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Page 1095 - Top MMA News and Mixed Martial Arts Headlines

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K-1 Bans Clinch Strikes
Here's how the new rules are written, via K-1's official web site:Attacking an opponent while holding a neck of an opponent with both hands is considered a foul technique. A fighter is allowed to attack momentarily when grabbing his opponent with one hand. Referee may call a brake during a match if the one handed grab does not lead to an effective attack, and may give a caution or a warning if these ineffective single grabbing continues and or if such actions cause deadlock. Passive holding or clinching is prohibited. However, the referee can permit a fighter holding or grabbing his opponent with one hand only when it is accompanied by an authorized attack. A caution and a warning may be given to a fighter even when he is holding with one hand if referee considers this single hand grab or clinch is causing a deadlock or that fighter is trying to avoid attacks.
Submitted Mar 30, 2010 12:05AM by jae_1833 - 16 comments
Filed under: K-1 / K-1 Hero's
Shane Carwin Was Very Close To Not Fighting Frank Mir At UFC 111
He very nearly became another Thiago Alves-he apparently had some brain concerns, as he noted on a blog post on his website, shane-carwin.com: "The week leading into this fight was hectic. I was unable to get cleared based on the medical records I submitted so I spent a good part of one of the media days in the Dr.'s office. I was able to pass the MRI/MRA that was initially in question but the doctors located a new problem. Apparently there was concern that one of the vessels in my brain looked as if it was connected on one end but not the other. The Dr. told me it could be that or it could be a vessel that was widening or ballooning but they could not really tell and needed a better test. It sounded serious and I wanted to fight so I agreed to the test, which involved CT Angiography (CTA). They had to set up an IV and inject a contrast material in me (containing iodine) and named off some possible side effects, this was all fine, but not when you are less than a couple of days out from a fight. The dye made me pretty sick for about the next 24 hours. I was thankful they were being so thorough, but it could not have come at a worse time."
Submitted Mar 29, 2010 7:29PM by DCRage - 7 comments
Filed under: UFC
Report: Vancouver no longer hosting UFC 115, Cincinnati under consideration
The Ultimate Fighting Championship's first trip to Vancouver may have to wait a little longer. The Canadian Press today issued a report citing a UFC source who said the Canadian city will no longer host UFC 115 on June 12 and that Cincinnati is now under consideration as a replacement site. Messages MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) left with the UFC and Ohio Athletic Commission were not immediately returned. As MMAjunkie.com first reported in early January, the UFC lobbied hard for the show in Vancouver, which previously hosted MMA events but began shying away from the shows in September 2007 when lawyers determined the city was exposed to liability if a mishap occurred during one of the shows. The UFC even secured the 19,000-seat GM Place to host the show, which is expected to feature a main event of "The Ultimate Fighter 11" coach Chuck Liddell vs. fellow coach Tito Ortiz (or rumored replacement coach Rich Franklin). In fact, an entire fight card has already been determined and previously reported by MMAjunkie.com. According to the report, the UFC opted to skip Vancouver due to "insurance and other issues." The UFC never officially announced the show, though UFC president Dana White and many of the card's fighters have talked openly about the planned event.
Submitted Mar 29, 2010 5:55PM by grappler0000 - 4 comments
Filed under: UFC
Thiago Silva Targeting Summer Return, Possibly UFC 116
After dealing with serious back injuries, including 3 herniated discs that left him virtually bedridden prior to his January fight with Rashad Evans, Thiago Silva says he's now recovered and back in training. He says he's learned not to take any more fights when hurt and hopes to return this summer, possibly at UFC 116. He says he's already asked for two "tough names" for his next fight, but doesn't sound like he'd want a potential Jon Jones fight as his next one.
Submitted Mar 29, 2010 4:46PM by DCRage - 7 comments
Filed under: UFC
Hardy cleared for quick return despite arm contortion
Dan Hardy has been cleared to make an immediate return to the gym following his UFC 111 defeat to Georges St-Pierre, but Rousimar Palhares will not fight again until July at the earliest. There were fears that Hardy might have to undergo a lengthy lay-off following multiple armbar and kimura attempts by St-Pierre during their five-round title bout. Hardy's arm appeared to pop at one stage during the unanimous decision defeat, yet doctors have ruled out any significant damage to the arm or shoulder joint...
