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Page 1728 - Top MMA News and Mixed Martial Arts Headlines

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Kimbo Slice Interview - "I'm on another level"
link I know, I didn't think Kimbo Slice could string a sentence together either other than, "All day!", but in this CFFC 5 interview with Kimbo about his upcoming fight on June 23 against former pro boxer, 'Merciless' Ray Mercer, Kimbo impressed me! Check out the grill and beehive beard on Kimbo too... he IS a character... All Day!
Submitted Jun 9, 2007 5:30PM by disorderlyvision - 1 comment
Rampage vs Henderson in London
link Quinton Jackson confirms fight at UFC 75 September, the eighth. That is the date of the next UFC light heavyweight title dispute. According to information published in the US specialized press, Quinton Jackson told the CBS network he will put his title up for grabs against Dan Henderson at the event to take place in London, England. "He (Henderson) has the Pride belt, and I will go after something I have never had," said Rampage. Although it has not yet been announced by the American organization, it is hoped that UFC 75, in London, will mark the return of Mirko Cro Cop to the octagon after having been so mercilessly knocked out by Gabriel Napao at UFC 70, at the end of last April.
Submitted Jun 9, 2007 5:26PM by disorderlyvision - 0 comments
Ex-agent: Boxer Morrison is HIV positive
link Tommy Morrison's former agent said Friday that the ex-heavyweight champion was positive for HIV in mandatory blood tests for a boxing license. "Tommy has tested positive for HIV anti-bodies, and he always has," Randy Lang of Glendale said. Morrison, who was licensed by West Virginia and beat John Castle on Feb. 22 in Chester after undergoing some of those tests in Phoenix, is scheduled for a mixed martial arts bout tonight against John Stover at Cliff Castle Casino in Camp Verde. Morrison doesn't need a license tonight because the casino is the property of the Yavapai-Apache Nation and not under jurisdiction of the Arizona State Boxing Commission. Morrison, 38, again said Thursday at a news conference in Camp Verde that he does not have HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. He also said the initial diagnosis before a scheduled fight in Las Vegas in 1996 was a false-positive. "What doctors have told me is a lie," said Morrison, who has been living and training in Phoenix. "They're telling me I'm dying. I'm fine." Lang said he split with Morrison on Feb. 25 because he said the tests in Phoenix were misrepresented by the boxer and his promoter, Peter McKinn, also the promoter for tonight's mixed-martial arts card. The tests, which were witnessed by Lang, McKinn and John Montano of the Arizona Commission, were supposed to have been the basis for the West Virginia license. However, Lang alleged that either the undisclosed documents were fraudulent or that blood samples were switched. "All the blood tests came from Randy Lang and, as far as I saw on the paperwork sent by Lang, the results were zero-negative," said McKinn, who said he was never in West Virginia for the licensing process because of personal business in Phoenix. McKinn and Morrison's publicist/manager, Lisa Woodard of Northridge, Calif., said that Lang misrepresented himself as an attorney. "He has no credentials," said Woodard, who is engaged to be married to Morrison. Lang said Friday that he has a degree from the American College of Law in Anaheim. Lang said Friday that his work with Morrison was based on the argument that he had a right to fight, even with a positive test, because evidence of HIV was so low that the virus could not be transmitted in the ring if injured fighters exchanged blood in a collision. "That has always been my position, and it's the appropriate one," said Lang, who also said Morrison tested positive for Hepatitis C. Morrison, a nephew of late actor John Wayne and had a film role in Rocky V, was scheduled for an April 27 bout in Houston. He underwent blood tests in Houston, but documentation did not arrive in time for Texas authorities to grant him a license, according to media reports. Morrison said he withdrew the application. Those tests were reported to be negative.
