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Page 1347 - Top MMA News and Mixed Martial Arts Headlines

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Time To Make Room For Another Sport
have seen the next big thing in our short-attention spanned, bloodthirsty sports society: mixed martial arts. LINK
Submitted May 29, 2007 3:19PM by zephead - 0 comments
MMA Mainstream Acceptance? Not So Fast
Let me be the first to applaud the recent exposure that the Ultimate Fighting Championships brand of mixed martial arts has been getting. Let me also be the first to underline Dave Meltzer's statement; "MMA isn't popular - the UFC is popular." LINK
Submitted May 29, 2007 3:18PM by zephead - 16 comments
Don't Believe the UFC's/Dana White's Propaganda/Hype/Bull
I like to think that I'm one of the sharpest tools in the shed. That I'm sharper than a Razor. A razor so sharp that it cuts glass. And there's this flashing neon sign. LINK 1 LINK 2
Submitted May 29, 2007 3:13PM by zephead - 7 comments
As UFC rises, is boxing down for the count?
With the ascent of mixed martial arts into the mainstream sports world, came the inevitable friction with boxing. Even though both sides will throw the occasional verbal jab at the other, renowned boxing promoter Lou DiBella told Newsday he feels boxing has to fight its own battles. LINK
Submitted May 29, 2007 8:17AM by aznteabagger - 1 comment
Belcher Breaks Down Quick Win at UFC 71
Sherdog.com spoke exclusively with Alan Belcher (Pictures) after the light heavyweight's impressive first round submission over Sean Salmon (Pictures) at UFC 71. LINK
Submitted May 29, 2007 8:14AM by aznteabagger - 0 comments
"The Heat" on Burkman, Title Shot
Sherdog.com's Mike Sloan spoke with Karo Parisyan (Pictures) after the welterweight contender's impressive victory over Josh Burkman (Pictures) Saturday in Las Vegas at UFC 71. LINK
Submitted May 29, 2007 8:13AM by aznteabagger - 5 comments
StrictlyMMA Review: Rampage snuffs out Iceman’s fire with first round knockout
"The Iceman" showed emotion. On May 26, 2007 Chuck Liddell's typically stone cold demeanor adorned a grin in front of the incensed Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. Rampage was the final pillar to be knocked down in Liddell's revenge masterpiece. A mere minute and fifty three seconds later, the champion's face expressed confusion and disbelief as Rampage knocked out the knockout artist. StrictlyMMA.com
Submitted May 28, 2007 6:37PM by unchillphil - 0 comments
Dana White Says Liddell To Fight Wanderlei Silva Next
Liddell said after he planned to continue fighting, with UFC president Dana White saying Brazilian Wanderlei Silva would be his likely next opponent. LINK
Submitted May 28, 2007 8:44AM by zephead - 32 comments
Sports Illustrated on MMA
This weekend’s UFC 71 card could end up being the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” of mixed martial arts. The sport has been touted by the mainstream media as “hip” and “up-and-coming” for months now but this past weekend everything blew up. LINK
Submitted May 28, 2007 8:40AM by zephead - 0 comments
Is White America Ready For Rampage?
Take this for what it's worth but this, on several levels, is the exact opposite of the result that the Zuffa's and Dana White wanted LINK
Submitted May 28, 2007 8:32AM by zephead - 16 comments
Drama Could Have Taken Liddell
If Drama had not been psyched out by all of Chuck Liddell’s bull crap hype as most of his opponents and spectators (including me) have been, Drama could have knocked out Liddell with 1 punch on Entourage. That is what Quinton “Rampage” Jackson did last night to Liddell as they had their over hyped and under whelming rematch of the last time Jackson bitch slapped Liddell. LINK
Submitted May 28, 2007 8:30AM by zephead - 9 comments
Video: "Rampage" Celebrates Victory
Sherdog.com editor Josh Gross briefly spoke with new UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson after his impressive first round knockout of Chuck Liddell Saturday in Las Vegas at UFC 71. LINK
Submitted May 28, 2007 8:13AM by aznteabagger - 0 comments
Houston Alexander Post-UFC 71 Video Interview
Houston Alexander (Pictures) spoke with the press after stopping Keith Jardine (Pictures) in the opening minute of their light heavyweight bout at UFC 71. LINK
Submitted May 28, 2007 8:11AM by aznteabagger - 0 comments
The rematch was set. The crowd and viewers eagerly waited. The UFC enjoyed increased coverage by mainstream media. The fighters were ready. Last Saturday evening, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson stunned fans by knocking out the most dominate light heavyweight in the UFC. A single right hook preceded unanswered strikes on the ground, forcing referee John McCarthy to end one of the most anticipated rematches in recent history. LINK
Submitted May 28, 2007 8:09AM by aznteabagger - 0 comments
Liddell's Trainer Talks Disappointing Loss
Sherdog.com caught up with Chuck Liddell's trainer John Hackleman after the former champion's knockout loss to Quinton Jackson at UFC 71. LINK
Submitted May 28, 2007 8:07AM by aznteabagger - 0 comments
PRIDE Ace Henderson Talks UFC Title Shot
Dan Henderson fielded questions from the media after it was announced that he would face new UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson (VIDEO) LINK
Submitted May 28, 2007 8:04AM by aznteabagger - 0 comments
Report: Liddell Earned $500,000; Jackson $450,000 at UFC 71
Quinton Jackson earned a base pay of $450,000 for his win, and Chuck Liddell earned $500,000 for the loss, in last night’s main event at UFC 71. LINK
Submitted May 28, 2007 8:01AM by aznteabagger - 0 comments
Next in Line - Hendo’s Back
There will be no vacations for new UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton Jackson after his stunning victory over Chuck Liddell at UFC 71, as it was announced tonight at the MGM Grand that two-division PRIDE Champion Dan Henderson will return to the Octagon for the first time since 1998 to face Jackson in what promises to be one of the biggest mixed martial arts fights in years. LINK
Submitted May 27, 2007 10:09AM by zephead - 7 comments
Tim Baines Gets Some Answers From Randy Couture
The legend of Randy Couture is such that he was tagged with the nickname "The Natural" and inducted into the Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Fame. LINK
Submitted May 27, 2007 10:08AM by zephead - 6 comments
UFC’s Popularity No Surprise
The days of settling into the same old, stodgy, stagnant lifestyle are over.The world moves on and we all better move on with it. LINK
Submitted May 27, 2007 10:05AM by zephead - 6 comments
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