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UFC News - Page 48

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UFC odds: Conor McGregor opens as massive 10-to-1 favorite over Dennis Siver for Boston romp on Jan. 18
It has been said that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight phenom Conor McGregor can shut down an entire country. Looks like he can shut down the betting window, too.
Submitted Nov 29, 2014 7:33PM by tildengolfer - 1 comment
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Rarrrrrgh! Vitor Belfort blasts jazz music, bangs out squats without breaking his elbows (Video)
Hot damn, Vitor Belfort is in THE ZONE!!! The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight No. 1 contender is showing you, the curious mixed martial arts (MMA) fan, just how powerful he is, even without testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). And forget about his physical prowess, as "The Phenom" is so locked in, he can even do crazy elbow squats while listening to jazz music!
Submitted Nov 29, 2014 7:32PM by tildengolfer - 0 comments
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Anthony Johnson hopes Daniel Cormier defeats Jon Jones; believes Alexander Gustafsson beat 'Bones' back at UFC 165
Not one to mince words, Johnson not only hopes that Cormier beats Jones for the belt at UFC 182 on Jan. 3, he believes "The Mauler" Alexander Gustafsson already did back at UFC 165 in September.
Submitted Nov 29, 2014 7:31PM by tildengolfer - 1 comment
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Lightweight Champ Anthony Pettis Plans to Fight 3 to 4 Times in 2015 (Video)
UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis has been sidelined for more than a year due to injury and filming The Ultimate Fighter. Pettis returns to action at UFC 181 on Dec. 6 against top contender Gilbert Melendez, but that is just the start. He intends to fight three or four times in 2015.
Submitted Nov 29, 2014 7:29PM by tildengolfer - 7 comments
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Anthony Hamilton Believes ‘Inconsistent’ Todd Duffee Wants to Make Statement at UFC 181
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Approximately seven years ago, Anthony Hamilton watched in awe from his seat at the Mandalay Bay Events Center as Chuck Liddell outbrawled Wanderlei Silva and Georges St. Pierre submitted Matt Hughes as part of a star-studded UFC 79 card. At the time, Hamilton was little more than an athletic big man who had only recently begun to dabble in mixed martial arts. His professional debut was still nearly three years away. That night, as he sat next to his wife, Hamilton allowed himself to dream of what it might be like to punch the clock alongside a St. Pierre or Liddell.
Submitted Nov 29, 2014 7:23PM by tildengolfer - 0 comments
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UFC on FOX 13 weigh-ins set for Dec. 12 in Phoenix with Kelvin Gastelum Q&A
Along with the official weigh-in event, undefeated UFC welterweight contender Kelvin Gastelum will host a Q&A session for members of the UFC Fight Club. Gastelum is coming off of arguably the biggest win of his career, a stoppage of Jake Ellenberger at UFC 180 in Mexico City.
Submitted Nov 29, 2014 7:17PM by tildengolfer - 0 comments
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For MMA's few committed vegans, dietary challenges are worth the rewards
Thanksgiving can be a rough time to be a pro fighter – especially if you happen to have a fight coming up. The threat of a looming weight cut has ruined many a holiday feast for many a fighter, but one small group thinks it’s figured out something important about diet and lifestyle, and gorging on turkey and heavy gravy is no longer even a question.
Submitted Nov 29, 2014 7:14PM by tildengolfer - 0 comments
Filed under: UFC, Other MMA Organizations, Miscellaneous
'EA Sports UFC' adding UFC Hall of Famers Matt Hughes, Mark Coleman to game
So the video game company, not long after releasing another downloadable game update for “EA Sports UFC” featuring Andrei Arlovski, Yoel Romero and Myles Jury, has upped the ante a little bit with the introduction of a pair of legends. EA Sports announced UFC Hall of Famers Matt Hughes and Mark Coleman are “coming soon” to the game.
Submitted Nov 29, 2014 7:03PM by tildengolfer - 4 comments
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Woodley reacts to Ferguson rioters
Ferguson, Missouri has recently been in the news following the shooting on Aug. 9 of an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, by a white police officer, and most recently for a Grand Jury's decision not to indict the officer. Ferguson is also where UFC welterweight Tyron Woodley grew up.
