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Page 1363 - Top MMA News and Mixed Martial Arts Headlines

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Jens Pulver injured, out of WEC debut
This sucks, I really wanted to see his fight with Cub Swanson and IMO would have been fight of the night.
Submitted Aug 21, 2007 1:44PM by fedorwins1 - 5 comments
Sylvia Vs. Vera announced
The Ultimate Fighting Championship today confirmed a fight between former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia and undefeated Brandon Vera. The bout will take place at UFC 77 on Oct. 20 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Submitted Aug 21, 2007 1:41PM by jahdoug - 14 comments
UFC 78: Karo Parisyan vs. Hayato ‘Mach’ Sakurai?
Oh man would this be a good fight. If karo wins i'd say he should get a title shot pending how long he has to wait.
Submitted Aug 21, 2007 12:16PM by Twenty20Dollars - 10 comments
Memorable Clay Guida Fight Available for Free Viewing
Win or lose, chances are that lightweight Clay Guida is going to be part of one of the night’s best fights. And UFC fans shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the entertainment isn’t limited to the Octagon
Submitted Aug 21, 2007 1:24AM by peachfuzzz1305 - 2 comments
Alexander Emelianenko Unlikely Headed to the UFC Soon
Despite the UFC’s recent influx of heavyweight talent — including Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Fabricio Werdum — one fighter that probably won’t be added to the mix is Alexander Emelianenko, a top-ranked heavyweight and the younger brother of MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko
Submitted Aug 20, 2007 6:27PM by peachfuzzz1305 - 14 comments
Foreman Wrote the Book On Fighting After 40
Had the sport of mixed martial arts been around in 1966, the history of boxing may have taken a vastly different turn. That's because two-time boxing heavyweight champion George Foreman said he would have chosen MMA instead of boxing had it been available to him.
Submitted Aug 20, 2007 6:17PM by zephead - 1 comment
MMANews.com Pre-UFC 74 Interview With Joe Stevenson
MMANews.com's own Chris Howie recently caught up with top UFC Lightweight contender Joe "Daddy" Stevenson to discuss his upcoming fight at UFC 74, among a number of other topics. Below is a complete transcript of the interview conducted on Sunday, August 19, 2007.
Submitted Aug 20, 2007 6:14PM by zephead - 3 comments
Randy Couture Fight Odds
Randy Couture comes into UFC 74 as a slight underdog. The 40 plus Randy Couture fight odds were listed at even odds compared to Gabriel Gonzaga's favorite status (-130).
Submitted Aug 20, 2007 6:12PM by zephead - 5 comments
Inside the Cage Radio and Some Good News
Good news first: Wednesday is my last day here at my job. Mercifully my new hours and work/life balance will be much better going forward.
Submitted Aug 20, 2007 6:10PM by zephead - 0 comments
Muay Thai Master's Student In Ultimate Bout
He can serve you a caramel latte with whipped cream and kick your butt. He's Elcio Machado, a Dunkin' Donuts manager and Muay Thai master who is one of the coaches of Gabriel Gonzaga, a rising Brazilian star in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
Submitted Aug 20, 2007 6:08PM by zephead - 3 comments
An Interview With Cub Swanson, WEC Featherweight Contender
Kodiak MMA: First of all, I’d like to thank you for making time to talk with us for a bit. Before we get to your upcoming fight with Little Evil, I want to congratulate you on your most recent win – and a dominating one – against Micah Miller. There seemed to be some real bad blood there before the match. Was there?
Submitted Aug 20, 2007 6:06PM by zephead - 0 comments
Matt Serra Coming to Baltimore Next Weekend
I received word a couple of days ago from Ground Control co-owner John Rallo that UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra will be visiting Baltimore next weekend.
Submitted Aug 20, 2007 6:04PM by zephead - 1 comment
Gonzaga Sniffs Out His Biggest Opportunity
Gabriel Gonzaga's nickname, "Napao," literally translates from Portuguese as "big nose." But the man who will challenge Randy Couture for the UFC heavyweight championship Saturday night has an average-sized honker. So how did he end up with such a title?
Submitted Aug 20, 2007 6:03PM by zephead - 0 comments
St-Pierre searches for new beginning and Monday misc.
For a change, Georges St-Pierre said all the right things. Despite his courteous ways, sharp suits and charisma, the former UFC welterweight champion has a way of drawing the ire of fellow fighters.
Submitted Aug 20, 2007 6:01PM by zephead - 0 comments
Georges St. Pierre an Official Part of Team Jackson
Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, who is set to face Josh Koscheck this Saturday in one of UFC 74’s marquee matches, has become an official part of Greg Jackson’s camp in Albuequerque, N.M.
Submitted Aug 20, 2007 1:09PM by aznteabagger - 14 comments
Heavy and Super Heavy event
Since there has been trouble with putting super heavyweight fighters into American fight cards, this card would be taking place in Canada and would be headlined with a superfight between Sapp and fellow K-1 veteran Mark Hunt.
Submitted Aug 20, 2007 11:47AM by Mayo - 6 comments
What is next for Wanderlei Silva
Now that the UFC has officially announced the return of Wanderlei Silva, the next step apparently is scheduling him for his first match back since last fighting for the promotion at UFC 25 in 2000, when he dropped a unanimous decision to Tito Ortiz.
Submitted Aug 19, 2007 11:51PM by peachfuzzz1305 - 12 comments
Kendall Grove
UFC middleweight contender Kendall "Da Spyder" Grove talks about the importance of respect as he discusses his last win against Alan Belcher as well as his upcoming clash with Patrick Cote. Grove discusses the influence that Tito Ortiz and Phil Baroni had on his career and you don't want to miss what he had to say about his training camp and his eagerness to show the world that he's not just a "reality fighter". Check it out.
Submitted Aug 19, 2007 7:38PM by peachfuzzz1305 - 7 comments
Brandon Vera Signs New Six-Fight Deal
UFC heavyweight Brandon Vera (8-0 MMA, 4-0 UFC), who will soon return to the organization after sitting out nearly a year due to issues with his former manager, has signed a new six-fight deal with the UFC.
Submitted Aug 19, 2007 11:28AM by aznteabagger - 34 comments
Mohegan Sun Wants In On Athletic Commission Foolishness
Without athletic commissions, I’d barely have anything to write about. So I’m very happy to welcome the Mohegan Sun Athletic Commission to the list of commissions to watch when it comes to "messing stuff up" and causing drama.
Submitted Aug 19, 2007 9:54AM by zephead - 2 comments
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