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March 2010 MMA News Archive - Page 8

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The Ultimate Fighter 11 Finale targeted for June 19 at the Palms Casino Resort
he UFC has officially requested approval for a June 19 event at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. As MMAjunkie.com first reported in January, the card is expected to serve as the live finale of "The Ultimate Fighter 11," and a formal request for the date will now be considered by the Nevada State Athletic Commission on March 17.
Submitted Mar 13, 2010 11:48AM by hate4thestate - 0 comments
Filed under: UFC
Chuck Liddell vs. Rich Franklin Reportedly Set to Counter Program Strikeforce :Updated
Chuck Liddell will be fighting Rich Franklin in his next bout and not rival TUF 11 coach Tito Ortiz, Fighters Only has heard from a reliable source. Rumour has it that the event will be staged in Nashville and be broadcast for free on the Spike TV network. Update..... For what its worth....??? Maybe he's just confused and then finally....
Submitted Mar 13, 2010 11:35AM by crushedbacon - 28 comments
Filed under: UFC
No longer a prospect, UFC on Versus 1's Vera predicts epic fight with Jones
Four years ago, Brandon Vera (11-4 MMA, 7-4 UFC) was the new kid on the block that everyone talked about. But as his March 21 fight with Jon Jones (9-1 MMA, 3-1 UFC) at UFC on Versus 1 nears, Vera is now the veteran, and "Bones" is the new fast-rising hotshot. At 32, Vera remembers being in that position and liked the pressure it brought. And while he knows can't get that time back, he's trying to go back to that mindset – in spirit if not in reality.
Submitted Mar 13, 2010 11:03AM by hate4thestate - 1 comment
Filed under: UFC
UFC 114 Likely Set For 5/29 In Vegas
Although not yet officially announced by UFC, the NSAC has approved an application from UFC for a May 29 event at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, which likely will be UFC 114. Set to occur during this year's UFC Fan Expo, 114 was also planned originally for Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, the Fan Expo's host, but MGM Mirage Group is spreading them out between the two properties it owns.
Submitted Mar 13, 2010 10:57AM by DCRage - 0 comments
Filed under: UFC
Coker: 4/17 Date For SF Stands
After further review, the date on the calendar stands. Despite suggestions Strikeforce could move it's April 17 date to perhaps April 24 to avoid UFC counterprogramming, only to essentially be counter-programming against the WEC PPV debut, SF CEO Scott Coker announced they will stick with 4/17. Coker said talks with CBS about the date move never went beyond initial talks and CBS will give the event a heavy promotional push during the upcoming NCAA Basketball Tournament.
Submitted Mar 13, 2010 7:55AM by DCRage - 0 comments
Filed under: StrikeForce
Hess, Loeffler Join Bellator Middleweights
Jared Hess and Sean Loeffler have signed on for Bellator Fighting Championships’ second season middleweight tournament, the promotion announced Wednesday.
Submitted Mar 12, 2010 3:58PM by RhythmAndStyle - 0 comments
Filed under: Other MMA Organizations
James Toney Wants Brock Lesnar
That's what he says on tonight's "Inside MMA" on HDNet. "I want Brock Lesnar. I'm the heavyweight champion of the world vs. the UFC champion. That'd be a hell of a match ... Chuck Liddell, Brock Lesnar, Randy Couture, Tito, Tito Ortiz-whatever his name is, it doesn't matter. I'm not a sideshow. This is the real deal right here."
Submitted Mar 12, 2010 12:49PM by DCRage - 31 comments
Filed under: UFC
Yoshiro Maeda vs. Cole Escovedo Announced For DREAM 13
FEG held a press conference today in Japan to announce an additional fight for DREAM 13 on 3/22: Former WEC fighters Yoshiro Maeda and Cole Escovedo will face off in a match of a former WEC Bamtamweight contender and the first WEC Featherweight Champion. DREAM also confirmed Josh Barnett participation on 3/22, but did not reveal his opponent although a rumor before the presser was that he could face Siala "Mighty Mo" Siliga (again, that is not confirmed).
Submitted Mar 12, 2010 7:15AM by DCRage - 0 comments
Filed under: Dream
An in depth look at Cigano vs Napao
In this article,I take an in depth look at the careers of Cigano and Napao,along with clips of their fights,and analyze how their fight will go down on Sunday the 21st. Brian.
Submitted Mar 12, 2010 12:53AM by WheelchairBandit - 7 comments
Filed under: UFC
Athletes and Knowing When To Say Goodbye
Here's an article I wrote about the need for athletes to know when to hang up the gloves.It takes a look at Muhammed Ali and Chuck Liddell and compares their current conditions. Brian.
Submitted Mar 11, 2010 4:21PM by WheelchairBandit - 7 comments
Filed under: General MMA
Fistic Medicine: Becoming Superhuman
Diego's "Yes! Yes! Yes!" battle chant. Guida's pre-fight leaping and face slapping. The fighters staring into the distance, bobbing their heads to music only they can hear. Regardless of the preferred technique, they are all seeking the same thing. They are in search of the Superhuman.
Submitted Mar 11, 2010 1:11PM by telnights - 6 comments
Filed under: General MMA
Roger Gracie Slated For 5/15 SF, Could Meet Randleman
It appears that Roger Gracie's much-anticipated Strikeforce debut is finally set. Again. After a couple prior rumored debuts didn't quite work out, Gracie is now set to debut at the SF event on 5/15. Opponent TBA, but the leading possibility appears to be Kevin Randleman but that isn't confirmed, and if that doesn't happen a rumored Plan B is Sokoudjou.
