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Page 677 - Top MMA News and Mixed Martial Arts Headlines

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2 fighters suspended following positive UFC 149 drug tests
Two more UFC fighters recently tested positive for banned substances. Following July's UFC 149 event, welterweight Matt Riddle was flagged for marijuana while featherweight Francisco Rivera tested positive for an undisclosed over-the-counter stimulant, MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) has learned from multiple sources close to the event. Both fighters were suspended for 90 days retroactive to the July 21 event, which makes them eligible to fight on Friday. The results of their respective bouts were not changed. According to sources close to the competitors, both fighters declined to appeal their punishments and apologized for their actions.
Submitted Oct 18, 2012 8:56PM by sparky - 11 comments
Filed under: UFC
CroCop: "I suffered from a mental barrier in the UFC"
Mirko ‘CroCop’ Filipovic says he was suffering from “a huge mental barrier” during his time with the UFC. The legendary Croatian heavyweight, winner of the PRIDE Openweight Grand Prix in 2006, joined the UFC in 2007 and was expected to smash his way to a title shot with ease. Instead he was knocked out by Gabriel Gonzaga in his second fight for the organisation and never really recovered his confidence. Having left the UFC recently he was expected to retire, but instead he returned to his first love, kickboxing. CroCop always regretted not having won a K-1 tournament and so now, even though the organisation is shadow of its former self and all the top fighters are in Glory, he is taking a run at winning a K-1GP title. Last week he fought US heavyweight Randy Blake and won a unanimous decision to progress to the next stage. There was controversy when CroCop struck Blake after a knockdown - clearly still in MMA mode - and was then flattened by Blake when he was looking for a glove touch by way of apology.
Submitted Oct 18, 2012 4:23PM by Shawn91111 - 13 comments
Filed under: UFC
Anderson Silva says that if Jon Jones agrees to, he'd be willing to work on a catchweight bout.
What was once an impossibility seems to have become something that is routed to happen. A fight between two of the biggest names in the MMA world may finally be making the dreams of fans and passing slowly becoming reality. In an interview during a promotional event in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, Anderson Silva has admitted for the first time, you may face Jon Jones , regarded by many as the only fighter able to overcome it in the UFC octagon, yet that unwillingly. - "People are talking about it so much ... I have no such intention, it has something that motivates me, just because they have other athletes on my team, as Nogueira, Maldonado, Beans, Cauldron, which is the weight of it. My weight is 84kg, this is my title. But people talk so much, and we are the official UFC. Of course, I do not want to be talking, but what if he goes there and accepted the money that Dana will give him wanting to fight? It'll be difficult. It's not the money that motivates me to fight, I fight because I like it. So, I dunno ... I would not. But if it happens, would be that the weight-matched. Not worth his belt. I already got mine and I do not want to leave a title dropped." The statement was the first Spider admitting that confrontation regarded by many as "the real fight of the century" might happen. After the press conference of UFC Rio III in the early hours of last Sunday, the UFC president, Dana White, said he will make every effort to Jon Jones and Anderson Silva would face, because that is the will of the fans.
Submitted Oct 18, 2012 3:54PM by Shawn91111 - 55 comments
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UFC Featherweight Dustin Poirier joins American Top Team (ATT)
Sometimes, moving up means moving out. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight Dustin Poirier has left the Gladiators Academy in South Louisiana to join the established mixed martial arts (MMA) stars at American Top Team (ATT) in Coconut Creek, Florida, home to several current and former Octagon veterans.
Submitted Oct 18, 2012 2:23PM by Budgellism - 4 comments
Filed under: UFC
Legalization of MMA Across Canada Takes Another Step Forward
( mmaweekly.com)
The legalization of mixed martial arts across Canada has taken another step forward. Bill S-209, an Act to remove the Criminal Code prohibition on mixed martial arts, has now been introduced into the House of Commons by Member of Parliament Massimo Pacetti, according to a UFC release. Ryan Leef, Member of Parliament and Chair of the MMA Caucus, was one of many other prominent MP’s to second the bill. First introduced into the Senate by Senator Bob Runciman and then subsequently approved in June 2012, the private member’s bill must pass through three readings in the House of Commons before receiving Royal Assent.
Submitted Oct 18, 2012 2:08PM by prophecy033 - 0 comments
Filed under: General MMA
Strikeforce's Miesha Tate contemplated retirement after Rousey loss, plans year off
( mmajunkie.com)
Miesha Tate made the trek to Brazil this past week to rediscover her passion for fighting, get back to basics, and hit the reset button. It's been 229 days since Ronda Rousey walked the walk inside Nationwide Arena in downtown Columbus, Ohio, following weeks of talking the talk. Then-champ Tate succumbed to the same fate as the former Olympic bronze-medal-winning judoka's previous seven adversaries: defeat via first round armbar.