Submitted Mar 29, 2010 2:27PM by grappler0000 - 8 comments
Filed under: UFC
Bonnar vs. K-Sos Rematch Targeted For UFC 116
Stephan Bonnar's hoped-for rematch with Krzyzstof Soszynski appears to be in the works, and if the plan holds he'll get it at UFC 116. Bonnar says he recently received a contract for the rematch on July 3. The first meeting between the two was at UFC 110, where K-Sos won by TKO due to a cut caused by a headbutt, although the ruling was strikes. Bonnar appealed the ruling but it was denied.
Submitted Mar 29, 2010 11:54AM by DCRage - 10 comments
Filed under: UFC
They're Going To Need The Hulk To Ref Lesnar-Carwin
Or perhaps 2 refs according to Dana White. It could be the real Clash Of The Titans. "I think a lot of people are happy that Lesnar's back and this is a real heavyweight fight with two real heavyweights that deserve to be there. I think it's going to be big. I was debating whether I was going to bring [Lesnar into the cage at UFC 111.] I wanted to see what Shane's disposition was after the fight. Those two start going at it, there wasn't enough people in there to break that thing up. They're going to have to have like the F-ing Hulk referee that fight. I don't even think Miragliotta's big enough. We might need two refs."
Submitted Mar 29, 2010 11:23AM by DCRage - 17 comments
Filed under: UFC
SF: Overeem-Rogers Is For The Title
At long last, Alistair Overeem is finally defending his Strikeforce Heavyweight Championship. SF officials confirmed over the weekend that Overeem vs. Brett Rogers on 5/15 will be for the title. At first there was uncertainty over the title's status even though it was expected to be for the belt, but now Overeem will make his first defense of the belt he won in late 2007.
Submitted Mar 29, 2010 11:05AM by DCRage - 18 comments
Filed under: StrikeForce
Cain Velasquez Next For Lesnar-Carwin Winner
Even if Shane Carwin is able to face Brock Lesnar in July as planned, Cain Velasquez is getting his title shot anyway. Dana White has confirmed that Velasquez will be next in line for the Lesnar-Carwin winner in July and will not fight again until then. And for those wondering about Junior Dos Santos, he will have to fight again before his shot-the question is when and against who. Perhaps one Francisco Santos Mir III? Dana says no decision yet but it's a possibility.
Submitted Mar 29, 2010 8:24AM by DCRage - 18 comments
Filed under: UFC
Shane Carwin: Back And Ready For War
One minute and forty-eight seconds. That's the average length of Shane Carwin's four bouts in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Two of those four bouts were against either a former UFC heavyweight champion or contender, and all of them were ended by way of Carwin's massive fists smashing repeatedly into his opponent's face.
Submitted Mar 28, 2010 10:20PM by miphi1991 - 9 comments
Filed under: UFC, General MMA, MMA Personalities
GSP Was Not Impressed With His Performance
Seriously. Evidently an absolutely dominant peformance and almost lopsided decision marks over Dan Hardy weren't good enough for the champ, who has other hopes for the fight. "I was not that pleased about my performance. I won, but I haven’t beat my performance of last time, so I’m not happy. I wanted to finish, you know, have a clean win and for me, like this, it’s not clean. I forgot the technical element of it. Sometimes those technical details make the difference. I wanted to go 100 percent. I trained (submissions) to break. At one point, I was like, ‘Man, I think I broke his shoulder,’ and then one time I thought I’d broke his arm when I had the juju-gatame. I heard like ‘click, click.’ It was completely extended. I believe my standup is superior (to Hardy’s), but it could have been a risk because that’s his main asset."
Submitted Mar 28, 2010 11:53AM by DCRage - 32 comments
Filed under: UFC
Maybe Dan Miragliotta Is A Big Frank Mir Fan
Shane Carwin thinks so. He commented on Miragliotta's sometimes quick break-ups and the end of the fight to Fox Sports afterwards: "I was confident in the game plan my coaches crafted. I would never call getting in the cage with Mir "easy" and I trained for the war I was expecting. I felt I was busy and I knew I was just going to try to pin him again so (the referee break) did not affect me too much. It was really weird as Dan was quick to break up the action but he seemed to let Frank get punched longer than necessary. Maybe he is just a big Mir fan."
Submitted Mar 28, 2010 11:50AM by DCRage - 17 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFC 111 bonuses: Carwin, Pellegrino, Hamman and Wallace earn $65K each
NEWARK, N.J. – Shane Carwin, Kurt Pellegrino, Jared Hamman and Rodney Wallace each earned $65,000 fight-night bonuses for their performances at Saturday's "UFC 111: St-Pierre vs. Hardy" event. Carwin took home "Knockout of the Night" honors, Pellegrino cashed in on the evening's "Submission of the Night" award, and Hamman and Wallace shared the night's "Fight of the Night" designation.