Submitted Mar 11, 2010 12:38PM by DCRage - 9 comments
Filed under: StrikeForce
double-weigh-ins gets provisional approval in Massachusetts
Wednesday, March 10, 2010 by Jack Encarnacao (jencarnacao@sherdog.com) The newly formed Massachusetts State Athletic Commission has approved placeholder regulations that limit the number of pounds a fighter can gain between a pre-fight weigh-in and fight night. Officials stressed the provision, taken from the state’s boxing regulations, could easily change after a forthcoming public hearing and input from medical specialists.
Submitted Mar 11, 2010 12:00PM by AchillesHeel - 30 comments
Filed under: General MMA
One Year After The Passing Of "Mask", The Family Still Waits For Justice
Charles ‘Mask’ Lewis Jr., founder of the popular multi-million dollar MMA clothing line and television show TapouT, was killed on the morning of March 11, 2009, when his Ferrari collided with a Porsche driven by Jeffrey David Kirby of Costa Mesa. One year later, the Lewis family still waits for justice. While most of the mixed martial arts community has been able to accept Mask's passing while pressing forward in honor of his memory, his sister Carla Lewis continues to face it on a daily basis as the trial of Kirby, now scheduled for April 2, 2010, continues to drag on. Kirby had been charged with vehicular manslaughter and is facing a possible sentence of more than 19 years if convicted. However, like most court cases, lengthy delays are no longer the exception and have instead become the rule. "For the past year Charles' attorney and myself have repeatedly come before the Judge, wanting our case sent to trial," Lewis said. "Kirby has changed his attorney several times and has not appeared, at least twice. The last court date had in attendance several family members and friends who had traveled a great distance, just to be told we have to come back. It is quite frustrating, to say the least."
Submitted Mar 11, 2010 10:54AM by DCRage - 9 comments
Filed under: Miscellaneous
One Year Later, "Mask" Leaves Positive Imprint With Those Who Knew Him
Be better than you think you can be. Don't quit two minutes before the miracle. Believe. Charles "Mask" Lewis, the co-founder of TapouT, passed away a year ago today in a car accident and continues to motivate friends and loved ones with the messages that were central to his life. Those who knew him remember his buoyant spirit, drive for excellence, and generosity. More than that, they feel the imprint his positive energy has left in a fast-moving and ever-changing world.
Submitted Mar 11, 2010 9:00AM by DCRage - 3 comments
Filed under: Miscellaneous
WEC 47: 373K Viewers, 2nd Smallest In 2 Years
The ratings are out for Saturday's WEC 47 event, and the numbers are not good. Only 373,000 viewers tuned in, down 42% from WEC 46 (which, it should be noted, had the promotion's top draw-Urijah Faber) and only drawing more than WEC 45. A big reason could be the ongoing DirecTV-Versus dispute which keeps Versus out of 18 million households.
Submitted Mar 10, 2010 1:40PM by DCRage - 29 comments
Filed under: WEC
Every Welterweight On The Planet Is The Underdog Against GSP
And according to Michael Bisping, that's a good thing for Dan Hardy. "Dan's in a great position. All the pressure is on GSP for this fight. I know Dan's a consummate professional and I know from the UK scene he's come up with a great game plan to bring the UFC welterweight title back to England. I will be up late, and cheering Dan on for sure. He knows he's the underdog, but every welterweight on the planet is the underdog against GSP right now. Dan is a very good striker, he has that edge over GSP, but Dan's best weapon is his belief in himself. He won't beat himself before the fight starts."
Submitted Mar 10, 2010 12:22PM by DCRage - 16 comments
Filed under: UFC
James Toney is a 'lose-lose' fight for Randy Couture
"Randy Couture, he respects my game like I respect his game. He's the best at what he do in his sport; I'm the best at what I do in my sport. We gonna see who has the better style and everybody know it's James Toney. If he tries to throw blow for blow with me, he definitely gonna get knocked out."
Submitted Mar 10, 2010 10:42AM by RhythmAndStyle - 15 comments
Filed under: UFC
Alessio Wins At Ring Of Fire, Steps Up For W-1
With his win at Ring of Fire last week, former UFC welterweight John Alessio has indeed put himself on the right path following his decision to make major life changes. No longer part of the Las Vegas party scene and now a dedicated gym rat, Alessio has won three fights in a row and continues to look increasingly more impressive each time out.
Submitted Mar 10, 2010 10:40AM by RhythmAndStyle - 2 comments
Filed under: Other MMA Organizations
Mike Swick: Dan Hardy Deserves Title Shot Against GSP, Can 'Definitely Win'
Mike Swick and Dan Hardy have never appeared to be the best of friends. Of course, Hardy beat Swick to earn a welterweight title shot in November and then Swick talked publicly about how he didn't believe Hardy had done enough to truly earn that shot. So with that in mind, you might be surprised to hear that Swick has changed his tune about Hardy's right to face Georges St-Pierre later this month at UFC 111 and his chances of pulling off the upset in Newark, NJ. "Hardy can definitely win. Overall, GSP has the better chances to win, of course, but Hardy is getting better and better and, honestly, I am more excited to see this GSP fight versus Hardy than pretty much anyone else you could put GSP in with," Swick recently said.
Submitted Mar 10, 2010 10:08AM by emfleek - 7 comments
Filed under: UFC
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