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Page 1358 - Top MMA News and Mixed Martial Arts Headlines

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IFL Partners With STAR TV
“IFL Battleground” and “IFL Fight Night” broadcasts to be seen in an additional 50 countries in the Far East
Submitted Aug 7, 2007 10:09AM by aznteabagger - 2 comments
Franca's Suspension Upheld
Hermes Franca appeared before the California State Athletic Commission this morning requesting a reduction in his one year suspension for testing positive to the anabolic steroid Drostanolone following his UFC 73 lightweight title bout with Sean Sherk. That request was denied.
Submitted Aug 7, 2007 10:08AM by aznteabagger - 1 comment
Dana White Talks Sherk Situation
UFC president, Dana White, spoke with MMAWeekly about the Sean Sherk situation and what the UFC will do with the lightweight title if Sherk's one year suspension by the California State Athletic Commission is upheld.
Submitted Aug 7, 2007 10:07AM by aznteabagger - 9 comments
Sherk & Baroni Granted Extensions
Today at the hearing held by the California State Athletic Commission to hear the appeal cases of several MMA fighters and boxers, UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk and StrikeForce middleweight Phil Baroni were both granted continuances by the commission for a hearing to be held in October.
Submitted Aug 7, 2007 10:04AM by aznteabagger - 1 comment
The cold war: Fedor weighs his options
From Sherdog on Fedors' s choices. I think the UFC should give on the sambo ,and even sign one or two red devil fighter's. However, his manager trying to strong arm the UFC into co-promotion is ridiculous IMO.
Submitted Aug 7, 2007 4:36AM by hippysmacker - 12 comments
Rumor: Okami vs Macdonald?
This should be a good match up. I think I'll take Okami if this fight happens. Much stronger.
Submitted Aug 6, 2007 6:43PM by Twenty20Dollars - 20 comments
NV August 6, 2007 – At a hearing in Los Angeles today, the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) granted a continuance for UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk’s appeal of his positive test for the banned substance “Nandrolone” after his July 7th win over Hermes Franca at UFC 73 in Sacramento. Sherk’s attorney Howard L. Jacobs requested the continuance to allow time to acquire documentation from the laboratory where the drug tests were conducted. Hermes Franca, who tested positive for “Drostanolone” after his July 7 bout with Sherk, was also present at today’s hearing. Franca admitted to taking the substance and the CSAC suspended him for one year beginning July 7 and fined him $2,500. It is expected that Sherk’s continued appeal will take place at the CSAC’s next meeting in October.
Submitted Aug 6, 2007 6:17PM by brutalbones - 3 comments
Special report: Steroids, street drugs a problem in MMA, too
On the Tuesday before UFC 73, I was on the phone with a friend who works with a top mixed martial arts champion. The person understands the pro wrestling business well. I asked them if MMA has a similar drug culture to professional wrestling.
Submitted Aug 6, 2007 1:25PM by zephead - 4 comments
Lister trains with Mirko
CroCop (and Lister) is making all the right moves after suffering the devastating loss to Gabriel Gonzaga. And really, that's always been CroCop's style. He's suffered a few notable losses that wound up serving as diagnostics about his in-ring ability. Now that he understands how important the cage, wrestling, and defensive ground work can be, he's doing everything in his power to bring his skills up to speed. Cheick Kongo's going to have his work cut out for him. IMO it's great for both of them. I think Mirko needs a bit more help with feeling out the cage, and lister can use some striking help. Ricco is still there, as are vyel, bonjasky and sergi. I'm getting so excited for the upcoming fight with kongo, Mirko seems really dedicated to winning, and going after that belt.
Submitted Aug 6, 2007 3:49AM by cmill21 - 11 comments
Riggs vs. Miller for Shot at WEC TITLE
Should be a pretty interesting fight. One fight ago, Riggs was told, you lose you are done. Well he won obviously.
Submitted Aug 5, 2007 12:26PM by AmericanFighterAce - 10 comments
UFC RoundUp. Newss
Very interesting if you read the round up as of august 5th. I'll point out the things I have thoughts on. Evan Tanner will not be facing Marvin Eastman, Tanner not even under contract with the UFC as of now. I want to see Eastman vs Mcfedries anyway. UFC could possibly hold a event in North Carolina Silva vs Chuck could still be on for december but I doubt it. UFC wants to hold an event in Chicago. wont happen untill atleast early '08 Mark Coleman is trying to make a return to the UFC. interesting Ouch Gomi going to stay in Japan and fight and not sign with the ufc. Corey Hill supposly going to debut at 78 with a bunch of 155ers
Submitted Aug 5, 2007 11:56AM by Twenty20Dollars - 6 comments
B.J. Penn Pleads No Contest to 2005 Assault Charge
Former UFC welterweight champion and “The Ultimate Fighter 5” coach B.J. Penn yesterday pleaded no contest to charges of assaulting a police officer in the first degree. The charges stemmed from a 2005 fight outside a Hawaii nightclub.
Submitted Aug 4, 2007 10:06PM by aznteabagger - 18 comments
Tamdan McCrory Anticipating November or December Fight Date
Tamdan “Barn Cat” McCrory (8-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC), one of the most eccentric and promising 20-year-olds in mixed-martials arts today, hopes to make a return trip to the UFC on a November or December fight card.
Submitted Aug 4, 2007 10:05PM by aznteabagger - 3 comments
Nate Hasn’t Been Contacted About a Fight
Recent Internet rumors have stated that UFC middleweight fighter Nate Marquardt (25-7-2 MMA, 4-1 UFC) is expected to headline an October Spike TV event, but a representative from the fighter’s camp tells UFCjunkie.com (www.ufcjunkie.com) that Marquardt hasn’t been contacted about his next fight.
Submitted Aug 4, 2007 10:04PM by aznteabagger - 2 comments
Tito says the fight with Rashad is on...
Just got done having a short chat with Tito Ortiz in his chat room. He mentioned that the Rashad fight is on and that in the future a Chuck Liddell fight would likely happen again. Check out the transcript here.
Submitted Aug 4, 2007 9:06PM by nubby - 25 comments
Dana White: “We’ve Got Wanderlei Silva”
In a recent interview with a Las Vegas television station, UFC president Dana White said the UFC has acquired some of the world’s top fighters, and among them, he named PRIDE Fighting Championships veteran Wanderlei Silva (31-7-1 MMA, 1-2 UFC).
Submitted Aug 4, 2007 10:20AM by aznteabagger - 20 comments
UFC 76 Eastman vs Tanner?
Really don't want to see this fight personally. I wanted to see Mcfedries vs Eastman. Thoughts?
Submitted Aug 4, 2007 12:23AM by Twenty20Dollars - 13 comments
Couture and Gonzaga on ESPNEWS today(side by side)
Interesting video clip that has the two sitting side by side during an interview.
Submitted Aug 3, 2007 8:58PM by wolfman - 9 comments
Paulo Filho Interview
From CBS Sportsline, interview with Paulo Filho
Submitted Aug 3, 2007 3:44PM by gutoo - 2 comments
Lee Murray's $100 Million Heist Caught On Camera
Former UFC fighter and the man infamous for his street fight against Tito Ortiz in England, was arrested a while back for being caught in the biggest bank heist in the history of the UK - stealing over $100 million. If you check out the CNN.com video section, apparently there is a good deal of video footage of the actual heist itself and all the aftermath that followed.
Submitted Aug 3, 2007 2:32PM by CwB - 9 comments
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