Submitted Jun 9, 2007 5:24PM by disorderlyvision - 0 comments
Q&A with UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture
link There’s a pretty good interview with Randy Couture that’s now available at CBS Sportsline. Couture broaches a number of topics, including a potential showdown with Pride heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko:
Submitted Jun 9, 2007 5:22PM by disorderlyvision - 0 comments
IFL’s got it right in some areas
link The IFL kicks off its relationship with USA Wrestling this weekend at the World Team Trials according to an article at NBC Sports. For all the things wrong with the IFL, aligining itself with USA Wrestling is great for both parties. USA Wrestling gets TV exposure and the IFL will have a talent pool of great wrestlers to draw from. But that’s not the only thing the IFL is doing right. They have the right mindset in terms of educating people about the various facets of the sport. The event this weekend is a demonstration of how wrestling can be translated to the world of MMA. Read on… “Our goal is to not have wrestling overshadowed,” IFL commissioner and co-founder Kurt Otto said. “We want to work with USA Wrestling as a vehicle to educate wrestlers about MMA. The more they come to clinics, they’ll see it’s not human cockfighting. It’s a pure sport.” Not only does it allow wrestlers to see how wrestling is involved with MMA, it lets fans see how wrestling is a huge part of MMA. For those who are just now becoming fans of the sport due to increased media exposure, there are a lot of things to learn. And this is a step in the right direction to educating fans about MMA and all the various martial arts involved. “It’s one more piece to the puzzle as far as taking MMA mainstream,” Otto said. “We feel comfortable working with them.” Exactly. It’s all about making the sport legitimate. Kurt Otto has the correct mindset as far as the sport goes. Educate the people about technique and the sport becomes much more exciting and accepted. This weekend, Matt Lindland and IFL fighter Bryan Vettell will hold clinics to show how wrestling techniques can be applied to MMA. If the IFL was smart, they would tape some of the clinics and air them on IFL Battleground. Educating more people about things other than striking is great for the sport. I have a feeling it will be all for naught, though, considering that the IFL’s financial future doesn’t look so good at this point. Oh well, at least they’re trying.
Submitted Jun 9, 2007 5:19PM by disorderlyvision - 2 comments
Column: Michigan MMA legislation not up to par
link The Grand Rapids Press newspaper has taken a beating this week over an anti-MMA article published by writer Brian VanOchten, who has been ridiculed across-the-board by both MMA writers and fans. However, the newspaper has published a new article today by author David Mayo titled Safety ignored in rush to OK ultimate fighting. Once you get past the use of ‘ultimate fighting’ in the title, the article is very informative.
Submitted Jun 9, 2007 5:18PM by disorderlyvision - 0 comments
Dope Report: Tim “Big Perm” Persey Test Positive For Methamphetamine
link According to the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC), Tim “Big Perm” Persey tested positive for Methamphetamine following the EliteXC/K-1 Dynamite USA event at the Los Angles Colosseum on June 2. The CSAC has suspended Persey for six months and he will be fined $1000, 5% of his purse of $20,000. Persey (8-2) fought Jonathan Wiezore in the televised Showtime portion of the event. Wiezore won the fight early in the second round when he flattened out Persey and continuously landed strikes to Persey’s head, referee Herb Dean steeped in and stopped the fight. Also former NFL wide receiver Johnnie Morton was also suspended for refusing to take a post-fight drug test. The CSAC has frozen his whole purse till a hearing on the matter
Submitted Jun 9, 2007 5:14PM by disorderlyvision - 0 comments
liddell on letterman video
link video
Submitted Jun 9, 2007 5:11PM by disorderlyvision - 0 comments
Announcement: Frank Shamrock and Tito Ortiz on WhoopAss Radio
link In one episode of WhoopAss Radio, we spoke with two legends: Frank Shamrock and Tito Ortiz. I interviewed them both for the newest edition of WhoopAss Radio. The good folks over at MMA.tv are in the process of putting it up on their webpage as we speak. Once everything is set up on their end I'll update this post and link the show for everyone to hear. So how did it go? Well, aside from some reverb in Frank Shamrock's cellphone, pretty damn well. Both interviews went long and covered tons of ground. With Frank we talked about everything from his upcoming fight with Phil Baroni to his thoughts on the UFC buying PRIDE. Same for Tito. He dished on his training camp, Dana White, Randy Couture's "jealousy", Chuck's loss, the bet against Rampage, and most importantly, Rashad Evans. Dear god, does he ever lay into Rashad Evans. I feel like I worked pretty hard preparing for the interviews and doing the show. You never know how it'll be received ahead of time, but I'm hopeful you'll enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it. So please, if you get a moment, send me an email or leave a comment. I'm very curious to hear some feedback, not just about the show, but also with respect to what both men said. Trust me, there's a lot to talk about.
