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UFC News - Page 332

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UFC on FX 5 results and analysis - Browne injures knee, gets mauled by Bigfoot
MINNEAPOLIS – Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva's fists did in Travis Browne. But a bum knee certainly didn't help matters. With his opponent injured and clearly in trouble, Silva unloaded a big overhand right that set up in a first-round TKO victory in Friday's UFC on FX 5 heavyweight headliner. The bout took place at Minneapolis' Target Center, and it aired on FX following preliminary-card bouts on FUEL TV. The matchup featured two heavyweights headed in different directions. Browne looked to continue his undefeated run through the pro ranks and break into the division's elite. Silva simply hoped to avoid a third straight loss and a possible contract termination. A confident Browne struck first with kicks but settled down and regrouped when Silva's big fists quickly countered him. "Bigfoot" then pushed his opponent into the cage, which resulted in the ref issuing a warning to Browne when he reached over the cage and used the illegal move to spin out of the clinch. Then, when stepping forward with a punch, Browne clearly injured his left leg. Sensing an opportunity, Silva went on the offensive, walked the hobbled Browne into the cage, and then unloaded a big overhand right that scored an instant knockdown. Browne fell to his knees and never recovered, and Silva unloaded punches and hammerfists to force the referee's intervention. The stoppage came at the 3:27 mark of the first round. =========== Man, that sounds like a wild west newspaper headline. But seriously, this card was a treat for folks who love finishes and comebacks (especially ones in the 2nd round). Onward! Silva vs Browne - An evidently injured knee leading to a quick finish, Silva crushes Browne with a big right hand and follow-up shots midway through R1. Browne looked flashy and mobile at the start, but he looks to have tweaked his knee following an early overhand right. After that, Silva patiently waited for his opportunity, cutting off the cage to land a train of a punch that basically re-enacted Nogueira vs Schaub. On paper, this was a not the best fight for Silva, as he's struggled against more agile heavyweights who can outwork and outmaneuver him. One thing he's rarely lacked is killer instinct, and Browne's injured knee was a great big bullseye. Ellenberger vs Hieron - A calculated standoff between 2 smart veterans, Ellenberger rides timely takedowns and a few stunning punches to a 2-1 decision. Definitely the most reserved we've seen from Ellenberger, who usually comes out looking for a headshot. He'll need to be more aggressive to get a title shot, though this may be the follow-up fight to a loss he needed. Adjustments are made, new tactics are folded in with the old strengths, and what we can see after is a more complete fighter. The most exciting thing was that athletic hop-and-sprawl by Ellenberger late in R1. I don't remember seeing TDD like that since GSP/Kos I. Perhaps a bit disappointing, overall, but it's important to note that Hieron's good enough to generally avoid being dominated without being so good as to overwhelm the best welterweights. He was active enough to keep it close, but most shots were blocked and little landed flush. Dodson vs Formiga - A tentative start before an exciting finish, Dodson clowns Formiga with his hands late in R2. The first few minutes were anything but Dodson's finest, as he seemed tentative despite a clear striking advantage. It wasn't just his flat stance or measured movement, but his punches consistently came up short. Check the moment 2 mins into R2 - Formiga charges, and Dodson just backs away. The flyweight champ, on the other hand, looks for opportunities like that to step back, plant his feet, and redirect momentum into a straight right counter. That said, Dodson eventually loosened up, changing levels with body shots before setting up that clean punch to the face (which to his credit landed even though Formiga's hands were up) and a flurry of strikes on the ground. Dodson's earned a title shot for sure, but as I said after Johnson won the belt, the champ will likely have evolved too much to be dethroned. Edwards vs Neer - A textbook demonstration in the efficacy of early submission attempts, Edwards puts Neer to sleep with a leaping guillotine just past the first minute of R1. Neer's one of those guys who comes in and out of the UFC - he's got the tools to be a threat, but he doesn't have the physical ability to compete with the freaks. It's too early to apply that to Edwards, but he did get it done quickly tonight. Great stoppage by Gamst - Neer's arms had gone limp, but it was hard to tell as they were pinned from the struggle. Johnson vs Castillo - An impressive comeback on the feet, Johnson hangs tough and fights tall for a clear KO early in R2. It's okay to call Castillo a gatekeeper, because we need these guys in the business - skilled, hard-nosed, reliable, but with enough of a ceiling on their ability to properly pace a prospect. Johnson showed me