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Page 1343 - Top MMA News and Mixed Martial Arts Headlines

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Big Nog vs. Kongo UFC 79?
Heavyweight contenders Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Cheick Kongo will square off Saturday, Dec. 29 at UFC 79 in Las Vegas, Nev. The winner will likely emerge as a frontrunner to become the next challenger to UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture’s throne.
Submitted Oct 1, 2007 9:18PM by kevietre - 17 comments
More UFC Programming On Spike TV For Week Of Oct. 1-7
Spike TV " UFC Programming for the Week October 1- October 7.
Submitted Oct 1, 2007 5:43PM by zephead - 6 comments
Josh Thomson To Sue Frank Shamrock?
Strikeforce middleweight champion Frank Shamrock is no stranger when it comes to litigation in MMA and according to a new interview with Strikeforce lightweight title contender Josh Thomson on PunchDrunkGamer.com, Shamrock could find himself involved with another lawsuit. After a night at the fabled Playboy Mansion involving Frank Shamrock commentating, bunnies in the press booth, a star-studded audience and the announcement of Strikeforce’s signing of Renato “Babalu” Sobral
Submitted Oct 1, 2007 5:39PM by zephead - 7 comments
Mixed-Martial Arts Sport Grows As Fans Learn To Roll With the Punches
The martial arts teacher and the ex-Marine were discussing the safest way to drive a knee into my chest. I do not recall them asking my opinion.
Submitted Oct 1, 2007 5:36PM by zephead - 1 comment
UFC's Light Heavyweights Carry the Sport
For almost the entire past decade, the Ultimate Fighting Championship's marquee weight class has been the current light heavyweight division.
Submitted Oct 1, 2007 5:33PM by zephead - 6 comments
MMA Will Overwhelm Boxing: A Look Inside the Debate
Inspired by Bob Arum's recent comments regarding the state of boxing, I've decided to research the whole debate regarding Boxing vs. MMA. If you haven't seen some of the debates that ESPN has so graciously put together in order to incite screaming from boxing analysts, you should definitely check out the various videos
Submitted Oct 1, 2007 5:28PM by zephead - 0 comments
Rankings Roundup: Heavyweight
Ok, it's time to discuss the various MMA ratings that came out last week. Everyone is trying to process the big events of the Mega-MMA September of 2007.
Submitted Oct 1, 2007 5:25PM by zephead - 6 comments
Arum: Pavlik Win Bad For UFC
In a recent interview with BoxingScene.com's Jose Aguirre, promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank said that WBC/WBO middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik will lead the way to boxing's revival and his knockout win over Jermain Taylor is the biggest blow that the UFC has suffered to date. He also added "There is nothing in UFC or any of this martial arts bulls*** that compares to this." I believe the appropriate quote here is "them's fightin' words".
Submitted Oct 1, 2007 2:32PM by DCRage - 15 comments
Mike Kyle Serves Suspension, Back in Action

Former UFC fighter Mike Kyle (9-5-1 MMA, 2-1 UFC) has served an 18-month suspension after a brutal May 2006 attack on an opponent and will return to action on Tuesday at a Central Valley Cagefighting show in Fresno, Calif.
Im disgusted with this news!!! That **** should of been banned for life ffs! He has always been a dirty fighter - biting Wes Sims and generally never stopping until a ref pulls him off, he loved GnPing already KO'd fighters in a bad way, and that aint fighter bashing cos its just fact for anyone that has seen those fights and just knows what kind of guy Kyle is, he is scum and bad for the sport! In case you dont believe me then watch the fight he got suspended for - worst thing to happen in mma ever, Gomi was bad but that was just terrible and the guy is just utter scum!
Submitted Oct 1, 2007 7:47AM by CornishMMA - 17 comments
Matches Set For K-1 World GP Final
The matchups for the 8 participants in the K-1 World Grand Prix Final were determined last night in Seoul, South Korea. The matchups, set for December 8 in Yokohama, Japan, were determined by a combination of choice and chance. Some rather intriguing matchups came out of this, namely French K-1 veteran Jerome LeBanner facing 7-foot plus Korean Choi Hong-Man in the quarterfinals. LeBanner referred to the night afterwards as being "A New Pearl Harbor".
