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Page 1354 - Top MMA News and Mixed Martial Arts Headlines

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Tomasz Drwal Off UFC 87
Tomasz Drwal, who was to have faced IFL veteran Andre Gusmao at UFC 87, is now off for unknown as-of-yet reasons. Unbeaten prospect Razak Al-Hussan is expected to be the replacement.
Submitted Jul 12, 2008 4:55PM by DCRage - 6 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFC's Silva gives advice to fighters
"I'm looking for a well-rounded athletic fighter, but the most important thing to me is record," said Joe Silva, the UFC's vice president of talent relations. "It's very frustrating in my job. I don't look for victims. I pride myself in making competitive matchups."
Submitted Jul 12, 2008 3:37PM by Wolfenstein - 9 comments
Filed under: UFC
Underdog Thomas “Wildman” Denny ready for the opportunity of a lifetime
Thomas “The Wildman” Denny has been a staple of the regional California MMA scene since the turn of the 21st century. While most of his fights have come with the King of the Cage promotion, Denny has also competed for other California-based promotions such as the Palace Fighting Championships and World Extreme Cagefighting (prior to Zuffa’s acquisition).
Submitted Jul 12, 2008 1:22PM by MMAcca - 1 comment
Filed under: EliteXC
How Does Nick Thompson Do It?
Nick Thompson has a hectic few days at the end of this month. He's in the main event for the CBS-televised mixed martial arts event on July 26, a Saturday night, in Stockton, Calif. And then on Tuesday the 29th, he will be starting the two-day bar examination at the Minneapolis Convention Center. "It wasn't supposed to work out this way," Thompson said. "I had a fight in Tokyo in early June. I was going to take two months off and study for the bar." And then they got the call with the offer: Jake Shields, Elite XC's welterweight title bout, main event on CBS. "You can't turn that down -- not me, anyway. And my wife, Molly, agreed with me." How on earth he is able to train for a fight with one of the best welterweights in the world while simultaneously preparing for an exam that would license him to practice law in the state of Minnesota is beyond my comprehension. All I can do is wish him good luck and give him a tip of my hat.
Submitted Jul 12, 2008 12:41PM by MMAcca - 1 comment
Filed under: General MMA
How British Boxing Enthusiasts View Mixed Martial Arts
"Boxing is like football," Maloney says. "It has history and has been around forever. I can't imagine a world without boxing. I can easily conceive of one without MMA." From an albeit limited consensus, it seems the British boxing barometer on MMA is set somewhere between disdain and moderate interest, rudimentary knowledge to perhaps a lack of genuine understanding, acknowledgment and indifference. The latter part of that statement is best summed up by McNeilly. "Most boxing folk acknowledge its success but fall back on boxing's longevity, even in these days of political correctness descending into farce," McNeilly says. "MMA is a foreign land to most of them -- and not one they want to visit." UNEDUCATED FOOLS!
Submitted Jul 12, 2008 12:38PM by MMAcca - 4 comments
Filed under: General MMA
Icon Sport Hawaii returns with ‘Hard Times’ August 2
Icon Sport recently announced its next event, “Hard Times,” which is slated for August 2 at the Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii. As we reported a couple days ago, the company’s middleweight champion, Kala “Kolohe” Hose (6-2), will face Rolando Dominique in a non-title fight at a 180-pound catchweight. The 140-pound North American title, however, will be on the line as the 135 pound champ, Mark Oshiro (11-1) — often referred to as the “Bantamweight Chuck Liddell” — will take on Bao Quach (14-8-1) for the vacant strap. Quach hasn’t lost since November of 2006 and has reeled off an impressive eight fight win streak.
Submitted Jul 12, 2008 9:56AM by MMAcca - 0 comments
Filed under: Other MMA Organizations
Brad Pickett is a man eager to step in the cage. Pickett is scheduled to face Italian Christian Binda at Cage Rage 27 this Saturday following the disappointing debacle at FX3, which saw his opponent miss weight and show no remorse for his actions. “It just annoyed me that after realizing he wasn’t going to make weight, he drank a bottle of water directly in front of me without even consulting me that he wasn’t going to go down anymore. It was the fact he did not cut right down to the line which made me angry,” said Pickett. The chance to get back in the cage could not come soon enough for the talented Brit.
Submitted Jul 12, 2008 9:39AM by MMAcca - 0 comments
Filed under: CageRage
Fight Biz Quote: Joe Silva
There are times Joe Silva sits in front of his video screen and can't believe what he sees. Much of it he calls "wacky stuff," like the guy who said he'd "never actually fought, but I'm a professional rodeo rider, and I think I could do this." Or the video from a pair of brothers who claimed to hate each other and wanted to settle their feud in the octagon. "I'm like, 'yeah, we don't do that,' " Silva said.
Submitted Jul 12, 2008 9:38AM by MMAcca - 2 comments
Filed under: UFC
An older, wiser Melvin Guillard
What does a brash, boisterous, 25-year-old do when handed a bonus check for $60,000? "My money's sitting in the bank," UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard (22-7-2 MMA, 4-3 UFC) proudly proclaimed.
