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UFC News - Page 748

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Rich Franklin undergoes successful eye surgery to remove scar tissue
Rich Franklin, who suffered a deep eye poke during a UFC 93 main-event loss to Dan Henderson on Jan. 17, underwent successful surgery on Feb. 9 to remove scar tissue from his damaged right eye. After returning home from the Dublin, Ireland event, Franklin's ophthalmologist initially diagnosed him with a severely scratched cornea. Earlier this week, he underwent surgery to remove scar tissue that had developed in the affected area. "The ocular specialist gave Franklin numbing drops followed by several [Lidocaine] injections in the eyeball socket and eyeball itself," Franklin's business manager, J.T. Stewart, said in a statement issued to MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com). "A scalpel was used to cut the scar tissue growth from the eyeball. "Franklin also has a scar band attaching itself to the eyelid where the eye lid meets the cheek. After another injection to reduce the swelling, the doctor cauterized the eyeball to stop the bleeding."
Submitted Feb 11, 2009 10:03AM by SmileR - 4 comments
Filed under: UFC
Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar 2 to be ’similar to the first’
“Technically, Lesnar has the ‘real’ belt and he can claim that, I’m not bothered. But I have accomplished more than him on the road to the title…. I see the rematch being a similar fight to the first. He will look to overwhelm me quickly but it’s hard to win fights by just overpowering someone. He has the size and his strength is immense but his technical ability is nowhere near mine.”
Submitted Feb 11, 2009 12:23AM by MMAcca - 13 comments
Filed under: UFC
Funny Kurt Pellegrino interview
Check out the interview I did with Kurt over the weekend!
Submitted Feb 11, 2009 12:09AM by wrestler189 - 4 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFC 95 Perview
a perview of sanchez vs steveonson and marquardt vs Gouveia
Submitted Feb 10, 2009 9:31PM by cloud301336 - 4 comments
Filed under: UFC
Karo Parisyan tests positive for painkillers after UFC 94
Former number one welterweight contender, Karo Parisyan, has tested positive for several painkillers, including Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone and Oxymorphone, following his controversial split decision win over Dong Hyun “Stun Gun” Kim at UFC 94: “St. Pierre vs. Penn 2” at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Jan. 31. The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) today passed along the results to MMAmania.com. “The Heat” has recently battled a nervous disorder, as well as injuries, which forced him out of a match against Yoshiyuki Yoshida less than 24 hours before showtime back in September 2008. More on this breaking news in a bit. The other fighters tested on the card all passed their respective screenings for illegal/banned substances.
Submitted Feb 10, 2009 3:18PM by Twenty20Dollars - 38 comments
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Christian Wellisch and Eddie Sanchez added to list of recent UFC cuts
After Zuffa closed down the welterweight division in the WEC and transferred the top fighters over to the UFC, UFC Vice President of Talent Relations Joe Silva was left with a roster of over 200 fighters heading into this past Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 17. In order to alleviate the bloated roster, up to 50 fighters could be cut over the course of the next several months. FiveOuncesOfPain.com was the first to report that the UFC made a series of cuts over the weekend that included lightweight Rich Clementi, welterweight Luigi Fioravanti, and middleweight Derek Downey. Five Ounces of Pain has also learned that American Kickboxing Academy light heavyweight Christian Wellisch and heavyweight Eddie Sanchez can now be added to the list as well.
Submitted Feb 10, 2009 1:33PM by MMAcca - 13 comments
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Joe Stevenson banking on small differences to be big factor against Diego Sanchez at UFC 95
“… I also think it is to my advantage to get him in his first fight at 155lbs.This is his first time he has to make this weight, he’ll be a little nervous about that. It takes a few times to get the weight-making down right. Also, it is first time overseas, and jetlag does play a factor. It is only a tiny factor, but it is still there and all those little things like the weight-making, the jet lag, the different weather in England, little things like that all start to add up. Like I said, I think Sanchez won’t be at his very best in this fight as compared to his second or third fight at 155lbs…. I think he is underestimating me, too…. I want to stop Diego. I want to stop him or submit him. That will be a statement right there.”
Submitted Feb 10, 2009 1:29PM by MMAcca - 6 comments
Filed under: UFC
Is Japanese Invasion On UFC's Horizon?
If UFC treating top Japanese fighters like VIPs recently is any indication, possibly. It's a thinking recently fueled by UFC signing Japanese star Satoshi Ishii (although he might not fulfill the deal) and Dana White's saying he will bring Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto to WEC when his FEG contract is up.
Submitted Feb 10, 2009 8:56AM by DCRage - 6 comments
Filed under: UFC
Derek Downey released by UFC after one fight
For talented kickboxer Derek Downey, his UFC debut will go down as a bittersweet memory. After getting the short notice call to step in for Amir Sadollah against Nick Catone at this past Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 17, Downey has been released by the promotion after just one fight. Sources close to Downey informed FiveOuncesOfPain.com of the news on Monday night.
