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Page 1354 - Top MMA News and Mixed Martial Arts Headlines

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Ricco Rodriguez’s UFC 39 UFC Belt up for Auction
The UFC heavyweight championship belt awarded to Ricco Rodriguez after his UFC 39 victory over Randy Couture is up for auction. That starting price? A cool $29,999.
Submitted Jan 2, 2008 8:55PM by TNunley - 8 comments
Filed under: Miscellaneous, UFC
Randy Couture’s incorrect proclamation
During a recent HDNet Fights card, Randy Couture publicly announced that he would be free to fight Fedor Emelianenko come October 2008. UFC President Dana White completely disagrees. “I expect Randy Couture to honor his contract. He is the heavyweight champion of the UFC. Until he either retires or fulfills his contract, he fights for the UFC,” said White. White already knows the next fight that will be lined up for Couture. “Nogueira and Sylvia are fighting for the interim title, and the winner will fight Randy.” EDIT: i just found another piece of info that i tought was very interesting this is from bloody elbow

The most notable part comes at the end, when Dana says Randy is still heavyweight champ, and the Nogueira/Sylvia fight is for the interim title. UFC contracts have "champions clauses" in them that extend the contract by a year or more if the fighter is still champion when the contract expires. Until things are settled or worked out, they won't strip him, because it stops him from fighting for another full year from July.
Submitted Jan 2, 2008 6:29PM by juanez13 - 27 comments
Filed under: UFC, M-1 Global, HDNet
Tim Sylvia Has Choice Words For Fedor
In comments posted this past Sunday, former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia had some rather choice words for Fedor Emelianenko. Sylvia said he respects Fedor's skills, just not his opponents.
Submitted Jan 2, 2008 6:26PM by DCRage - 14 comments
Filed under: UFC, M-1 Global
Floyd Mayweather Sr. Interview on Floyd Jr. doing MMA
Great Interview, he drops the f-bomb about twenty times, but he gets his point across about what he thinks will happen to his son in MMA. Here's a small quote: "All of this he talking about right now, this martial arts s***, I’m telling you, he about to get broke the f*** up right now. I’m telling you, he could forget all of that stuff being cute and how you supposed to hit somebody with a check hook. Man, them motherf*****’s going to take that check hook motherf***er and squeeze your guts out. I’m just being real with you man."
Submitted Jan 2, 2008 5:01PM by duggy - 22 comments
Filed under: Other Combat Sports, Interviews
“The Celebrity Apprentice,” Tito Ortiz Debut Thursday Night on NBC
“The Celebrity Apprentice,” a special version of Donald Trump’s reality game show, debuts Thursday night on NBC, and UFC fighter Tito Ortiz is one of 14 celebrity contestants appearing on the series. The debut, which kicks off the sixth installment of the reality series, airs at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
Submitted Jan 2, 2008 3:35PM by TNunley - 6 comments
Filed under: Miscellaneous, UFC
Matt Hughes: I Might Fight Matt Serra if He Loses to Georges St. Pierre
Matt Hughes, who suffered a second-round submission loss to Georges St. Pierre at UFC 79, isn’t sure when he’ll fight next, but he’s not ruling out a potential bout with Matt Serra.
Submitted Jan 2, 2008 3:34PM by TNunley - 5 comments
Filed under: UFC
Georges St. Pierre and Matt Serra Could Unify Titles in April — in Canada
With his victory over Matt Hughes at this past weekend’s UFC 79 event, Georges St. Pierre may have set up one of the biggest welterweight fights in MMA history — and it could come in his native Canada.
Submitted Jan 2, 2008 3:33PM by TNunley - 2 comments
Filed under: UFC
Good article on MMA vs. boxing with Marcus Davis interview
From one of the best boxing sites on the net (Maxboxing) is an article about Floyd Mayweather, and boxers' in general, difficulties in MMA. Marcus Davis (the most experienced boxer the UFC has right now) gives a good breakdown of how the sports differ:
Submitted Jan 2, 2008 2:12PM by fullerene - 2 comments
Filed under: Other Combat Sports, General MMA
M-1 Global Pleased With Yarennoka Event
According to the CEO of M-1 Global, things "went very well" with their supporting the Yarennoka event, and they were pleased to support the event. This is part of M-1's strategy, and they hope to return to Japan someday, as does their top fighter, Fedor Emelianenko.
Submitted Jan 2, 2008 6:55AM by DCRage - 8 comments
Filed under: M-1 Global
Matt Hughes Ponders His Future
After his UFC 79 loss to Georges St. Pierre, former UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes said he's going back to the drawing board to think about his future. Dana White doesn't want him going anywhere else.
Submitted Jan 2, 2008 6:51AM by DCRage - 5 comments
Filed under: UFC
The State Of The UFC
Dana White spent a good part of his post-UFC 79 press conference discussing the State Of UFC. He said they had a "kick-ass 2007", and "wait to see what we do with 2008".