Submitted Oct 18, 2012 1:10PM by prophecy033 - 4 comments
Filed under: StrikeForce
Strikeforce's Jordan Mein meets Forrest Petz in Score Fighting Series 7 main event
Rising welterweight contender Jordan Mein (25-8) is on loan from Strikeforce and will meet UFC veteran Forrest Petz (25-9) in the headliner of November's Score Fighting Series event. Score Fighting Series 7 takes place at Hamilton Place Theatre in Ontario, Canada. The main card, including the Mein vs. Petz headliner, airs on AXS TV.
Submitted Oct 18, 2012 12:22PM by Budgellism - 3 comments
Filed under: StrikeForce, Other MMA Organizations
Why Does Chael Sonnen Get to Fight Jon Jones? “Because He Stepped Up,”Says Dana White
( mmaweekly.com)
If you are a UFC light heavyweight fighter complaining about the recently announced Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen fight… talk to the hand. The hand of UFC president Dana White, that is. While many people, fighters and fans alike, have been perplexed at the UFC’s decision to slot in Jones and Sonnen as coaches for the next season of The Ultimate Fighter and then have Sonnen fight for the title in April of 2013, White has a simple explanation. Timing.
Submitted Oct 18, 2012 11:26AM by prophecy033 - 13 comments
Filed under: UFC
Jon Jones Speaks Out Against TRT Usage–“It’s Absolutely Terrible
( mmaweekly.com)
There is no shortage of opinions in the mixed martial arts world when it comes to the controversial subject of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Over the last few years, the procedure has become a hot-button subject among promoters, journalists and fighters alike as the debate rages on whether the practice of TRT should be legal and allowed (as it is now, so long as it is approved by an athletic commission) or is essentially legal cheating. Chael Sonnen is one of the fighters who was at the forefront of the TRT controversy after divulging he was prescribed the therapy by his doctor after they found he had dangerously low levels of testosterone being produced by his body naturally.
Submitted Oct 18, 2012 11:22AM by prophecy033 - 7 comments
Filed under: UFC
Dan Henderson: Nothing personal against Chael Sonnen, but title shot degrades sport
( mmajunkie.com)
Dan Henderson has a way of saying a lot in about 140 characters. On Wednesday the top contender saw Chael Sonnen get a title fight and "The Ultimate Fighter 17" coaching slot with light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones, and Henderson openly wondered if he should focus more on trash-talk than exciting fights. Earlier today, he followed up that message and said he has nothing personal against Sonnen but that his title shot "degrades" the sport
Submitted Oct 18, 2012 11:01AM by prophecy033 - 14 comments
Filed under: UFC
After suspension, Nick Diaz will need a win before getting title shot
( mmajunkie.com)
If he returns to the cage following his current suspension, UFC welterweight Nick Diaz won't get an immediate title shot. Instead, UFC President Dana White said he'll first need a victory against one of the division's elite. Diaz hasn't fought since a narrow interim-title loss to Carlos Condit in February at UFC 143, where he failed a post-fight drug test due to marijuana metabolites
Submitted Oct 18, 2012 10:58AM by prophecy033 - 5 comments
Filed under: UFC
Patrick Cote: Fighting Anderson Silva a Complicated, Weird Experience
I enjoyed this read from Cote on what it's like to fight Anderson Silva

“It’s very complicated to fight this guy because you never know what’s going to happen or what he’s going to do,” Cote said. “We saw what he did Saturday night. Once again he did something new. He was staying against the fence and he was playing with Bonnar. Bonnar is no joke. Bonnar is a good fighter. He’s tough. He’s durable, and [Silva] was playing with him like a little kid.” Cote fought Silva in October 2008 at UFC 90. He made it into the third round before the fight was stopped when he tore his ACL. “It’s hard to explain how to fight him,” Cote said, “because if you go forward, he’s behind you. You try to hit him, and he’s not there. It’s very, very weird.”