Submitted Jun 9, 2007 5:09PM by disorderlyvision - 3 comments
Tyson Griffin and the Benefits of Short-Term Memory
You’ve heard it a thousand times before, if not more. An athlete loses when he isn’t expected to and then discusses the defeat. “I don’t want to make excuses,” he begins. LINK
Submitted Jun 9, 2007 4:57PM by aznteabagger - 0 comments
UFCjunkie.com Update: Diego Sanchez vs. Hayato Sakurai at UFC 75
A rumored UFC 75 bout between The Ultimate Fighter 1 middleweight winner Diego Sanchez (17-1 MMA, 6-1 UFC) and PRIDE Fighting Championships standout Hayato Sakurai (30-7-2 MMA, 0-1 UFC) that we first reported yesterday appears legitimate. LINK
Submitted Jun 9, 2007 12:38PM by aznteabagger - 0 comments
Leonard Garcia: I’m Fighting Allen Berube on June 23
Within the past few days, we learned that Leonard Garcia (9-2 MMA, 0-1 UFC) would make his much-anticipated return to the UFC at The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale on June 23. We now know his opponent: Allen Berube (2-1 MMA, 0-0 UFC), the first cast member eliminated from the current season of the Spike TV reality series. LINK
Submitted Jun 9, 2007 9:52AM by aznteabagger - 1 comment
Tito Ortiz and Frank Shamrock on MMA.tv's Whoop Ass Radio!
Tito and Frank discuss a variety of topics with the radio hosts. Tito speaks on many topics including fighting Shogun, his training for Rashad, his purchase of Big Bear from De La Hoya. Frank talks Baroni, Renzo, if he would ever consider fighting in the UFC, and lots more. Check it out! Link
Submitted Jun 8, 2007 11:33PM by Gogoplata - 1 comment
Lesnar, Gracie, Sakuraba $ Salaries
I can't belive Brock made $500,000 in his debut. Morton gets $100k for losing. Thier pay scales are screwed up !mmaweekly
Submitted Jun 8, 2007 11:16PM by hughesfan1 - 23 comments
'Rampage' Jackson Returns To CBS 2 As New Champ
Rampage Jackson paid another visit to our studios at the Studio City Broadcast Center. Jim Hill spoke with the new champ about his recent championship bout against Chuck "Iceman" Liddell. LINK
Submitted Jun 8, 2007 7:35PM by aznteabagger - 0 comments
Jens Pulver TUF 5 reaction blog: Episode #10
Courtesy of the UFC and Spike TV, Jens Pulver and InsideFighting receive a copy of each week’s episode of "The Ultimate Fighter 5" before it airs. Jens then provides InsideFighting readers with his reaction to the episode in his coach's blog which is immediately posted online after the show is done airing every Thursday night. LINK
Submitted Jun 8, 2007 7:29PM by aznteabagger - 0 comments
With two weeks to go until The Ultimate Fighter Finale on June 23rd in Las Vegas, details of some of the match-ups are coming to light. In addition to the main event pitting coaches Jens Pulver and BJ Penn, Roger Huerta has confirmed that he is fighting Doug Evans. Leonard Garcia has now confirmed that he is matched with The Ultimate Fighter Season 5 competitor Allen “Monstah” Berube on the finale. LINK
Submitted Jun 8, 2007 7:28PM by aznteabagger - 2 comments
UFCjunkie.com Quick Hit: Sean Salmon Fights Tomorrow Night in Cleveland
I wanted to pass along a quick note regarding UFCjunkie.com columnist Sean Salmon, who recently announced his temporary departure from the UFC. LINK
Submitted Jun 8, 2007 7:24PM by aznteabagger - 1 comment
Roger Huerta to Face Doug Evans at The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale
Yesterday UFCjunkie.com (www.ufcjunkie.com) learned that rising lightweight contender Roger Huerta had been dropped from the UFC 74 fight card and added to The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale on June 23. We now know his opponent: Doug Evans, a team member of The Wolfpack, an Alaskan-based fight team. LINK
Submitted Jun 8, 2007 7:23PM by aznteabagger - 0 comments
Quinton Jackson vs. Dan Henderson to Headline UFC 75
Recently crowned UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson (27-6 MMA, 2-0 UFC) will make his first title defense against PRIDE Fighting Championships welterweight (183-pound) and middleweight (205-pound) champion Dan Henderson (22-5 MMA, 2-0 UFC) at the UFC 75 event in London, according to an interview Jackson conducted with CBS 2 in Los Angeles. LINK
Submitted Jun 8, 2007 7:22PM by aznteabagger - 7 comments
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