more than the talent displayed in his last couple fights, and that's heart - I say this whenever I can about fighters because it's important, and it's one of the hardest things to coach. Johnson was hurt in R1, and he managed to stay alert and mobile enough to get out of a decent arm triangle (which is one of the worst submissions you can fall into against a strong wrestler). In R2, he stayed at range, using his superior reach to plant some doubt in Castillo's mind. You can see it to where Johnson doesn't land super hard early on, but it's enough to get Danny's attention - whereas Danny comes up just a bit short when trying to return fire. That first counter from Johnson was well-timed, hitting Castillo when he was off balance and more vulnerable to any kind of strike, and the follow-up punches left Castillo in a bloody zen-like state. Since they both won on the same card, I'd be okay with Johnson against Volkmann - good test for each of them, and Volkmann's repeatedly shown he should never be counted out. Pierce vs Simpson - Another comeback through clean standup, Pierce makes Simpson pay for punching wild with a vicious KO early in R2. Pierce is one of the real puzzles in the UFC, as he hits hard, weathers storms, and saps cardio with clinch work. So why is he in so many close splits? It's easy - he usually isn't aggressive enough. He's skilled and durable enough to feel like he can take anything, so urgency isn't a priority in his gameplans. That said, he showed off that toughness and heart tonight after getting clocked and thrown around in R1. More importantly, he showed why he deserved the win tonight by capitalizing on a stunned opponent. When Simpson had Pierce rocked, he landed some more shots but not enough of them in a row to finish. On the other hand, Pierce kept his boxing tight, even during the finish - no wild winging hooks, like the one Simpson whiffed at the end. Memo to all wrestlers: open up like that only when your opponent can't hit you back, and especially not when they know how to box. Both Munoz and Simpson have recently shown the downside in windmills (if UFC-era Wanderlei wasn't enough already). But yes, this was easily Pierce's most impressive UFC fight. Whatever his coaches told him in between the rounds, he needs to hear it before the first bell. He'd be scary as hell with just a bit more aggression. Levesseur vs Prater - Clinch work often makes for a close decision, as Levesseur edges Prater in a 3R split. I feel like Prater had the more dangerous positions, especially with the guillotine in R3, but Levesseur generally controlled the action and (more importantly) remained patient through the submission attempts. I feel he could've been more active, breaking away harder for more standup along with making Prater pay for the failed submissions, but to his credit, he was smart and relaxed the whole time. Didn't see much from either that we didn't know before, but perhaps a more interesting fight than some would call. Hey, at least it wasn't Kongo/Jordan. Volkmann vs Roller - A grappler's delight as expected, Volkmann at last stops an opponent with a raw rear naked choke midway through R1. At this point, it's not easy to separate Volkmann the fighter from the personality - he certainly gets attention, but it's through awkwardness as opposed to the incisive wit of one Chael P. Sonnen. This is a really good win for Volkmann, however, tapping out a game and credible Roller through pressure on the jaw more than the threat of a nap. Both of these guys are late in their careers, but that doesn't mean they can't get paid and put on some good fights for a while. Nunes vs Palaszewski - Another fun fight between two guys who get after it, Nunes finally marries his skill with confident aggression for a clear 3R decision. Nunes has shown resilience and potential in his prior fights, but he's tried to counter a bit too much while fading after the early rounds. Great win for him here, as he showed us a complete set of tools. No shame for Palaszewski - he just got beat by the better fighter tonight, but he stayed in it the entire time and actually landed some nice shots of his own. Uyenoyama vs Harris - A fun back-and-forth fight, with Uyenoyama sinking in a rear naked choke late in R2. Nice opportunity for Darren, who was brutalized by Benavidez in his octagon debut. He was able to show off sneaky ground skills against a willing but overmatched Harris. I'd like to see other flyweights the UFC signs before making any calls for future matchups, because the pool's currently a work in progress.
Submitted Oct 5, 2012 10:16PM by isk - 26 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFC on FX 5's Jeremy Stephens arrested, bout with Yves Edwards in jeopardy
MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) has learned the Minneapolis Police Department arrested the hard-hitting lightweight this morning. He's being held at the Hennepin County Public Safety Facility. Stephens has yet to be formally charged with a crime, and police officials were unable to reveal the reason for the arrest. Representatives for Stephens didn't return messages. UFC officials could not be reached for comment.
