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UFC News - Page 769

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Pre-fight injury rumors prove partially true; Thiago Silva's back ailing prior to UFC 108
Prior to his UFC 108 main-event contest with Rashad Evans (14-1-1 MMA, 9-1-1 UFC), Brazilian slugger Thiago Silva (14-2 MMA, 5-2 UFC) was rumored to be suffering from a serious ankle injury. "The rumor came out that it was an ankle injury," Davis said. "Actually, it was not an ankle injury; it was a back injury.
Submitted Jan 5, 2010 12:49AM by ThaAxeMurderer7 - 4 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFC officials vow to sue individuals for pay-per-view piracy in forthcoming crackdown
LAS VEGAS — Mixed martial arts fans who watch pirated internet content could soon be pressed against the cage says the president of an industry-leading fight promotion. In a move that could signal a sea change in the viral presence of MMA — the burgeoning sport of caged pugilism — Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, said his company is readying a legal assault on individuals and websites that deal in unauthorized content
Submitted Jan 5, 2010 12:23AM by karn501 - 27 comments
Filed under: UFC
Maynard: Penn-Sanchez Was More of a Business Choice
When you’ve won six fights in a row in the UFC lightweight division, it’s difficult not to be earmarked as the next title contender. Gray Maynard knows there are no guarantees, though. The former Michigan State wrestling champion faces Nate Diaz this Monday at UFC Fight Night 20 in Fairfax, Va., in a rematch of their early 2007 bout on “The Ultimate Fighter 5.” And the pragmatic lightweight said a win won’t necessarily translate into a title shot against B.J. Penn. “I don’t really know what (the promotion’s) talking about, but I got to get past Nate,” Maynard told the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Savage Dog” show on Monday. “There’s a lot of guys who are probably like, ‘Yeah, I’m close to a title shot,’ so I’m just one of those guys I guess.”
Submitted Jan 4, 2010 10:45PM by MMA-San - 13 comments
Filed under: UFC, MMA Personalities, Fight Camp / Team, The Ultimate Fighter
John Howard inks new 4-fight deal with UFC
Going 3-0 in the UFC definitely helps your job security, and that helped John "Doomsday" Howard ink his new 4-fight deal with the promotion that will keep him there for the foreseeable future.
Submitted Jan 4, 2010 9:18PM by ThaAxeMurderer7 - 6 comments
Filed under: UFC
James Toney wants Lesnar, is trained by "death fighter"
"I want Brock Lesnar and I know, unfortunately, he’s injured right now and had surgery, but I want him, Kimbo, Kendra, whatever his name is, Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell or whoever. [Fans] think I will get my ass whooped. They will all be disappointed. You know I got a very big mouth and it can’t be shut. I have never been stopped in damn near 90 professional boxing fights and never will be. I still do my thing. They let a street fighter in the UFC; I know they can let a future Hall of Fame boxer with real fighting skills and credentials in there, but they scared."
Submitted Jan 4, 2010 8:31PM by ThaAxeMurderer7 - 16 comments
Filed under: UFC
With cast removed, Pat Barry anticipates May return
Pat Barry (5-1 MMA, 2-1 UFC) is just happy he doesn't have to shower with a Glad bag over his right arm. The 30-year-old UFC heavyweight badly broke his thumb fighting former training partner Antoni Hardonk at UFC 104 in October and has been avoiding the gym until today, when he teaches a kickboxing class at the Duke Roufus MMA Academy in Milwaukee.
Submitted Jan 4, 2010 8:22PM by ThaAxeMurderer7 - 12 comments
Filed under: UFC
M-1 Global is NOT in talks with the UFC about Fedor and Mousasi
Contrary to recent reports, M-1 Global is not currently in talks with the UFC. Although reports have swept through the mixed martial arts news front recently stating that UFC President Dana White and M-1 Global have been in discussions regarding possibly signing either Fedor Emelianenko or Gegard Mousasi, FiveOuncesofPain.com has recently been able to confirm that no such discussions have took place through sources close to M-1 Global.
Submitted Jan 4, 2010 6:12PM by ThaAxeMurderer7 - 4 comments
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Stout feels he broke Lauzon's spirit to get win
What makes a great fighter isn't always the titles on the mantle or the slot they hold down in the Top 10. What sometimes makes a fighter great is the amount of support they are shown by the fans, and that's exactly the greeting Sam Stout got on Saturday night as he put on a fantastic show against Joe Lauzon in the bout that was deemed UFC 108 "Fight of the Night." Sam Stout may be a smart guy, but he obviously doesn't understand the meaning of the word "boring" as he pushed the pace in all three rounds en route to a unanimous decision. After avoiding a submission in the first round, Stout proceeded to punish Lauzon from head to toe, putting on a stand-up clinic.
Submitted Jan 4, 2010 6:09PM by ThaAxeMurderer7 - 4 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFC 108 medical suspensions
The Nevada State Athletic Commission has issued medical suspensions to seven fighters from this past Saturday's "UFC 108: Evans vs. Silva" event, and co-main event competitor Dustin Hazlett and preliminary card winner Mark Munoz could be out of action for up to six months. While the remainder of the suspensions were limited to 30 days or less, Hazelett and Munoz were each suspended until July for a variety of both confirmed and potential fractures.
Submitted Jan 4, 2010 6:07PM by ThaAxeMurderer7 - 0 comments
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UFC and M1 reopen talks, White hopefull for emelianenko and mousasi
Apparently, the Ultimate Fighting Championship's door hasn't completely closed on notables Fedor Emelianenko and Gegard Mousasi. Although the M-1 fighters are signed in the U.S. to Strikeforce and past negotiations with the UFC fell apart, UFC president Dana White said he recently reopened talks with M-1 Global boss Vadim Finkelstein. White wouldn't elaborate on the nature of the discussions, only saying they've taken place "more recently than you would think." But Finkelstein has since confirmed he's entered talks and hopes "fans will be happy this time" with the outcome
Submitted Jan 4, 2010 2:19PM by karn501 - 13 comments
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UFC 108 Fighter Payouts
The NSAC has released the official fighter payouts from UFC 108. The total disclosed payouts was $843,000 with the biggest share-$375,000-going to main event winner Rashad Evans.
