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Page 47 - Top MMA News and Mixed Martial Arts Headlines

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Ex-boxer Pawel Wolak not licensed as MMA fighter by Illinois, off Oct. 11 card
Nothing is more critical in combat sports than fighter safety. Part of ensuring fighters are safe is making matches between fighters with similar skill sets. Former boxer Pawel Wolak planned to debut as a mixed martial artist on Oct. 11 on the American Predator Fighting Championship 17 event at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Ill.
Submitted Oct 9, 2014 5:45PM by tildengolfer - 1 comment
Filed under: Other MMA Organizations, General MMA
Mayhem being Mayhem again. Wanted for Stalking.
Looks Like Millers in serious hot water this time
Submitted Oct 9, 2014 4:22PM by machodog76 - 9 comments
Filed under: MMA Personalities
No longer a 'caveman,' Nah-Shon Burrell jealous of Michael Page hype
Nah-Shon Burrell remembers the days when he was a noted up-and-comer, but he also knows he wasn’t much of a fighter back then. Now that his game is more complete, Burrell wants that attention again.
Submitted Oct 9, 2014 11:15AM by FastKnockout - 2 comments
Filed under: Bellator
Mark Munoz signs new four-fight deal with UFC, holds Series of Legends wrestling camp
Recently cleared to begin training again after a May submission loss to Gegard Mousasi, UFC middleweight Mark Munoz has signed a new four-fight deal with the promotion while he awaits his next opponent.
Submitted Oct 9, 2014 11:13AM by FastKnockout - 6 comments
Filed under: UFC
Rory MacDonald's brilliance is even more incredible in super slow-mo
Now that we know Rory MacDonald will soon be fighting for the UFC’s welterweight title, doesn’t it seem like the right time to view his latest win in super-slow-motion highlight form?
Submitted Oct 8, 2014 11:35PM by xdanish020 - 4 comments
Filed under: UFC
Pic: Sara McMann Vs. Miesha Tate Fight 'One Step Closer' To Being Announced
Not long after she called out Miesha Tate, former UFC women's bantamweight number one contender Sara McMann let her fans know she was "one step closer" to announcing a "Cupcake" fight, which would pretty much put the kibosh on this rematch. Do you, as a fan, like this potential pairing?
Submitted Oct 8, 2014 11:28PM by xdanish020 - 2 comments
Filed under: UFC
Josh Burkman: 'Bitter' Ben Askren is an unhappy UFC troll
And "The People's Warrior" doesn't understand why, seeing as how "Funky" has a great career going for himself with another promotion.
Submitted Oct 8, 2014 11:26PM by xdanish020 - 0 comments
Filed under: UFC
Ryan Ford's short-term goals: Become a role model, whoop Jake Shields at WSOF 14
World Series of Fighting (WSOF) Canadian welterweight champion Ryan Ford is set to take on UFC veteran Jake Shields this Saturday (Oct. 11, 2014) in the main event of WSOF 14 in his hometown of Alberta, Canada. Seeking his seventh straight victory, "The Real Deal" sat down with MMAmania.com to discuss his upcoming opponent, why he wants to be a role model, and the benefits of training with the best of the best at Tristar Gym.
Submitted Oct 8, 2014 11:17PM by xdanish020 - 1 comment
Filed under: Other MMA Organizations
Urijah Faber to join Republic FC ownership, talks Cruz and Mendes
SACRAMENTO – Republic FC, a prospective Major League Soccer expansion franchise, will literally add a heavy hitter to its local investor group, as they announced UFC bantamweight contender Urijah Faber (31-7 MMA, 7-3 UFC) will join their team.
Submitted Oct 8, 2014 10:08PM by FastKnockout - 0 comments
Filed under: UFC
'ONE FC 23: Battle of Lions' takes shape with three new bouts
With three new matchups, the lineup is taking shape for next month’s “ONE FC 23: Battle of Lions” event.
Submitted Oct 8, 2014 10:06PM by FastKnockout - 0 comments
Filed under: Asian MMA
Cung Le will get the chance to appeal his positive drug test
UFC middleweight Cung Le will become the first fighter to appeal a failed drug test result found by the promotion.
