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October 2007 MMA News Archive - Page 2

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Evans Help Me If I Take It Easy
Rashad Evans insists that British bulldog Michael Bisping will produce the performance of his life when they clash in a world title eliminator in New Jersey next month.
Submitted Oct 30, 2007 7:29PM by aznteabagger - 3 comments
Liddell vs Silva – What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been
Ever since 1998, when they fought on the same local show in Brazil, Wanderlei Silva has wanted to fight Chuck Liddell. It was something in the attitude of both men, an attitude that said ‘I’m gonna stand here and hit you, and you can hit me back, but one of us is going to go down, and I’m not gonna stop swinging until that happens.’
Submitted Oct 30, 2007 7:27PM by aznteabagger - 1 comment
Sizing up the Middleweight Division - Part I
No fighter is unbeatable. That much we know for sure. Nevertheless, reigning UFC middleweight ruler Anderson Silva certainly seems poised, at least for the short term, to challenge that truism. It is hard to imagine anyone knocking off the champion if he remains focused on preparing himself for every fight.
Submitted Oct 30, 2007 7:26PM by aznteabagger - 4 comments
Dana White Press Conference
The video player to Dana White's press conference is currently available, and will shortly begin it's live broadcast. To see it live: Then launch either video player (600k, or 300k)
Submitted Oct 30, 2007 3:56PM by TNunley - 16 comments
Matt Hughes Gives His Thoughts On Randy Couture
The following is a post from Matt Hughes on his official website www.matt-hughes.com: My Thoughts on Randy Couture. October 29th, 2007 Well I’ve been tapering off of farm work and training more and more now that the fight’s getting closer, but I know you all have been waiting to hear my thoughts on Randy leaving the UFC, so here we go. I don’t know exactly what is going through Randy’s head, I haven’t talked to him, nor have I talked to Dana White about this situation. However, I somewhat agree with Randy. A couple of years ago, the UFC was a much smaller organization and I knew everybody that worked for them. When I wanted something, I knew who to call and who would get it done. I miss that ...
Submitted Oct 30, 2007 2:38PM by wolfgarnaud - 4 comments
Din Thomas arrested after allegedly running illegal matches
Din Thomas, well-known in the Ultimate Fighting Championship world, was arrested Tuesday after police say he ran “illegal cage fighting” matches at a local training studio that he runs, a police spokesman said. Thomas, 31, faces a felony prohibited competitions charge after police got a tip Oct. 19 about the matches at a facility he uses in St. Lucie West.
Submitted Oct 30, 2007 2:36PM by wolfgarnaud - 9 comments
UFC Announces Official “UFC 78: Validation” Fight Card
"The UFC has announced the official fight card, including the main card and the lineup of preliminary bouts, for next month’s “UFC 78: Validation” event."
Submitted Oct 30, 2007 11:45AM by TNunley - 21 comments
Brock Lesnar talks about UFC debut
How he feels about the UFC, his K-1 experience, and basically himself. Don't you hate it when people talk in thrid person? “It boils down to they’re really the only company on the block and on the planet that is willing to I guess take Brock Lesnar to the next level,” said Lesnar.
Submitted Oct 30, 2007 8:55AM by roman - 10 comments
UFC Roundup: Randy Couture Guest Appearance, Upcoming Drug Hearings, December WEC Event, and More
The UFC’s sister organization, World Extreme Cagefighting, will return on December 12th for its first show in more than three months. The stacked card is rumored to include: * WEC Featherweight Championship: Urijah Faber vs. Jeff Curran * WEC Light Heavyweight Championship: Doug Marshall vs. Ariel Gandulla * WEC Middleweight Championship: Paulo Filho vs. TBD (possibly Frank Trigg) * WEC Lightweight Championship: Rob McCullough vs. Alex Karalexis * Jens Pulver vs. Cub Swanson
Submitted Oct 30, 2007 7:20AM by grappler0000 - 2 comments
UFC 80: Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Fabricio Werdum
Gabriel Gonzaga will return to the octagon in January to take on Fabricio Werdum at UFC 80 in Newcastle, England reports Gracie Mag. Prior to his loss to Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture at UFC 74 in August, Gonzaga had been defeated just once, losing to Werdum in 2003 at Jungle Fight 1.
Submitted Oct 30, 2007 7:16AM by grappler0000 - 21 comments
Sean Sherk’s Future Decided This Week
In just two days, Sean Sherk’s future (and the future of the UFC’s lightweight division) will be decided by the California State Athletic Commission. In my column this week for the Dayton Daily News, I took a quick look at the situation and discussed some of the ramifications that could result from the CSAC’s verdict. I Forgot To Add A Poll. Do You Think Sherk Used Steroids?