Submitted Feb 10, 2009 1:26AM by MMAcca - 3 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFN 17 Medical Suspensions
The FSAC has announced the medical suspensions from UFN 17. Only 4 fighters are suspended, all are sitting out for 30 days.
Submitted Feb 9, 2009 8:02PM by DCRage - 4 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFN 17 Fighter Payouts
The FSAC has revealed the fighter payouts from UFN 17. The total disclosed payouts were $304,000 with the biggest share-$32,000-going to Kurt Pellegrino.
Submitted Feb 9, 2009 8:01PM by DCRage - 3 comments
Filed under: UFC
Rumor: Karo Parisyan vs. Josh Koscheck at UFC 98
Karo Parisyan was recently on Armenian television saying that he will be fighting Josh Koscheck at UFC 98 on May 23. This is strictly a rumor at this point since Koscheck still has to get by Paulo Thiago at UFC 95, but would be a great fight to determine the next challenger to the Welterweight title. If this fight does happen, I think it is going to be a huge statement for Kos. Karo has not looked the same since losing to Alves, and Kos has evolved into a much more dominant fighter than Parisyan ever has and it will show in this fight. I think Kos will beat him up on the feet, and then eventually take him down and TKO him. It should be exciting either way
Submitted Feb 9, 2009 6:19PM by nickcuc547 - 36 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFC Cuts 2 Fighters Today
Clearly there is No Love for the lesser-known half of the Mario Bros. today. UFC has cut Rich Clementi & Luigi Fioravanti following their losses Saturday at UFN 17.
Submitted Feb 9, 2009 5:22PM by DCRage - 39 comments
Filed under: UFC
Unofficial UFC Lightweight Organizational Rankings
In order to take a deeper look at just how much depth currently resides on the UFC roster, FiveOuncesOfPain.com will be taking a division-by-division look at each weight class in the UFC from top-to-bottom.
Submitted Feb 9, 2009 3:59PM by Wolfenstein - 15 comments
Filed under: UFC
Joe Lauzon makes his case for fights with Nate Diaz, Hermes Franca
Not sure exactly where he ranks, but wanting to face fellow contenders, Lauzon had a suggestion for his next match-up: his fellow cast member from "The Ultimate Fighter 5," Nate Diaz.
Submitted Feb 9, 2009 3:54PM by Wolfenstein - 9 comments
Filed under: UFC
Shane Carwin UFC 96 Blog
MMAWeekly has asked me to blog about my training and update you as I lead into the most important fight of my career, against Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 96. Let me start off by giving you a little background on me and where I have come from, I hope this will give you some perspective into my life and my journey.
Submitted Feb 9, 2009 1:00PM by MMAcca - 0 comments
Filed under: UFC
Osterneck vs. Rivera Now Official For UFN 18
Rumors of a UFN 18 fight featuring WEC import Nissen Osterneck making his UFC debut have now been confirmed. Osterneck says he's officially signed to face Jorge Rivera at UFN 18.
Submitted Feb 9, 2009 11:50AM by DCRage - 7 comments
Filed under: UFC
Paul Taylor/Ben Saunders Injury Updates
Popular British welterweight Paul Taylor has been forced to turn down an opportunity to compete at UFC 97 on April 18 in Montreal. Taylor suffered a rib injury during his war with Chris Lytle at UFC 89 back in October of last year. Doctors originally said the injury was a cracked or broken rib. Initially expected to only miss 12 weeks, the injury has taken longer to heal. Now expected to be sidelined through July, Taylor was not able to accept an invitation to compete in Montreal. After being scratched from a welterweight bout against Dustin Hazelett during next month’s UFC 96 event in Columbus, Ohio, Ben Saunders is looking to make his Octagon return within the next three months. Saunders revealed his plans while speaking during a “UFC Fight Club” question and answer session this past week in Florida. The talented welterweight prospect specifically pointed to the months of April or May as a timetable for his return.
Submitted Feb 9, 2009 1:27AM by MMAcca - 0 comments
Filed under: UFC
Johnson not ready to rumble with GSP
You have to be pretty good nine fights into your career for fans to be calling for you to fight Georges St. Pierre, or those same fans are just morons. In the case of the Anthony Johnson, the reason is somewhere in between. It's way too early for Johnson to get a shot at the welterweight champ especially considering he's also one of the top three guys in the Yahoo! Sports' pound-for-pound rankings. That said, "Rumble" Johnson does appear to have the game, that could turn him into a top five welterweight.
Submitted Feb 9, 2009 1:16AM by MMAcca - 11 comments
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