Submitted Oct 8, 2014 8:35PM by FastKnockout - 0 comments
Filed under: UFC
Anderson Silva doesn’t rule out trilogy bout with Chris Weidman
Remember when Anderson Silva said he wouldn’t fight Chris Weidman again? Four months later, "The Spider" changed his mind.
Submitted Oct 8, 2014 7:46PM by FastKnockout - 11 comments
Filed under: UFC
Winner of Jake Shields vs. Ryan Ford to get next shot at the WSOF welterweight title
Submission wizard Rousimar Palhares will defend his World Series of Fighting welterweight title on Dec. 13 against fellow UFC veteran Jon Fitch, and the next contender will be defined Saturday night.
Submitted Oct 8, 2014 7:44PM by FastKnockout - 1 comment
Filed under: Other MMA Organizations
Exec: With 4-5 events in 2015, 'no concern' over UFC's Canadian future
Much uncertainty surrounds the UFC’s future in Canada, but UFC Managing Director of Operations in in Canada, Australia and New Zealand Tom Wright assures fans the organization’s presence in the country will remain strong in 2015.
Submitted Oct 8, 2014 7:42PM by FastKnockout - 2 comments
Filed under: UFC
Former UFC champ Dominick Cruz on return: 'It's me vs. Team Alpha Male'
Prior UFC 178, former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz told everyone who asked that his first fight in two years was something he wanted to do for himself, to see if he was still tough enough to fight at the highest levels.
Submitted Oct 8, 2014 7:41PM by FastKnockout - 1 comment
Filed under: UFC
Rory MacDonald meets Johny Hendricks-Robbie Lawler winner for title in Montreal
Rory MacDonald called for a welterweight title shot after his UFC Fight Night 54 knockout of Tarec Saffiedine, and UFC President Dana White has granted his wish.
Submitted Oct 8, 2014 7:39PM by FastKnockout - 4 comments
Filed under: UFC
Jim Ross: I see no reason Brock Lesnar couldn't have the potential to return to the UFC and sell pay-per-views
Good Ol’ JR reveals why he believes Brock Lesnar is capable of a UFC comeback in 2015.
Submitted Oct 8, 2014 7:31PM by FastKnockout - 2 comments
Filed under: UFC
Benson Henderson “toothpick gate” returns as former UFC champ competes in jiu-jitsu tournament
During one of his matches at the NoGi Worlds, Henderson appeared to have a toothpick in his mouth, reigniting the infamous “toothpick gate”. If you recall, back at UFC on FOX 5, while Henderson was defending his title against Nate Diaz, UFC fans caught a glimpse of the champion stashing a toothpick away in his mouth.
Submitted Oct 8, 2014 6:21PM by tildengolfer - 0 comments
Filed under: Other Combat Sports, Miscellaneous
Top scientist says to ignore Cung Le's HGH test result
MMA fighter Cung Le was suspended for one year by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) last week for elevated Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels found in a blood sample collected immediately following his August 23 TKO loss to Michael Bisping. Le's suspension was initially for nine months but the UFC revised their suspension and extended it to a year, citing an error on their part. That suspension appears to be one in a series of errors made by the UFC regarding Le and his test results. Mounting scientific evidence suggests a myriad of mistakes made by the lab as well as the UFC. The Hong Kong lab used to conduct the hGH test, the sample collection procedure and the actual test results used to determine the "elevated levels of hGH" have some of the top anti­-doping experts puzzled. One of the world’s most renowned sports doping scientists and the former chairman of the Australian Sports Anti­Doping Authority, both responded to the test results with outright skepticism. One of them even flat out said he'd ignore the test results. There are currently two different tests being used by the World Anti­ Doping Agency (WADA) to detect hGH use. The hGH "Isoform Differential Immunoassays" test is used to determine the presence of exogenous (meaning from an outside source) hGH in the system. That test is used in conjunction with a test for serum IGF­1 levels. The other hGH test is known as the Biomarker test. According to the Hong Kong lab report reviewed by this reporter, none of these sports doping hGH tests were conducted on Cung Le's blood sample. Instead, the Hong Kong lab took a reading of Le's total hGH concentration, which by itself cannot determine if the subject has used exogenous hGH or not.
Submitted Oct 8, 2014 5:36PM by Kpro - 3 comments
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