Submitted Oct 29, 2007 8:21PM by aznteabagger - 40 comments
Dan Henderson Might Fight at UFC 79
Dan Henderson, who most recently lost a unanimous decision to UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson in September, may return to the octagon Dec. 29 at UFC 79. The news come from Bubba The Love Sponge, who recently spoke to Henderson in Las Vegas. The Sirius Satellite Radio host mentioned the encounter during today’s episode of his show, and the news also appeared on the show’s official website, BTLS.com. (MMAjunkie.com is a content-partner site of BTLS.com.) According to Bubba, Henderson wouldn’t name his possible opponent but did mention that he may be dropping to 185 pounds for the fight. That’s actually news itself. In a post-UFC 77 press conference earlier this month, UFC President Dana White said he wants Henderson to drop to middleweight but that the fighter seemed opposed to the idea. Henderson has one fight remaining on his current contract, which was acquired when the UFC’s owners purchased PRIDE earlier this year (though not all of the fighters’ contracts were transferable). Although Henderson recently stated he was unhappy with the UFC’s initial offer, he said he was optimistic a deal would be reached. A new deal would likely need to be in place before the UFC would officially book Henderson for his next fight. UFC 79 takes place at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas and features a main event between UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra and former champ Matt Hughes.
Submitted Oct 29, 2007 6:46PM by wolfgarnaud - 21 comments
Randleman Suffering From Awful Staph Infection
Randleman Suffering From Awful Staph Infection (it looks pretty nasty)
Submitted Oct 29, 2007 6:20PM by wolfgarnaud - 24 comments
Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta Press Conference Tuesday
Dana White, UFC® President and Lorenzo Fertitta, UFC® co-owner will hold a press conference Tuesday, October 30th, to address recent statements made by Randy Couture, and answer questions for the media. The press conference will be streamed live via UFC.com. another press conference !!! LOL
Submitted Oct 29, 2007 6:11PM by tuvok500 - 6 comments
UFCMania.com is now MMAMania.com
Just a heads-up to the UFCMania users on the site and for anyone else that checks UFCMania.com for their MMA headlines.
Submitted Oct 29, 2007 5:50PM by DoTheMMAth - 0 comments
New Era Files HUGE Lawsuit Against CSAC
Literally...New Era Fighting has filed a lawsuit against the California State Athletic Commission seeking, among other things, $500 million over various claims and issues dating roughly 10 months back. Almost ludicrous, ridiculous, and so on. Not sure what other adjectives I can add.
Submitted Oct 29, 2007 4:25PM by DCRage - 3 comments
Edwards, Silva added to EXC 11/10 Card
Yves Edwards and Antonio Silva have been added to EliteXC's 11/10 event, according to a report by The Fight Network.
Submitted Oct 29, 2007 4:21PM by DCRage - 3 comments
Brad Imes Posts Second Submission Win via Gogoplata
For the second time in two fights, “The Ultimate Fighter 2” heavyweight runner-up Brad Imes (9-3 MMA, 0-3 UFC) has posted a victory with a rare gogoplata submission. All i can say is, nice. Who woulda thought someone that big would be that flexible.
Submitted Oct 29, 2007 3:12PM by madmarck - 8 comments
Less TUF, more UFN please!
The UFC has two big problems right now, in my opinion. Okay, they’re not really big problems for the UFC, but they’re my two pet peeves: There’s too many times in a year where there’s no new shows for over a month. There’s too many new UFC guys that need developing, and not enough shows to develop them in.
Submitted Oct 29, 2007 1:00PM by wolfgarnaud - 4 comments
Wanderlei Comments On Return To UFC
Now relocated to the U.S., Silva has started training in Florida as well as at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas to get him ready for his turn to the UFC against Liddell. “I’m training hard, I only fight to win,” Silva stated. “I want to come back to the top and fighting with Chuck now is the best moment for me.” Many have questioned Silva’s stamina in the sport after so many hard fought battles while competing in Pride, but the Brazilian is quick to point out the best is yet to come. “In the next 2 years, I will give you the best of my career,” Silva said. While his focus is now solely based on Chuck Liddell, many fans are quick to notice that Silva has two dominant victories over current UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, but the former Pride champion has his priorities well in line. “For me this is the opportunity to come back to the top. First, I’m going to knock out Chuck and after I want the belt.”
Submitted Oct 29, 2007 9:26AM by Sam_Rothstein - 13 comments
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