Submitted Oct 5, 2012 1:12PM by Card - 38 comments
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UFC on FX 5's Dennis Hallman heads home, paid show money and win bonus
Despite missing weight for a planned UFC on FX 5 matchup with Brazilian grappler Thiago Tavares (17-4-1 MMA, 7-4-1 UFC), a bout that UFC officials ultimately elected to scrap before either fighter ever stepped on the scale, Hallman said he has been paid his show and win money for the bout and has received the full support of UFC President Dana White. "I am on my way home," Hallman told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com). "I have some serious personal family matters that I am dealing with. That is why the fight isn't taking place." -------------------------------------------------------------------- Glad I have a better idea of what's going on, he says he has Dana's full support so it must be pretty important.
Submitted Oct 4, 2012 9:04PM by DrivenDavies15 - 26 comments
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Anderson Silva: No Jon Jones fight
UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva said he will not move up to fight light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, quashing all hopes of a possible mega-bout. Silva made his reasons known Thursday during a media call to promote his upcoming 205-pound bout against Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153 on Oct. 13 in Rio de Janeiro. "There's always been a lot of talk about me moving up to 205," said Silva, who successfully has defended his title a UFC-record 10 times. "I know (UFC president) Dana (White) has talked about it and all the fans have talked about me moving up and facing Jon Jones. "But it's something I've never wanted. I won't be pretentious and say that I'd want to move up, especially because there are other guys in the weight class and on our team like Rafael Feijao (Cavalcante) and (Antonio Rogerio) Minotoro Nogueira, guys who could potentially face Jon Jones in the future. "What got me this far is that I'm grounded; my weight class is 185 and I'm 37 years old. I feel I need to be honest and continue to build what I've built and that is to keep defending my belt at 185."
Submitted Oct 4, 2012 7:54PM by Shawn91111 - 33 comments
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UFC on FX 5 weigh-in results: Palaszewski heavy, Hallman-Tavares pulled from card
MINNEAPOLIS – MMAjunkie.com was on scene and reporting live from today's UFC on FX 5 fighter weigh-ins. The festivities took place at Target Center in Minneapolis, which also hosts Friday's event. Bart Palaszewski came in a pound heavy on his first attempt and has an hour to lose it. However, according to Thiago Tavares, who didn't officially weigh in, he's no longer fighting at the event because opponent Dennis Hallman was seven pounds too heavy. Hallman also missed weight for his most recent bout. He weighed 158.5 pounds and was fined, but he ultimately defeated John Makdessi at UFC 140. UFC on FX 5's main card features Travis Browne (246 pounds) vs. Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva (266) and Jake Ellenberger (170) vs. Jay Hieron (170) in the co-headliners and airs on FX following prelims on FUEL TV and Facebook.
Submitted Oct 4, 2012 5:50PM by telnights - 10 comments
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Quick Twitt | Bisping Responds To Fabers Challenge To Fight
Earlier today we featured a video of UFC bantamweight, Urijah Faber, throwing out a challenge to Michael Bisping. Just a few short moments later, “The Count” took to twitter with the following response: OMG you have to follow the link for the wild conclusion!
Submitted Oct 4, 2012 4:14PM by airkerma - 8 comments
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Heavyweight Geronimo dos Santos out at UFC 153, Gabriel Gonzaga without opponent
Heavyweight Geronimo dos Santos (31-14 MMA, 0-0 UFC) has been forced out of next week's UFC 153 event in Rio de Janeiro. UFC officials today announced the scratch but did not reveal the reason for his removal. That leaves Gabriel Gonzaga (13-6 MMA, 8-5 UFC) without an opponent for the card, but UFC officials did not announce whether a replacement fighter would be sought on such short notice. Gonzaga could now potentially serve as a replacement opponent for Daniel Cormier at November's Strikeforce event, but Zuffa officials have yet to make an announcement for their intentions with "Napao."
Submitted Oct 4, 2012 2:58PM by BuffaloDave - 17 comments
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Michihiro Omigawa among four fighters released by UFC
Not long after releasing Charlie Brenneman, the UFC gave four other fighters their walking papers as well. The UFC's roster of fighters is constantly fluctuating, and every fighter that loses a couple of fights in a row (or more) is in danger of being released. Not long after the release of welterweight Charlie Brenneman, the company has sent four other fighters packing as well. MMA Opinion has the news: As well as the earlier news of the UFC cutting Charlie Brenneman - The UFC have also cut: Eiji Mitsuoka, Michihiro Omigawa, Tommy Hayden, & Walel Watson
Submitted Oct 4, 2012 7:18AM by sparky - 2 comments
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Volkmann Calls Out “Fat Turd” Internet Forum Haters
“I don’t understand why people say my fights are boring. It’s just a different style. People don’t understand the technical style and then other people don’t like my fights and write on the Internet and it really frustrates me.
