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UFC News - Page 671

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UFC 87 bonuses: St. Pierre, Fitch, Maia and Emerson earn $60,000 each
Georges St. Pierre, Jon Fitch, Demian Maia and Rob Emerson each won $60,000 "fight night" bonuses stemming from Saturday's UFC 87 event at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minn. The bonuses were announced in a post-event press conference and confirmed by MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) soon after the pay-per-view event. Although the majority of the night's fights ended via decision, only one -- the night's main event -- earned bonus honors. St. Pierre, who made his first successful title defense with a shutout unanimous-decision victory over Fitch, split "Fight of the Night" honors with the former top contender. The five-round fight was clearly dominated by St. Pierre, though Fitch's resiliency kept him in the game. For their efforts, each headliner earned a $60,000 bonus check in addition to their base salaries. Ground wizard Demian Maia, who took another step toward title contention with his third consecutive UFC victory, earned a Submission of the Night award with his win over gatekeeper Jason MacDonald. Although his opponent fended off a multiple attempts, Maia eventually secured a rear-naked choke and forced MacDonald to tap out at 2:44 of the third round.
Submitted Aug 10, 2008 12:04PM by SmileR - 12 comments
Filed under: UFC
'Shogun' Rua Vs 'Rampage' Jackson
"Most likely right now it's looking like it's Quinton Jackson." Shogun Rua, breaking the news that the UFC is planning to put him up against Quinton "Rampage" Jackson in his return fight.
Submitted Aug 10, 2008 4:51AM by MMAcca - 25 comments
Filed under: UFC
Dana White: Rampage Jackson Will Fight Again "Soon"
Dana White spoke with Steve Cofield about a few things, including the future of Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.
Submitted Aug 9, 2008 3:13PM by kastro_316 - 13 comments
Filed under: UFC
Cro Cop was the last nail in the coffin.
“Fifty times we thought it was over and we were buying PRIDE, then we hear they were talking to these guys and these guys and kept string us along. So when Mirko Cro Cop’s deal came up, we went after Mirko aggressively, signed him, and that really started to unravel PRIDE." Interesting video.
Submitted Aug 9, 2008 2:57PM by cmill21 - 7 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFC 87 Spotlight: Demian Maia
UFC 87 will take place this Saturday and as we all know will feature three gigantic bouts as headliners. GSP vs. Fitch, Lesnar vs. Herring and Florian vs. Huerta could all very well headline a UFC event on their own merit. Enough has already been said about those six combatants however and instead of going all "boring archaeologist" on you and covering old ground (take that Mauro Ranallo!) I will instead focus on one of the other fights that will be seen on Saturday's pay-per-view. The bout I am talking about is the middleweight contest between Jason "The Athlete" MacDonald and Demian Maia. I am very much looking forward to this bout as I believe that Maia has the most potential out of all the UFC middleweights to topple the scariest dude on the planet, Anderson Silva. I say that because Maia is one of the finest pure grapplers in the world and I don't mean that like Mike Goldberg means it when he says, "he's one of the best in the world, Joe." I mean that for reals. In 2007, he won the 77kg - 87kg weight division at the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship. He has also defeated other notable high profile grapplers in the form of Ronaldo De Souza, fellow UFC middleweight Yushin Okami and former UFC heavyweight title challenger, Gabriel Gonzaga.
Submitted Aug 9, 2008 8:13AM by MMAcca - 4 comments
Filed under: UFC
Huerta clarifies recent controversial comments
UFC president Dana White tends to tolerate fighters who publicly complain about their contracts about as well as he does a tack in his shoe. When he starts comparing those who do dare to challenge him publicly to his ex-light heavyweight champion and favorite whipping boy, Tito Ortiz, it’s a sure sign he’s about to erupt. White was interviewed by a Toronto radio station on Wednesday when he heard for the first time that lightweight Roger Huerta had expressed unhappiness with his contract. Predictably, White didn’t take it well. A day later, he said Huerta’s comments were “almost Tito-like,” which is about as big an insult as White can dish out. Huerta faces the most significant fight of his life Saturday at UFC 87 at the Target Center when he takes on Kenny Florian in a highly anticipated lightweight bout. A battle with White is the last thing Huerta needs on the eve of the toughest fight of his life, but Huerta, who survived one of the most difficult childhoods imaginable, said he’s prepared so well for the fight that nothing will distract him.