Submitted Mar 28, 2010 3:04AM by jae_1833 - 10 comments
Filed under: UFC
UFC 111 suspensions: Palhares receives disciplinary action, Riddle out indefinitely
NEWARK, N.J. – The New Jersey State Athletic Control Board issued medical suspensions to six of the competitors from Saturday night's "UFC 111: St-Pierre vs. Hardy" event, and an additional suspension was issued for disciplinary reasons. The NJSACB today distributed the list of medical and disciplinary suspensions to MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com).
Submitted Mar 28, 2010 3:02AM by jae_1833 - 32 comments
Filed under: UFC
Cub Swanson Off WEC 48
The injury curse may be no match for Cub Swanson's hands. His oft-injured hands have cost him another fight, as he's now off WEC 48 because of it. He was to have faced Chan Sung Jung. Leonard Garcia is the replacement, having reportedly contacted WEC officials immediately when the slot opened and offered to step in.
Submitted Mar 27, 2010 6:31PM by DCRage - 1 comment
Filed under: WEC
UFC Primetime Episode 3: 613,000 Viewers
MMAPayout.com has learned that the third episode of UFC Primtime: GSP vs. Hardy drew an average audience of 613,000 viewers on Wednesday night. Payout Perspective: Episode 1: 1,000,000 Episode 2: 506,000 (-50%) Episode 3: 613,000 (+22%) There are many theories as to why there was a 50% drop in viewership between 1 and 2. Some panicked because they thought it was a sign of disinterest in the fight, others were more reserved in thinking it was likely just a result of tough competition due to March Madness and St. Paddy’s Day. Why did the ratings increase? It’s possible that some of those lost to MM or St. Paddy’s during episode two, returned for episode three. However, I’m also inclined to think that the third episode benefited from a host of media coverage during fight week. Jon Jones and UFC on Versus, GSP and his endorsements, Dana White with Q&As, ESPN and MMA Live, THQ’s video game parties, etc.
Submitted Mar 27, 2010 4:31PM by grappler0000 - 0 comments
Filed under: UFC, Miscellaneous
UFC 111 fighter Rory Markham fined $1,000; trainer says weight-cutting went "haywire"
Rory Markham will take home $1,000 less than he planned. Nick Lembo of the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board today confirmed with MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) via email that Markham was issued the $1,000 fine for missing weight during Friday's official UFC 111 weigh-ins at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. Markham, who fights Nate Diaz tonight in a Spike TV-televised preliminary-card bout, weighed 177 pounds, which was six pounds over the 171-pound limit for welterweight fights. The $1,000 represents 12.5 percent of Markham's purse ($8,000) and has been awarded to Diaz. Markham's potential win bonus – $8,000 – will not be affected...
Submitted Mar 27, 2010 4:26PM by grappler0000 - 4 comments
Filed under: UFC
"The Ultimate Fighter 11" preview details new format with "wild-card" berths
With the debut episode of "The Ultimate Fighter 11" just four days away, the UFC and Spike TV have released a five-minute preview clip available on the new official Web site of the series, UltimateFighter.com. And while "TUF 11" coaches Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz were announced for the show in December, and the list of 28 middleweight fighters competing on the show was released earlier this month, one detail remained unclear. What is the new "mystery" format? With 28 fighters competing in a tournament format, the math simply doesn't work out for a traditional 32- or 16-slot tournament. UFC president Dana White quickly explains the new rules to the gathered fighters. "We're going to have a wild card," White says. "What that means is there's 28 of you guys; 14 of you will get into the house. After the first seven preliminary fights, the coaches and I will choose two guys who we think deserve a second shot. Those two guys will take each other on. The winner will get the eighth spot in the quarterfinals."
Submitted Mar 27, 2010 4:07PM by grappler0000 - 2 comments
Filed under: The Ultimate Fighter
Alves To Have Outpatient Surgery For Brain Irregularity
Thiago Alves will be required to undergo minor surgery to correct the brain "irregularity" that prompted his withdrawal from UFC 111. He's scheduled to have the procedure Wednesday. No word on a potential return date but he could be cleared to resume training in as little as 2 weeks.
Submitted Mar 26, 2010 8:54PM by DCRage - 9 comments
Filed under: UFC
Athletic commission gives UFC conditional approval for event
The Vancouver Athletic Commission gave conditional approval Wednesday for an Ultimate Fighting Championship event at GM Place on June 12. The mixed martial arts event at the 19,000-seat venue would be the UFC's first in B.C.
Submitted Mar 26, 2010 4:21PM by Darnok - 4 comments
Filed under: UFC
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