Submitted Oct 1, 2007 6:43AM by DCRage - 5 comments
Renato “Babalu” Sobral Signs With Strikeforce
Renato “Babalu” Sobral, who was fined $25,000 and released from the UFC after refusing to break a chokehold on opponent David Heath at UFC 74, has signed with the California-Based Strikeforce organization.
Submitted Sep 30, 2007 1:46PM by aznteabagger - 9 comments
Mirko CroCop To Undergo Nose Surgery
Mirko Filipovic was yesterday quite stunned, but it was not because of some punch, it was because of anesthetic.
Submitted Sep 29, 2007 8:39PM by zephead - 12 comments
Ultimate Fighter 6, Episode 2 Rating Drops Quite A Bit
The Ultimate Fighter 6, episode two UFC reality show which aired on Spike TV this past Wednesday, September 26, 2007 scored a final cable rating of 1.0, according to Nielsen Media Research. That is a huge drop off from the premiere episode the week prior, which drew a 1.5 - large in part due to the live Ultimate Fight Night lead-in.
Submitted Sep 29, 2007 8:23PM by Sam_Rothstein - 17 comments
Houston Alexander Interview: “My Ground Game Is Just As Good As Anyone In the UFC.”
I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with overnight UFC sensation, Houston Alexander yesterday. Just talking to Houston, you get the feeling that he feels blessed just to be in the situation that he’s in right now with the UFC.
Submitted Sep 29, 2007 11:45AM by zephead - 17 comments
Verdict Is In — Lightweights Are More Thrilling
It’s becoming clearer that, just as in boxing, the smaller guys in the lighter weight divisions can steal a show quicker then you can say Jack-be-quick.
Submitted Sep 29, 2007 11:42AM by zephead - 10 comments
Yahoo's! Sports MMA Top 10: September shakeup
This time last month, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua was No. 2 in the Yahoo! Sports mixed martial arts poll. Now he's nowhere to be found among the Top 10.
Submitted Sep 29, 2007 11:36AM by zephead - 2 comments
Coughlin On the PRIDE vs. UFC "Battle"
Following Forrest Griffin’s surprising third round submission of Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, much of the talk in the MMA world has once again centered around the question of which promotion was better, that is, which company had better fighters: PRIDE or the UFC. As far as pointless debates go, this is a good one.
Submitted Sep 29, 2007 11:33AM by zephead - 15 comments
Strikeforce Sneak Peak: Five Classic Bouts from Yahoo! Sports
LOS ANGELES — On the eve of a first-of-its-kind event at the Playboy Mansion, Strikeforce today released five, full-length classic fights that are now available at MMAjunkie.com partner site Yahoo! Sports. To whet your appetites for tomorrow’s event, check out these fights from Yahoo! Sports and Strikeforce: Daniel Puder vs. Mike Cook — Strikeforce Triple Threat (Dec. 8, 2006) Ronald Jhun vs. Eugene Jackson — Strikeforce Triple Threat (Dec. 8, 2006) Josh Thomson vs. Nam Phan — Strikeforce Triple Threat (Dec. 8, 2006) Gilbert Melendez vs. Clay Guida — Strikeforce Revenge (June 6, 2006) Mike Seal vs. Eugene Jackson — Strikeforce Revenge (June 6, 2006)
Submitted Sep 29, 2007 1:11AM by Sam_Rothstein - 2 comments
Fedor talks UFC, Randy Couture
“As far as I know, [the UFC] give me Randy Couture, so there is talk about a match against this fighter. I respect Randy very much. Of course, to be honest, I would not want to fight him because I really admire this fighter, and we could have become friends. Oh well, a fight is a fight, and if they put us against each other, . As far as fighting in the UFC goes, I think I’ll have to fight him, I won’t have a lot of problems as far as cage is concerned.”
Submitted Sep 28, 2007 6:12PM by aznteabagger - 21 comments
2008 A Le Banner Year?
K-1 standout Jerome Le Banner has a lot going on in the coming months and 2008. On Saturday, Sept. 29, he returns to the ring in the K-1 Eliminations in Seoul, South Korea. He will also appear in three movies, has launched a new website, and has an online video game
Submitted Sep 28, 2007 6:09PM by aznteabagger - 6 comments
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