Submitted Jan 2, 2008 6:49AM by DCRage - 4 comments
Filed under: UFC
Luke Cummo Puts MMA Agent On Diet
A couple weeks ago an MMA agent/writer took up an offer from UFC fighter Luke Cummo to do a 14-day health live-in training camp on Long Island, but only in 12 days. Day 1 of this camp has now been posted for all to read.
Submitted Jan 2, 2008 6:47AM by DCRage - 3 comments
Filed under: Miscellaneous
New Year’s Mixed Martial Arts Resolutions (Story from Yahoo! Sports)
As the year ends with a bang in mixed martial arts, it’s time to start thinking to 2008. To help things along, I have a few resolutions to share for the big names in the business. Dana White: There is no fight fans want to see more than one between Randy Couture and Fedor Emelianenko. For the good of the sport, the UFC president should put everything else aside and do what he has to do to make this fight happen. Randy Couture: Should make a concession and defend his UFC heavyweight title if White agrees to allow him to fight Emelianenko. Fedor Emelianenko: The man who once was universally regarded as the world’s top MMA fighter continues to fight questionable opposition. Emelianenko owes it to the sport and his fans to take on quality fighters. If it’s not Couture, then he must insist on it being Josh Barnett. “Big” John McCarthy: The famous ex-referee should promise candor in his new role as an analyst for The Fight Network. He’s collected many great stories during his years as an official and he should promise to share them with his viewers. Great article with some great insights. Props to Kevin Iole.
Submitted Jan 2, 2008 1:46AM by Bemin - 1 comment
Filed under: MMA Personalities, General MMA
Bodog Fight emerges in Las Vegas in February
Bodog Fight recently announced that the promotion would resurface on Feb. 1 at the Las Vegas Sport Center in Las Vegas. Welterweight champion Nick Thompson will defend his title against John Troyer in the main event. Thompson, who suffered a shoulder injury in November and was forced to withdraw from a scheduled bout in Indiana, says he's back to 100% and will be at his best for this title match with Troyer.
Submitted Jan 1, 2008 4:52PM by telnights - 1 comment
Filed under: Other MMA Organizations
MMA 2007: Year in Review
Even after nearly fifteen years of mainstream history, the sport of mixed martial arts really took off in 2007. We will look back in fifteen more years from now and see 2007 as the year where MMA finally became accepted into the mainstream and finally took of as a legitimate big-time sport, forever replacing boxing as the top combat sport in the world. In this year where there were eight free UFC events on Spike TV in the US, the lower weight classes also took center stage; legend Randy Couture resigned from the UFC amid intense speculation; Chuck Liddell took a nosedive, losing not only his belt but two straight fights; PRIDE was sold to the owners of the UFC; two fighters died, one as a result of action in the ring; and lightweight champion Sean Sherk was stripped of his title after testing positive for steroids. There are so many things that I tried to fit into this column, and I did the best I could to sum up the biggest fights and review the biggest stories of the year.
Submitted Jan 1, 2008 3:34PM by ohiostate1016 - 3 comments
Filed under: General MMA, PrideFC, UFC
Fedor Emelianenko: Fight with Randy Couture “Will Take Place”
Randy Couture wants the fight. Fedor Emeliananeko wants it too. And according to the top-ranked Russian fighter, he fully expects the heavyweight battle to happen sometime soon. While being interviewed for Monday’s “Yarennoka!” event in Japan, Emeliananeko was asked about the likelihood of him facing Couture in the next year. Couture, the UFC’s heavyweight champion, resigned from the organization in October but has recently stated that he wants to fight Emeliananeko. The 44-year-old UFC hall-of-famer says it’s the one final thing he wants to accomplish before he retires. Emelianenko loves the idea. Not too much new here, just more to support that this fight will indeed take place post Oct of this year. Maybe another Yarranoka style event on New Years Eve with Randy/Fedor headlining?? If they do get these two together this time it will happen in the US so we don't have to stay up all night to watch it
Submitted Dec 31, 2007 11:22PM by Bemin - 19 comments
Filed under: UFC, M-1 Global
video of fedor fight
fedor wins, here is the video good job fedor
Submitted Dec 31, 2007 9:32PM by loonytnt - 20 comments
Filed under: M-1 Global
UFC 79 Medical Suspensions
The NSAC has posted the official results from UFC 79 on its website, which also detail the medical suspensions as a result of the fights.
Submitted Dec 31, 2007 7:31PM by DCRage - 6 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFC 79 Fighter Payouts
UFC has reported all the official fighter payouts for UFC 79, which exclude the usual post-fight bonuses, sponsor payouts, etc. The total disclosed payouts came to $1,199,000.
Submitted Dec 31, 2007 7:28PM by DCRage - 9 comments
Filed under: UFC
K-1 Dynamite!! Results
The following are the quick-match results from the K-1 Dynamite!! 2007 year-end show from Osaka, Japan.
Submitted Dec 31, 2007 6:32PM by jae_1833 - 5 comments
Filed under: K-1 / K-1 Hero's
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