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UFC News - Page 52

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'Cookie Monster' Spends $1000 On Ice Cream
Carla Esparza splurges on $1000 Golden Opulence Sundae to celebrate winning UFC strawweight title.
Submitted Jan 8, 2015 7:40PM by FastKnockout - 12 comments
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CIR testing performed on Jones' pre-fight tests, says NSAC head
The only anomaly in UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones’ out-of-competition tests for UFC 182 was a positive for cocaine metabolites, the head of the Nevada State Athletic Commission said today.
Submitted Jan 8, 2015 7:25PM by FastKnockout - 0 comments
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Bout order set for UFC 183, Thiago Alves vs. Jordan Mein kicks off pay-per-view
The bout order for this month’s “UFC 183: Silva vs. Diaz” event is now set, and a welterweight matchup between Thiago Alves and Jordan Mein kicks off the evening’s pay-per-view main card.
Submitted Jan 8, 2015 7:21PM by FastKnockout - 3 comments
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IMMAF: Alexander Gustafsson tested by Swedish WADA-approved org, not USADA
UFC light heavyweight Alexander Gustafsson was not drug tested out-of-competition in his native Sweden by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, as was widely reported.
Submitted Jan 8, 2015 3:08PM by FastKnockout - 2 comments
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Lyoto Machida vs. Luke Rockhold targeted for UFC on FOX 15
Luke Rockhold and Lyoto Machida, two middleweight contenders, are currently slated to fight at UFC on FOX 15 in Newark, N.J. on April 18, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.
Submitted Jan 8, 2015 1:34PM by FastKnockout - 9 comments
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Dana White: Teammates T.J. Dillashaw and Urijah Faber 'made it very clear they will fight each other'
If the UFC President was to be believed, teammates T.J. Dillashaw and Urijah Faber are in fact willing to face off against each other in the Octagon. Despite both men saying in the past that they aren't a fan of the idea, Dana White has stated that they have 'made it very clear' they believe otherwise. "That's possible. Those guys have made it very clear that they will fight each other," White claims in an appearance at UFC Tonight, "We'll see what happens. That's not the plan right now here today, but it's definitely a fight I would like to see."
Submitted Jan 8, 2015 12:33PM by Budgellism - 11 comments
Filed under: UFC
Vitor Belfort passes 3 random drug tests by NAC
The Nevada Athletic Commission has randomly drug tested middleweight superstar, Vitor Belfort three times ahead of UFC 184, and plans to test him once more.
Submitted Jan 8, 2015 11:49AM by FastKnockout - 6 comments
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Nate Diaz offers opinion on Jon Jones' rehab for cocaine – you won't be surprised
UFC lightweight Nate Diaz is no stranger to tension with his employer, and seldom does he hold back with his opinions.
Submitted Jan 8, 2015 11:47AM by FastKnockout - 1 comment
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Jones' tests show abnormal testosterone levels
Jon Jones' out of competition tests from December show some extremely abnormal testosterone and epitestosterone levels, as well as cocaine use.
Submitted Jan 7, 2015 11:29PM by FastKnockout - 0 comments
Filed under: UFC
NSAC to hear Francisco Rivera's appeal of UFC 181 loss to Urijah Faber
UFC bantamweight Francisco Rivera will get his day in court, so to speak, at a Nevada State Athletic Commission next week in Las Vegas.
Submitted Jan 7, 2015 11:24PM by FastKnockout - 0 comments
Filed under: UFC
Joseph Duffy, the last man to beat Conor McGregor, signs with UFC
While top featherweight contender Conor McGregor considers himself unbeatable, a man that knows otherwise is now on the UFC roster.
Submitted Jan 7, 2015 11:23PM by FastKnockout - 7 comments
Filed under: UFC
Dana White: Jon Jones' positive test a 'great thing,' champ could return better than ever
Dana White knew about Jon Jones’ positive drug test before this past weekend’s UFC 182 event, but the UFC boss never considered pulling the light heavyweight champ from his fight with Daniel Cormier.
Submitted Jan 7, 2015 11:21PM by FastKnockout - 6 comments
Filed under: UFC
Anti-doping expert: With 'odd' testosterone readings, CIR test needed on Jones' samples
Couched in the paperwork that UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones tested positive for cocaine metabolites prior to his UFC 182 fight with Daniel Cormier is a figure that concerns an anti-doping expert and endocrinologist consulted by MMAjunkie.
Submitted Jan 7, 2015 11:10PM by george112 - 1 comment
Filed under: UFC
Dana White: Anderson Silva to receive title shot with UFC 183 victory
Anderson Silva could be one victory away from a third crack at UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, according to company president Dana White.
Submitted Jan 7, 2015 11:07PM by george112 - 25 comments
Filed under: UFC
Jon Jones under investigation for perjury
Jon Jones told the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) in September that he lost his Nike endorsement due to a brawl he had with Daniel Cormier during a press event in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Last week, Jones backtracked from that statement and now the Nevada deputy attorney general is reviewing whether or not Jones perjured himself under oath at the hearing, MMAFighting.com has learned. NAC executive director Bob Bennett said the commission is aware of Jones' comments prior to UFC 182 and the matter has been sent up the ladder. "They're considering it for review," Bennett said. "It's nothing new to us. "It would be concerning if anyone lied during testimony."
Submitted Jan 7, 2015 9:40PM by tildengolfer - 10 comments
Filed under: UFC
Nevada Athletic Commission calls Jon Jones' drug test failure an 'administrative oversight'
Several questions still remain surrounding the news that Jon Jones tested positive for benzoylecgonine, the main metabolite in cocaine, on Dec. 4, 30 days before his UFC 182 light-heavyweight title fight against Daniel Cormier in Las Vegas.
Submitted Jan 7, 2015 2:31PM by FastKnockout - 7 comments
Filed under: UFC
Andrade-Reneau, Gibson-Silva set for UFC Fight Night 61 in Brazil
The UFC’s February event in Brazil has had a pair of bantamweight bouts added to the card.
Submitted Jan 7, 2015 2:27PM by FastKnockout - 2 comments
Filed under: UFC
Ashlee Evans-Smith on NSAC agenda; UFC notifies camp of failed drug test
Manager Mike McLeish first learned that his client, Ashlee Evans-Smith (3-1 MMA, 0-1 UFC), had failed a drug test when a UFC executive called him.
Submitted Jan 7, 2015 2:26PM by FastKnockout - 4 comments
Filed under: UFC
Glover Teixeira hurt, Mir-'Bigfoot' now UFC Fight Night 61 main event
An injury to headliner Glover Teixeira reportedly has forced a change to the UFC Fight Night 61 main event.
Submitted Jan 7, 2015 2:25PM by FastKnockout - 8 comments
Filed under: UFC
Dana White says Herb Dean did a horrible job in the 5th round of the Jones/Cormier fight
"Herb Dean, I always talk about him; I think he's my favorite referee. He did a horrible job in the fifth round," White said in a post-fight interview on FOX. "He let them clinch, literally for five minutes, but other than that, it was an amazing fight."
Submitted Jan 7, 2015 10:20AM by tallica62 - 12 comments
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