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Page 1240 - Top MMA News and Mixed Martial Arts Headlines

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M-1: Fedor Not Offered $30 Million
M-1 Global is denying a report that Fedor Emelianenko turned down a six-fight $30-million deal this week to join the UFC’s heavyweight ranks. CBS Radio host Carmichael Dave reported Wednesday that Emelianenko had turned down an agreement that would have paid him $5 million per fight. However, Joost Raimond, CEO for M-1 Global, called the report “completely ludicrous” and said negotiations never even reached the point where the number of fights contracted for Emelianenko was decided. “I can say that the guaranteed -- and the word ‘guaranteed’ is of great importance here -- the guaranteed offer made by the UFC is less than what Fedor made before,” Raimond said. “The five-million (per fight) is way, way, way out of range. Half of that is even way out of range of what they offered.” Raimond was not present at the meeting that took place between UFC and M-1 management in Los Angeles earlier this week, but he said he was debriefed shortly afterward. M-1 and UFC officials, including president Dana White, reconvened the next day via teleconference call, where M-1 presented a counteroffer that included co-promotion. No written contact was ever presented. M-1 President Vadim Finkelstein and Emelianenko were en route to Russia Thursday and could not be reached for comment. UFC officials told Sherdog.com that White is also traveling and their earliest comment would come Friday during a media conference call. Raimond confirmed that M-1 Global had been presented with the possibility to receive a cut of pay-per-view profits in addition to Emelianenko’s guaranteed pay, but he said no other profit-sharing incentives were presented. “And there were a number of provisions attached to that offer that made it very much less interesting,” Raimond said. Many of those provisions involved the branding of M-1 within the UFC organization, according to Raimond. “We made it clear that Fedor, now and forever is part, even part owner, of M-1 and those two cannot be separated,” Raimond said. “If the rest of M-1 is excluded from any kind of deal, it makes the deal difficult.” This is from Loretta Hunt... so you take it however you want to.
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 10:28PM by ncordless - 20 comments
Filed under: UFC, M-1 Global
Bigfoot back at Sengoku 10; eyes the title
Owner of three heavyweight belts (EliteXC, Cage Rage and Cage Warriors), Antônio "Bigfoot" Silva is training to return to the Sengoku on September 23, and will have another motivation for the victory. "I have two more fights in Sengoku and, winning this one, that still have no opponent, I should fight for the belt in December. They will create the belt and I will fight for the title", says the American Top Team heavyweight ----I remember mention of this a few months ago...again I say that I would not be happy if they just created a HW belt....they need...correction...MUST do a HW grand prix...and its got to have 16 guys in it...I will sorely dissapointed otherwise
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 9:24PM by sclasclemski - 0 comments
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
Arianny Celeste works on her kickboxing (video)
Follow the link to see UFC octagon girl Arianny Celeste working out and hitting the pads with coach Justin Hagen.
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 7:24PM by BrutalKnockOut - 6 comments
Filed under: UFC, MMA Personalities
Tamdan McCrory May Move To Middleweight
Evidently you can't just have a growth spurt as a kid, even as an adult you can have them-they just call it a "man spurt". UFC Welterweight Tamdan McCrory evidently had one recently and he's at that point in life where he's having one, and thus he is considering a move up to Middleweight. And even possibly Light Heavyweight at some point, but he plans to stay at Welterweight as long as possible.
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 5:34PM by DCRage - 6 comments
Filed under: UFC
Ishida replaces Thomson, meets Melendez , at August 15th Strikeforce
Earlier this week MMAjunkie.com Radio (www.mmajunkie.com/radio) conducted an interview with Strikeforce lightweight champion Josh Thomson in which we learned the fighter's lingering leg injury could cost him an Aug. 15 fight interim champ Gilbert Melendez. Despite subsequent reports stating that Thomson (16-2) wouldn't be pulled from the card, a source close to the negotiations today told MMAjunkie.com he hasn't been medically cleared for the fight, and Melendez (15-2) will instead meet Mitsuhiro Ishida (18-5-1).