Submitted Aug 9, 2008 8:06AM by MMAcca - 13 comments
Filed under: UFC
The Fitch Push
Jon Fitch represents one of the problems the UFC has faced in recent years in being able to properly promote and market a full stable of over 250 fighters. He’s a great fighter - undefeated in almost 5 years - but prior to his fight with Diego Sanchez, few in the mainstream had even heard of the guy. Most of his fights had not been shown on broadcasted events nor had he really received any press for his grinding, “blood and guts” fight style. It’s not like Fitch is the only fighter to contend for a title that the general public may not know about; Nathan Marquardt is another that comes to mind. You might even add Lyoto Machida, previous to his bout with Tito Ortiz, to that list. Attempting to change all this, the UFC is taking every opportunity to push Fitch to the masses. Last night, SpikeTV aired Countdown to UFC 87 and chose to focus the spotlight on the contender, Fitch, for the majority of the main event portion of the segment. It’s really no surprise, either, as Dana White has been telling every and anyone that will listen this week that not only is Fitch the real deal, but also that he’s White’s personal pick for upset of the night.
Submitted Aug 9, 2008 8:05AM by MMAcca - 6 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFC Quick Quote: ‘Stitch’ Duran a possible X factor?
“It might be a good thing that I’m in the red corner — Georges might need me. Jon Fitch punishes his opponents and is known for doing damage in his fights. And this is a five rounder. I might be able to get Georges one or two more rounds if he needs them.” – The best cut man in the business, “Stitch Duran,” tells MMAmania.com that UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre has perhaps an ace up his sleeve if need be — a man who can get him more time to fight if he needs it. “Rush” will take on Jon Fitch in the main event of UFC 87: “Seek and Destroy” at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minn., on August 9.
Submitted Aug 9, 2008 1:45AM by MMAcca - 0 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFC 87 Weigh-In Results
The weigh-ins for UFC 87 have just completed. Everyone made weight so the card for tomorrow is now official.
Submitted Aug 8, 2008 5:25PM by DCRage - 9 comments
Filed under: UFC
Lesnar faces stern test in veteran Herring...
When we last saw Brock Lesnar, the former NCAA wrestling champion and WWE alumnus was shaking his head in the Octagon after being submitted by former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir. Lesnar had imposed his bulk on Mir and laid copious punishment on the more technically advanced Mir for about 90 seconds. His fists of fury hammered Mir's face and almost forced a stoppage. Mir kept conscious, though, then lured Lesnar into a trap. As Mir swiveled on his back, Lesnar stood straight up, allowing Mir to get a good look at his exposed legs. The vet snapped on a kneebar. Lesnar couldn't shake off the agony or slide out; he was forced to tap. The end came at 1:30 of the first round.
Submitted Aug 8, 2008 4:31PM by emfleek - 0 comments
Filed under: UFC
WAMMA wants to give WAMMA belt to GSP vs Fitch Winner!!!
WAMMA would have very much liked to have a WAMMA Championship on the line between GSP and Fitch. It is a natural fit
Submitted Aug 8, 2008 2:56PM by kastro_316 - 17 comments
Filed under: UFC, Other MMA Organizations
Heath Herring won’t hesitate to take out Brock Lesnar
MINNEAPOLIS – Heath Herring chuckled at the mention of what undoubtedly is the biggest mistake of his professional life. For the last 13 months, rarely has a day gone by where someone hasn't asked the fighter known as "The Texas Crazy Horse" about the events of UFC 73. A career-defining and, perhaps, career-changing victory was in his grasp and he hesitated. He looked at a fallen Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and hesitated. Herring didn't pounce on Nogueira and finish him after a kick to the head nearly knocked Nogueira out.