Submitted Oct 3, 2012 6:28PM by airkerma - 16 comments
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Dana White Opens Up About His Only Regret – Offensive Tirade from 2009
UFC president Dana White is not a man who lives with regret. Through more than a decade of building and cultivating the UFC, White has remained the figurehead and leader of the business that has seen mixed martial arts hit new heights never before imagined when the sport first landed on television screens in 1993. White has had his fair share of tumultuous relationships over the years: very public feuds with employees like Tito Ortiz and B.J. Penn, a longstanding pursuit of former Pride champion Fedor Emelianenko and the inside dealings with his management team, and even bridges burnt and rebuilt with promotions and several promoters. When asked, however, if he had any regrets through his time spent with the UFC, White could only point to one time where he made a major mistake and it still haunts him to this day...
Submitted Oct 3, 2012 11:07AM by grappler0000 - 14 comments
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Title shot officially goes to UFC on FX 5's John Dodson-Jussier Formiga winner
At least one fighter will walk away from Friday's UFC on FX 5 event with a guaranteed title shot. The winner of a main-card bout between "The Ultimate Fighter 14" winner John Dodson (13-5 MMA, 2-0 UFC) and Jussier Formiga (14-1 MMA, 0-0 UFC) will get the first shot at the recently awarded flyweight title. UFC President Dana White today confirmed the plans with MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com). UFC on FX 5 takes at Target Center in Minneapolis. The night's main card airs on FX, and FUEL TV and Facebook carry the prelims.
Submitted Oct 2, 2012 8:30PM by BuffaloDave - 11 comments
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Stephan Bonnar readies himself for Anderson Silva, possibility of becoming a father on Oct. 13
LAS VEGAS – Andrea Bonnar laughs nervously as she thinks of the correct word to describe what she expects her emotions will be on the night of Oct. 13. Her husband, Stephan Bonnar, will fight Anderson Silva before more than 18,000 rabid Brazilians that night in Rio de Janeiro in the main event of UFC 153. Her younger sister, Cassandra Brown, will be getting married that day in the Bahamas. And Andrea Bonnar, herself, will be in the 38th week of her pregnancy. There is a very real chance that while her husband is fighting the greatest mixed martial arts fighter of all-time and her sister is in a vacation paradise with the rest of the family tying the knot, she'll be alone in her Las Vegas home hoping her first child doesn't decide it's time. "I'm terrified [the baby will come that night]," she said. "I'm scared to death to have the baby, period, let alone without him being here with me." Andrea Bonnar isn't due until Oct. 30, but was told by her doctor that the child could arrive anywhere between the 38th and 41st weeks. The timing meant she'd have to miss her sister's wedding, which was a downer, but at least she'd have her husband with her. On the night of Sept. 12, that all changed.
Submitted Oct 2, 2012 8:20PM by Bubbles - 3 comments
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BJ Penn And Rory MacDonald Engage In Heated Twitter Exchange
Last night on popular social network, Twitter.com, BJ Penn and Rory MacDonald got into a heated back and forth. The two UFC welterweight’s will square off Dec. 8th at UFC on FOX 5 in Seattle.
Submitted Oct 2, 2012 6:33PM by airkerma - 29 comments
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Charlie Brenneman released by UFC
Charlie Brenneman is a UFC fighter no more. The scrappy grinder nicknamed “The Spaniard” was released by the UFC today after a quick, first-round TKO loss to Kyle Noke at UFC 152, which followed on the heels of a first-round submission loss to Erick Silva at UFC on FX 3. It was Brenneman’s third loss in his last four fights, and with a 4-4 record overall in the UFC — all losses via stoppage, all wins via decision — the promotion decided to release him. After making a cryptic tweet earlier today, Brenneman confirmed to theScore.com today via text that he has indeed been cut. LINK - Crap News
Submitted Oct 2, 2012 4:55PM by jjeans - 25 comments
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Dana Strikes Deal With Jon Jones: Will No Longer Talk Bad About Coach Jackson
“I sat down with Jon Jones and we talked, I made a deal with Jon,” White said. “I’m not going to say anything about Greg Jackson [anymore]. I think you guys know my opinion and how I feel. It hasn’t changed.