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 5:16PM by ThaAxeMurderer7 - 6 comments
Filed under: StrikeForce
Update on Fedor offers
According to Chad Dukes of The Lavar Arrington Show With Chad Dukes on 106.7 The Fan and announced on air today, a source apparently is telling him that the deal Strikeforce has offered Fedor Emelianenko and M-1 would be for $1 million per fight: $500k from Strikeforce and $500k from CBS for 6 fights (not sure about what happens when he doesn't fight on CBS or perhaps these are all CBS fights?). Any fight would be co-promoted with M-1 and the contract would be non-exclusive. While I was adamant yesterday about the UFC's offer being excellent for Emelianenko, if these details are true the Strikeforce deal is excellent as well. It certainly isn't as financially lucrative as what the UFC has put together, but the clear obstacle of co-promotion is entirely removed.
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 4:20PM by emfleek - 13 comments
Filed under: MMA Personalities
Fedor Emelianenko Turns Down Three-Fight UFC Contract
Fedor Emelianenko said on Wednesday that he does not intend to sign a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship unless the UFC agrees to promote fights jointly with Emelianenko's promoter, M-1 Global. Since then, several Web sites have reported that Emelianenko had turned down a six-fight contract with the UFC worth $30 million.
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 4:16PM by emfleek - 6 comments
Filed under: MMA Personalities
Finkelstein on UFC Talks, Fedor’s Future
Vadim Finkelstein discusses negotiations with the UFC and the terms it will take to lock up Fedor Emelianenko in this exclusive video interview conducted after Wednesday's M-1 Global press conference. Finkelstein also talks about future options for the world’s top heavyweight mixed martial artist. Doesn't sound good... and what is with not letting Fedor have the contract with Affliction, but have M-1 have the contract with Affliction?
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 3:51PM by ncordless - 1 comment
Filed under: UFC, M-1 Global, Affliction, Fight Camp / Team
Fedor Emelianenko rejects statement from brother Aleks about true motives of Vadim Finkelchtein
By now it’s no secret that former Pride FC Heavyweight Champion and Affliction headliner Fedor Emelianenko is being vigorously pursued by most of the world’s mixed martial arts promotions following the untimely demise of his previous employer, Affliction MMA. Topping the list of potential suitors is Dana White, president of The Ultimate Fighting Championship, who no doubt sees the biggest pay-per-view (PPV) of all time in his company’s future should he somehow finagle a heavyweight superfight between the Russian Rancor and Zuffa’s pale powerhouse, Brock Lesnar.
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 1:56PM by emfleek - 5 comments
Filed under: MMA Personalities
Paul 'Semtex' Daley Still in Negotiations with UFC, Others
British welterweight Paul "Semtex" Daley is still in negotiations with a number of promotions and a deal with the UFC has not yet been finalized, contrary to the reports Wednesday of a four-fight deal. "These reports are premature, we have signed nothing," Daley's manager told FanHouse Thursday morning. "We're in talks with groups, one of whom includes the UFC."
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 1:54PM by emfleek - 4 comments
Filed under: MMA Personalities, UFC
The CEO of Strikeforce recently returned from a vacation in Italy to find Emelianenko a sudden free agent after the collapse of Affliction. His own event, “Carano vs. Cyborg” on Aug. 15, had encountered a few hiccups as well with injuries and drop-offs, but he is happy with the almost-finalized product.
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 1:53PM by emfleek - 7 comments
Filed under: StrikeForce
THQ exec: "UFC Undisputed" videogame heading to the Nintento Wii platform
THQ and the UFC's popular videogame franchise "UFC Undisputed," which debuted earlier this year with a 2009 installment, will soon head to the Nintendo Wii platform.
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 1:21PM by scobac - 17 comments
Filed under: General MMA
Jeff Monson Pleads Guilty, Could Get Jail
MMA Heavyweight Jeff Monson has entered an Alford plea on charges stemming from an incident of spray-painting an anarchist symbol on the Washington State capitol. Under an Alford plea, a defendant does not admit guilt but concedes there would be enough evidence to convict if the case went to trial. In addition to paying nearly $22,000 in restitution, prosecutors will recommend 90 days in jail for Monson, who will be sentenced October 1.