Submitted Aug 8, 2008 2:16PM by postman - 1 comment
Filed under: UFC
“The clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy's will to be imposed on him.” - Sun Tzu, “The Art of War” Current UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre may not have studied the famous text by Chinese General Sun Tzu, but he certainly employs his strategies in all of his fights. Whether it was out wrestling Josh Koscheck, putting a ground clinic together against Matt Serra, or simply overpowering Matt Hughes, St. Pierre has taken the best weapon away from each of his opponents and made it his own strength. Now St. Pierre faces his toughest challenge to date at UFC 87 when he faces top contender Jon Fitch, who is an extremely well rounded and dangerous fighter in all parts of his game. Despite the odds making him a huge favorite, St. Pierre isn’t looking past Fitch at all. “A lot of people make me try to see through Jon Fitch and I don’t want that. I made a mistake once, I don’t want to do it again,” said St. Pierre alluding to his loss to Matt Serra. “Jon Fitch is probably the most dangerous guy I’ve fought so far, he’s a new breed of mixed martial arts fighter. Very well rounded.”
Submitted Aug 8, 2008 1:43PM by MMAcca - 0 comments
Filed under: UFC
"I don't think he'll get the winner of Fitch and GSP, said the UFC president. "He wants to fight GSP if GSP wins the title. GSP has a win over him. He wants to try to beat GSP. I don't think he'd move up if Fitch won." Penn disagrees, commenting, "I'd feel okay facing anyone for the welterweight title." "Jon Fitch is a great opponent, a tough opponent, but St. Pierre brings the whole backing of Canada with him to a fight," stated Penn. "Fan base, this sport, it's entertainment. It would be great to put on a big fight with me and St-Pierre, but then again, it’s about me fighting the best fighter and if Fitch goes down and proves he’s the best fighter, then he’s the man.”
Submitted Aug 8, 2008 12:20PM by Ordep - 19 comments
Filed under: UFC
J Lau says Tapout Episode with brother Dan "Load of Bullshit"
The Tapout Show with Dan was Garbage August 07, 2008 My Brother was on a recent episode of the Tapout show... and the whole thing came off terribly.
Submitted Aug 8, 2008 12:35AM by nastshabast - 21 comments
Filed under: UFC
Pros Pick: UFC 87
With one of the more intriguing tripleheaders in recent memory taking place at UFC 87 on Saturday, Sherdog.com turned to the pros for predictions on Georges St. Pierre vs. Jon Fitch, Roger Huerta vs. Kenny Florian and Brock Lesnar vs. Heath Herring.
Submitted Aug 7, 2008 10:50PM by hotrodttt - 11 comments
Filed under: UFC
Herring won't hesitate to take out Lesnar...
MINNEAPOLIS – Heath Herring chuckled at the mention of what undoubtedly is the biggest mistake of his professional life. For the last 13 months, rarely has a day gone by where someone hasn’t asked the fighter known as “The Texas Crazy Horse” about the events of UFC 73. A career-defining and, perhaps, career-changing victory was in his grasp and he hesitated. He looked at a fallen Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and hesitated. Herring didn’t pounce on Nogueira and finish him after a kick to the head nearly knocked Nogueira out.
Submitted Aug 7, 2008 8:52PM by emfleek - 5 comments
Filed under: UFC
Thales Leites vs. Goran Reljic signed for UFC 90
Thales Leites (13-1 MMA, 4-1 UFC) and Goran Reljic (8-0 MMA, 1-0) have agreed to meet in a middleweight bout at October's UFC 90 pay-per-view eveent. A source close to Leites said bout agreements were recently signed and that fight is now official. Leites was expected to fight in September at UFC Fight Night 15 but will instead return at UFC 90, which takes place Oct. 25 at Allstate Arena just outside Chicago. Leites will go for his fith straight victory in the UFC since suffering a unanimous-decision loss to Martin Kampmann at his 2006 octagon debut. The 27-year-old Brazilian most recently scored a split-decision victory over Nate Marquardt at UFC 85, though the win was aided by Marquardt's two costly point deductions. Leites will now meet undefeated Crotian Reljic, who will drop to middleweight for the fight. The fighter, who competed throughout Eastern Europe before signing with the UFC, scored a second-round TKO of Wilson Gouveia at UFC 84. It was his eighth straight victory -- and the seventh to come via stoppage.
Submitted Aug 7, 2008 7:49PM by Twenty20Dollars - 11 comments
Filed under: UFC
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