Submitted Nov 29, 2014 7:02PM by tildengolfer - 0 comments
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Luke Rockhold is ready to be UFC 184's last-minute savior
Four of the world’s top middleweight fighters are scheduled to compete at February’s UFC 184 event. If anyone’s unable to make the date, Luke Rockhold said he’ll be ready to fill the void.
Submitted Nov 29, 2014 7:01PM by tildengolfer - 5 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFC UFC's Paige VanZant wants to avenge 'fluke' loss to 'TUF 20' standout Tecia Torres
VanZant was just 18 at the time of the first meeting. It’s been less than two years since, but “12 Gauge” strongly believes she wasn’t at her best that night. It’s her lone defeat in professional or amateur competition, and if she got another shot, VanZant said Torres would not earn another “fluke” victory.
Submitted Nov 29, 2014 7:00PM by tildengolfer - 2 comments
Filed under: UFC
Ben Rothwell: Increased drug testing in MMA has led to increased injuries
While it seems like ages ago now, at this time last year Ben Rothwell was mired in what he calls the "lowest point" of his career. Rothwell, a veteran heavyweight who at the time had been prescribed testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone in the aftermath of a dramatic Aug. 2013 win over Brandon Vera. The UFC acted swiftly, handing down a nine-month suspension that had the 33-year-old agonizing over his wrong turn.
Submitted Nov 29, 2014 6:59PM by tildengolfer - 1 comment
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Erick Silva won’t leave X-Gym, but plans on training at Jackson’s MMA in 2015
Scheduled to meet former RFA welterweight champion Mike Rhodes at UFC Fight Night 58 on Dec. 20 in Barueri, Brazil, Silva was forced to change his plans of training at Jackson’s MMA. A training partner of the likes of Anderson Silva and Ronaldo Souza at X-Gym, the welterweight was hoping to train at Greg Jackson’s team this year, but since the UFC offered him a fight in December, he won’t be able to train in Albuquerque until early 2015.
Submitted Nov 29, 2014 6:56PM by tildengolfer - 0 comments
Filed under: UFC
Wanderlei Silva: UFC threatened to sue if I appeared at Bellator event
Wanderlei Silva is at it again with another video blasting the UFC. This time, his monologue was mostly about his assertion that the UFC threatened to sue him if he appeared at a Bellator fan event earlier this month.
Submitted Nov 29, 2014 6:55PM by tildengolfer - 6 comments
Filed under: UFC, Bellator
Why Jon Jones refuses to bring his belt out to his corner for title defenses
AS VEGAS - When Jon Jones takes his corner after walking out for his UFC 182 title defense against Daniel Cormier on Jan. 3, don't expect any of his cornermen to display his light heavyweight title belt for fans and television viewers to see.
Submitted Nov 29, 2014 6:54PM by tildengolfer - 0 comments
Filed under: UFC
Former champion Renan Barao changes diet for UFC Fight Night 58
RIO DE JANEIRO -- Renan Barao had the chance to regain his UFC title in August, but passed out while cutting weight for his UFC 177 main event with T.J. Dillashaw. Four months later, the Nova Uniao fighter returns to the Octagon against Mitch Gagnon, and he's implementing some changes for his pre-fight routine.
Submitted Nov 29, 2014 6:53PM by tildengolfer - 1 comment
Filed under: UFC
‘Bigfoot’ Silva on Frank Mir fight: ‘I always fight better when I’m coming off a loss’
Frank Mir has lost four in a row in the UFC, and he has a tough challenge ahead of him. The two-time heavyweight champion will meet Antonio Silva at UFC 184 on Feb. 28, which is a tall order to snap a losing streak that goes back to 2011. The thing is..."Bigfoot" is also desperately looking for the victory.
Submitted Nov 29, 2014 6:52PM by tildengolfer - 3 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFC poll: Fans pick Frankie Edgar over Conor McGregor for next title shot against Jose Aldo (pic)
Who deserves the next UFC featherweight title shot? According to a recent UFC poll, it's Frankie Edgar, not Conor McGregor.
Submitted Nov 29, 2014 1:21PM by xdanish020 - 14 comments
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