Submitted Oct 2, 2012 10:37AM by airkerma - 16 comments
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Steven Siler Meets Darren Elkins in Featherweight Showdown at UFC 154
A pair of featherweight contenders will square off at UFC 154 in Montreal when Steven Siler meets Darren Elkins. Sources at Siler’s management team, AMR Group, confirmed the fight to MMAWeekly.com on Monday. Since his time on the Ultimate Fighter season 14, Steven Siler has looked virtually unstoppable in the UFC. Winning his last three fights in a row, Siler has dispatched of Cole Miller and Joey Gambino in his most recent fights. Facing Siler in Montreal will be Darren Elkins, who looks to extend a three fight win streak of his own when he competes at UFC 154.
Submitted Oct 2, 2012 6:25AM by jjeans - 10 comments
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Forrest Griffin Fails Drug Test for Anderson Silva (Xanax)
"Referring to his bout opposite Anderson Silva in UFC 101, Forrest Griffin told MMA Hour. “I failed my drug test I think for Xanax. I had a doctor’s prescription, I was just, I didn’t do it before the fight, I did it the night before, I was nervous and I couldn’t sleep.” Griffin makes no mention of a suspension period and was seen opposite Tito Ortiz at UFC 106, 3 months later. Neither t he Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission nor the UFC did not release the failed urinalysis." Im surprised this never came out but wtf is he thinking taking bars before a fight even with a prescription.
Submitted Oct 1, 2012 9:43PM by Manak - 14 comments
Filed under: UFC
Hacran Dias vs. Chad Mendes set for UFC on FX 6
Chad Mendes (12-1 MMA, 3-1 UFC) will soon be back in the cage. MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) has confirmed with a source close to the event that the onetime featherweight title challenger is scheduled to meet Brazilian Hacran Dias (21-1-1 MMA, 1-0 UFC) at UFC on FX 6. The booking was first reported by Brazilian outlet SporTV. UFC on FX 6 takes place Saturday, Dec. 15, at Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Australia. The event's main card airs live on FX (on Friday, Dec. 14, in the U.S. due to the time difference) following prelims on FUEL TV.
Submitted Oct 1, 2012 6:03PM by BuffaloDave - 16 comments
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Kyle Kingsbury Suffers Multiple Facial Fractures
UFC on FUEL TV 5 fighter Kyle Kingsbury, not only suffered a loss last Saturday, but he also earned a trip to the ER where an MIR determined he was the recipient of multiple facial fractures at the hands of UFC newcomer Jimi Manuwa.
Submitted Oct 1, 2012 3:03PM by airkerma - 9 comments
Filed under: UFC
Rashad Evans: "They Offered Me Glover Teixeira, I Said "No
Add another name to the list of light heavyweights who didn't want to fight Glover Teixeira. Rashad Evans simply wasn't ready but he thinks he will be by January or February. The list of light heavyweights who wanted nothing to do with a fight against recent Octagon debutant Glover Teixeira just keeps growing and growing. The latest name to add to the list is former division champion Rashad Evans, who revealed as much on the UFC on FUEL TV 5 post-fight show last night (Sept. 29, 2012) when asked about his future and when he'll be returning to the cage: "I don't know. I talked to Dana [White] early this week and we talked about maybe December. But I'm thinking maybe January or February. I will fight anybody. I want to get a fight at light heavyweight. They offered me a fight, but it was against Glover Teixeira and I only had three weeks to fight and I haven't been training. I was like, ‘no way, not with that notice in Brazil.'" Rashad on Twitter Rashad Evans ?@SugaRashadEvans I will fight anybody with the proper notice.. But after 8yrs with the UFC & being one of their top earners. Y would I take a bad fight?! Rashad Evans ?@SugaRashadEvans Bad fight meaning not being in shape. Losing is hard enough but I will never serve myself up! If I'm haven't been training I won't fight! Rashad Evans ?@SugaRashadEvans I know alot of u fans may not realize but I don't walk around ready 2 fight. No one does. In this sport it takes at least 8wks 2 b ready! Rashad Evans ?@SugaRashadEvans Fighting another person is much harder than most ppl think & if im not training it takes time 2 get ready. There r no easy fights!
Submitted Sep 30, 2012 10:29PM by Shawn91111 - 27 comments
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