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 11:49AM by DCRage - 8 comments
Filed under: Miscellaneous
The Case Against Fedor Emelianenko Signing With the UFC
It’s the David Axelrod graduate school of marketing here, but it also helps to have willing participants ready and able to carry your water. (Carmichael Dave is on KHTK in Sacramento and Dana White is a frequent guest.) Have you noticed how the campaign of information and misinformation online is working to discredit Fedor and try to paint him in a bad light? Look, we know he’s isolated and nothing is going to change and whatever happens for the rest of his career, it will be on him in regards to why he didn’t fight in UFC. If that offends you, then it offends you. Obviously he seems happy with his current business arrangements, so let him go off and do whatever he is going to do.
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 11:27AM by emfleek - 11 comments
Filed under: MMA Personalities
ESPN Will Show UFC in UK, Ireland
ESPN announced on Thursday that it has secured multiyear UK and Ireland rights to air the UFC, filling a void that was created when the UFC's previous UK TV partner went out of business.
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 10:26AM by emfleek - 6 comments
Filed under: UFC
DREAM.11 featherweight grand prix semifinals officially announced, reserve bout set
As previously revealed during HDNet's broadcast of DREAM.10, the organization's featherweight grand prix semifinal matchups, set to take place in October at DREAM.11, include Bibiano Fernandes (5-2) vs. Joe Warren (2-0) and Hiroyuki Takaya (11-6-1) vs. Hideo Tokoro (21-14-1). Additionally, a reserve bout featuring Kazuyuki Miyata (7-7) vs. Daiki "DJ.taiki" Hatais (11-5-3), who defeated Tokoro in the opening round of the tourney (but was unable to continue due to injury), is also set for the event.
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 10:24AM by emfleek - 0 comments
Filed under: Dream
WEC 43: Richard Crunkilton vs Dave Jansen in the works for Sept. 2
A lightweight battle between former WEC lightweight number one contender Richard “Cleat” Crunkilton (16-2) and Dave Jansen (12-0) is being assembled for the WEC 43 card at the Covelli Center in Youngstown, Ohio on September 2. “Cleat” will be making his third attempt at a return to the cage after being sidelined for the past 16 months due to injuries. He was first scheduled to square off against former International Fight League standout Bart Palaszewski at WEC 39 but had to bow out with a knee injury. And again he was forced to withdraw from a high profile fight on the WEC 41 card against the current division number one contender Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone three months later.
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 9:42AM by emfleek - 0 comments
Filed under: WEC
UFC is no longer interested in Andrei Arlovski
Of all the fighters to recently exit the UFC, Andrei Arlovski was the guy that Dana White stated he was not pleased to see depart. Back in December 2008 when asked about Arlovski, White said, “In nine years, there’s only one fighter that I’ve lost that I didn’t want to lose.” However, after recording two straight defeats to Fedor Emelianenko and Brett Rogers, Arlovski is no longer high on the UFC’s shopping list.
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 9:28AM by emfleek - 3 comments
Filed under: UFC
Fight Path: For XFC's big man Chris Barnett, martial arts was a family affair
Chris Barnett was a solid 320 pounds when went into the Xtreme Fighting Championships tryout in October. The Tampa gym was busy with fighters who wanted a shot at MMA, especially in an organization known to host some of the most exciting up-and-comers around. Not many of them, though, had heard about the tryout following a breakdancing back-and-forth with one of the organization's representatives, as Barnett had. But Barnett was unusual in several ways. He had come from a taekwondo-practicing family with an Air Force father who was quiet but respected. He had been a small-college wrestler who had learned judo with a friend because, frankly, there's not much else to do in Campbellsville, Ky.
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 9:22AM by emfleek - 0 comments
Filed under: Other MMA Organizations
Emelianenko team: More to MMA than UFC
The difficulties that the Ultimate Fighting Championship has in trying to sign Russian heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko can be traced back to one prevailing attitude among his management team. "The UFC won't be able to control the whole world," said Vadim Finkelstein, the president of Emelianenko's main promoter, M-1 Global.
Submitted Jul 30, 2009 9:04AM by emfleek - 9 comments
Filed under: MMA Personalities, UFC
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