Submitted Jan 4, 2010 1:46PM by DCRage - 4 comments
Filed under: UFC
No Florian fight yet,Gomi gunning for Penn
Never one to shy away from a challenging opponent, sources close to Florian’s camp, however, told MMAWeekly.com that while Florian would welcome a fight with Gomi, it has yet to be offered. “I don’t think we’ve really thought about who Gomi will fight yet,” said White. “We just signed him. Obviously in that weight division, there’s a lot of great guys who we can line him up with.
Submitted Jan 4, 2010 12:06PM by karn501 - 6 comments
Filed under: UFC
Dana White Does Not-Repeat, Does Not-Condemn Aoki Actions
UFC president Dana White says he’s the first guy to call “freak show” when he sees a match-up that shouldn’t happen. But when it comes to the behavior of fighters inside the cage, he’s far more forgiving. At least if you’re not Brock Lesnar. When it came to the subject of Shinya Aoki’s bad-boy turn, however, White was reluctant to issue condemnation. “This isn’t (expletive) baseball or one of these other sports,” White said at a gathering of reporters after Saturday’s UFC 108. “Sometimes these guys hate each other. When you break a guy’s arm that you hate, flip him off, and let him know you’re glad you broke his arm, I guess, it happens sometimes. “It’s not the greatest sportsmanship, but, ‘oh, that guy is terrible, he’s a horrible man and he shouldn’t fight anymore,’ this is the fight business, man. Crazy stuff happens in the fight business sometimes.” Aoki gave Hirota a "Stone Cold Salute" immediately after their fight at Fields Dynamite!! on 12/31.
Submitted Jan 4, 2010 10:11AM by DCRage - 5 comments
Filed under: UFC
Franklin to have Surgery on Hernia, Aims for Montreal Return
Rich (Ace) Franklin is due for hernia surgery, but look for a comeback in Montreal Former UFC middleweight champion, Rich (Ace) Franklin is expected to be sidelined for the next few months. "I'm taking some time off," he said. "I have hernia surgery scheduled next week. I have a slight tear in my upper stomach. I need to get it taken care of. Once I do that, then I'll get back to a normal training regimen."
Submitted Jan 3, 2010 4:49PM by Gogoplatapus - 6 comments
Filed under: UFC
Stout Enjoys Profitable Night at UFC 108
LAS VEGAS -- Canadian Sam (Hands of Stone) Stout was smiling under the railway line of stitches etched on his forehead. The 25-year-old lightweight from London, Ont., had just scored one of the biggest victories of his mixed martial arts career, claiming an extra US$50,000 bonus for fight of the night for his unanimous decision over Joe Lauzon at UFC 108.
Submitted Jan 3, 2010 3:03PM by Gogoplatapus - 6 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFC Boss Expects Clearer Prognosis on Lesnar This Week
LAS VEGAS - UFC president Dana White says he expects to hear a definitive prognosis on Brock Lesnar this week, which should determine the ailing heavyweight champion's future. "This is the week. This is the week Brock Lesnar is going back to the doctor, getting fully checked out by one of the best doctors and hospitals in the world," White told the UFC 108 post-fight news conference Saturday night.
Submitted Jan 3, 2010 2:17PM by Gogoplatapus - 0 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFC 108 bonuses,Daley,Miller,Stout,andLauzon
With UFC post-fight bonuses consistently hitting the high five figures, the promotion’s athletes are constantly gunning for the honors... and the bonus check. Saturday’s UFC 108 roster was no different, and they didn’t make it easy on UFC brass. Seven of the night’s 10 bouts ended via submission or knockout
Submitted Jan 3, 2010 2:03PM by karn501 - 7 comments
Filed under: UFC
White says he'll meet with james toney
LAS VEGAS – What kind of fight promotion would allow an aging, 41-year-old boxing champion to make his professional mixed martial arts debut on a national (if not worldwide) stage? Would you believe the UFC? Well, if current IBO and NABO heavyweight boxing champion James Toney (72-6 Boxing, 0-0 MMA) has his way, "Lights Out" may soon be looking to compete in the octagon. And despite his seemingly long odds for success, Toney may have a sympathetic contact in the organization: UFC president Dana White.
Submitted Jan 3, 2010 11:39AM by karn501 - 51 comments
Filed under: UFC
Gomi could debut against Florian
LAS VEGAS – After confirming on Saturday that former PRIDE lightweight champion Takanori Gomi (31-5 MMA, 0-0 UFC) had signed with the UFC, company boss Dana White was mum on details about his first opponent. However, when told that ESPN's "MMA Live" program posted a Twitter message saying co-host and top lightweight contender Kenny Florian (12-4 MMA, 10-3 UFC) could be Gomi's first challenge, White smirked
Submitted Jan 3, 2010 11:37AM by karn501 - 16 comments
Filed under: UFC
Daley Wants Alves Next, Dana Says Likely Fitch Or Kos
After his win over Dustin Hazelett at UFC 108 last night, Paul Daley mentioned a few fighters he'd like to face next but specifically pointed out Thiago Alves. Dana White probably won't go with that plan however, mentioning that he wouldn't mind Daley getting between Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck-since Dana can't really get the AKA teammates to face each other, Daley could get one of them for his next fight.
Submitted Jan 3, 2010 11:35AM by DCRage - 32 comments
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