Submitted Jul 12, 2008 7:25AM by Porch28 - 8 comments
Filed under: UFC, Interviews
Exclusive Interview with Babalu Sobral:
Next weekend, Affliction will be officially entering the fight game with a star-studded card, with names such as Fedor Emelianenko, Tim Sylvia, Andrei Arlovski, Josh Barnett, Pedro Rizzo and Ben Rothwell. This could be the fight card of the year for fans and one fighter in particular is making his return to the ring.
Submitted Jul 12, 2008 7:23AM by Porch28 - 6 comments
Filed under: Other MMA Organizations
Would Gamburyan fight at featherweight?
Manny Gamburyan is one of the smaller fighters in the UFC’s lightweight division. With the recent popularity of the featherweight ranks and - of course - Urijah Faber, Gamburyan would seem to be a natural to compete at 145. Also, he would have a much quicker path to a title shot.
Submitted Jul 12, 2008 7:22AM by Porch28 - 7 comments
Filed under: UFC
Koscheck talks UFC 86 win and fighting future
Coming off an impressive, dominating performance over Chris "Lights Out" Lytle at UFC 86, Josh Koscheck sets his sights on his next challenge and addresses rumors of him possibly going down to the lightweight division to fight BJ Penn.
Submitted Jul 12, 2008 7:20AM by Porch28 - 5 comments
Filed under: UFC
Sam Stout to collide with Terry Etim @ UFC 89
With rumors of Sam Stout fighting Paul Kelly at ufc 89 being derailed by a matchup between Marcus Davis and Paul Kelly, Shawn Tompkins, Stout's longtime trainer, has confirmed a matchup between Sam Stout and Terry Etim who are both coming off a loss to Rich Clementi.
Submitted Jul 12, 2008 1:42AM by ufc88 - 8 comments
Filed under: UFC
Affliction Banned Drawing Heavy Media Interest
More than 250 media credential requests were received heading into today’s deadline, 10 days prior to the event, from numerous foreign countries including Russia, Japan, Korea, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.
Submitted Jul 11, 2008 11:04PM by Wolfenstein - 13 comments
Filed under: General MMA
James Irvin: Quinton Jackson, Scott Smith Hit Harder Than Anderson Silva
“I just don’t see myself losing,” Irvin said. “I’m expecting to take a lot of damage. I’m expecting to eat a lot of his shots, but I’ve sparred and trained with guys who hit a lot harder than he hits. I’d rather take three or four of his punches than fight someone like Quinton Jackson, who will just knock you out with either hand. “I don’t think he has that kind of knockout power. I really don’t think he does. I’m not taking anything away from him, because he’s so well-rounded, but I don’t think he has that heavy handed punching power that someone like Scott Smith or Quinton Jackson does.”
Submitted Jul 11, 2008 10:58PM by Wolfenstein - 29 comments
Filed under: UFC
Can Josh Barnett Be Famous in America?
Tom Atencio, vice president for Affliction, recognizes that Barnett has beaten a number of MMA superstars, yet remains anonymous to the new generation of MMA fans because of fighting in Asia the last few years.
Submitted Jul 11, 2008 10:55PM by Wolfenstein - 18 comments
Filed under: General MMA
A recovering Marcus Davis agrees to UFC 89 bout with Paul Kelly
Intresting read. I already know it's posted that he's accepted the fight. But, this also talks about Marcus being seriously injured before the Mike Swick fight.
Submitted Jul 11, 2008 10:21PM by whardin19 - 4 comments
Filed under: UFC
Tim Credeur vs. Cale Yarbrough a late addition to July 19 UFC event
A fight between "The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rampage vs. Team Forrest" cast members Tim Credeur (9-2 MMA, 0-0 UFC) and Cale Yarbrough (0-0 MMA, 0-0 UFC) that was originally scheduled for the show's live finale on June 21 will instead take place next week at UFC Fight Night 14. The original match-up was scratched just hours before the event when Credeur failed a drug test due to his prescription for Adderall. But today he exclusively told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) that he has passed a preliminary drug test and that the fight has been green lit for UFC Fight Night 14.
Submitted Jul 11, 2008 8:40PM by babalu2720 - 9 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFC 86 Drug Tests Clean
NSAC executive director Keith Kizer has announced that all fighters given drug tests after UFC 86 have passed their tests. 8 fighters were tested in all.
Submitted Jul 11, 2008 8:24PM by DCRage - 2 comments
Filed under: UFC
A Silva never intended to fight at 205 lbs
From OC Register interview with Anderson Silva: On if his plan is to hold the middleweight and light-heavyweight belts at the same time: “My goal is to keep my middleweight title and it has been proven that the light-heavyweight title belongs to Lyoto (Machida). “We’re not only friends, but we are teammates and Lyoto has done everything he can to prove that he deserves that title.” On whose idea it was to fight at 205 pounds: “This was brought up by Dana White. I was in Hawaii with one of my teammates, Rafael Feijao, who was fighting in EliteXC. I got a phone call from my manager saying that Dana wanted me to do this fight on July 19. We were a little worried at first because we had to cut the training in half, but we were up for the challenge.” On whether he had entertained the possibility of fighting at 205 before White made the request: “No, I wasn’t planning on fighting at 205, but it came as a challenge and we are ready to test our skills.” Check out the entire interview here:
Submitted Jul 11, 2008 7:51PM by PunchyMcGee - 3 comments
Filed under: UFC
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