Submitted Oct 18, 2012 5:54AM by Poor_Franklin - 10 comments
Filed under: UFC
Jon Jones says 'TUF 17' coaching gig a chance to send Chael Sonnen into irrelevance
( mmajunkie.com)
UFC President Dana White said critics of the promotion's decision to cast light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen on reality TV prior to a title fight don't have all the facts. White said that given an injury to Jones that benched him until April, and Sonnen's vocal callouts of the champ, it "made sense" to put them together. And while Jones admitted the move devalued his belt "in some ways," he said his primary goal is to silence critics – and Sonnen
Submitted Oct 17, 2012 9:41PM by prophecy033 - 7 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFC's Jeremy Stephens released from jail, maintains innocence
( mmajunkie.com)
After spending 12 days in jails in both Minnesota and Iowa, Jeremy Stephens has been freed from incarceration. Stephens' management team today released a statement on the matter on the fighter's official website, and MMAjunkie.com confirmed with Polk County Jail officials that the lightweight is no longer in custody. "Jeremy's legal team is already hard at work to prove what many already know: he is not guilty of the crimes he's been accused of," the statement read.
Submitted Oct 17, 2012 9:38PM by prophecy033 - 0 comments
Filed under: UFC
Renan Barao won't defend interim title, will wait for Dominick Cruz
UFC interim bantamweight champion Renan Barao has been on the sidelines since his July 21st win over Urijah Faber to claim the belt. Dominick Cruz, the holder of the regular belt, is expected to be on the shelf for a while longer while he rehabs his torn ACL, and it was expected that Barao would probably defend his interim title at least once while Cruz was still out. But in an interview with UOL, Barao's coach Andre Pederneiras dismissed that notion and says Barao will wait for Cruz to return for a title unification match: "He just won the title, just fought. We will wait. Look how long the wait was for Condit and GSP to unify the belt?"
Submitted Oct 17, 2012 8:32PM by Budgellism - 14 comments
Filed under: UFC
No Surgery Required, Jon Jones Injury Should be Fully Healed by Chael Sonnen Fight
( mmaweekly.com)
It’s obvious with the announcement that UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones will coach opposite Chael Sonnen on the seventeenth season of The Ultimate Fighter and then fight afterwards that Jones’ arm injury from his last fight wasn’t as severe as many feared. Jones’ arm was injured when it was caught and locked out in an armbar by Vitor Belfort at UFC 152 in September. Tuesday’s announcement about the coaching positions and subsequent bout, however, overshadowed Jones’ elbow.
Submitted Oct 17, 2012 5:47PM by prophecy033 - 1 comment
Filed under: UFC
Bellator 77's Rich Clementi: I've made a career out of beating undefeated fighters
( mmajunkie.com)
Longtime MMA fighter Rich Clementi has been in this position before. During his 13 years and 66 professional fights in the MMA world, he's faced countless opponents who were dubbed the next big thing, much like undefeated Alexander Sarnavskiy, whom he faces at Friday's Bellator 77 event. "This isn't going to be the first time I've dethroned an undefeated fighter with a lot of hype around him," Clementi told MMAjunkie.com.
Submitted Oct 17, 2012 5:24PM by prophecy033 - 5 comments
Filed under: Bellator
MFC's Mark Pavelich says he couldn't promote women's MMA
( mmajunkie.com)
Canada's Maximum Fighting Championship has been in operation for 13 years, which is a great source of pride for promoter Mark Pavelich. Part of that staying power, he said, is rooted in putting out a consistent product. In a time when the sport's biggest promotion is flirting with women's MMA and headliners of questionable importance, Pavelich said he's sticking to what he knows. When it comes to women's MMA, that means staying out of the game.
Submitted Oct 17, 2012 5:21PM by prophecy033 - 4 comments
Filed under: Other MMA Organizations
UFC reality series 'The Ultimate Fighter' moving off Friday nights for Season 17 on FX
( mmajunkie.com)
"The Ultimate Fighter," the UFC's long-running reality competition, will move out of its current Friday night time slot on FX to a different day of the week starting with Season 17. FX executive Chuck Saftler on Wednesday confirmed the change during a media conference call promoting the season, which will begin taping later this month and will air starting in January on the cable network. The UFC and FX announced Season 17 earlier this week with coaches Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen
Submitted Oct 17, 2012 5:18PM by prophecy033 - 10 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFC champ Jon Jones opens as -600 favorite over Chael Sonnen
( mmajunkie.com)
UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones has opened as a -600, or 6-to-1, favorite over upcoming opponent Chael Sonnen, who's a +400 underdog. Veteran oddsmakers Joey Oddessa today confirmed the opening line with MMAjunkie.com. As reported earlier today, Jones and Sonnen have been tapped as coaches for "The Ultimate Fighter 17," which debuts in January on FX. They'll then headlined an as-yet-unannounced pay-per-view event on April 27.
Submitted Oct 17, 2012 12:02PM by prophecy033 - 15 comments
Filed under: UFC
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