47PM by deck15
i wonder who made more money on this fight.... or whatever that was
Posted 4/26/10 8:31PM by machodog76
Haven't you guys heard of a little move called the Dim Mak?
Posted 4/26/10 1:58PM by elekguy
he landed a clean punch..who ever didnt see that is blind.. aha
Posted 4/26/10 4:18AM by Cobbs666
lol come si come so
Posted 4/25/10 9:14PM by Pookie
Eye poke
Posted 4/25/10 1:53PM by placente
he did landed a punch
Posted 4/25/10 1:58AM by markzabin
Posted 4/24/10 6:53PM by YoungGun27
If that guy took a dive it was the worst acting job in history or it could be Aleks a has developed a chi punch lol.
Posted 4/24/10 1:55PM by runningman08
Thats just how good the Emelianenko's are. They can KO someone with there mind. lol
Posted 4/24/10 11:14AM by RhythmAndStyle
at 1:47 Alex was lookin at the dude like WTF, are u serious..lmfao...
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