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MMA Forum Posts Made By 'Jason-plata'

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Forum Posts By MMA Playground user: 'Jason-plata'
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08/11/08 11:47AM
by Jason-plata
Brock Lesnar: ‘Can you see me now?’
11 MMA News Share Forum 24
08/11/08 12:14PM
by Jason-plata
Rob Emerson
10 Spoilers Forum 11
08/05/08 02:09AM
by Jason-plata
It was meant to be..
1 General MMA Talk 3
08/06/08 05:13AM
by Jason-plata
It was meant to be..
3 General MMA Talk 3
08/05/08 02:07AM
by Jason-plata
Who should Wanderlei fight next?
7 UFC Forum 9
08/02/08 01:22PM
by Jason-plata
Diaz-Noons II Proposed for October
9 MMA News Share Forum 9
08/02/08 12:51PM
by Jason-plata
Nate Diaz vs. Mac Danzig
14 General MMA Talk 13
08/02/08 03:01PM
by Jason-plata
Favorite submission holds
23 MMA Training 31
07/31/08 06:41PM
by Jason-plata
free addicting online game
8 Off Topic 10
07/31/08 02:28PM
by Jason-plata
Started training at new place.
1 MMA Training 1
07/31/08 02:57PM
by Jason-plata
Nobody Wants To Fight Lyoto Machida
7 MMA News Share Forum 35
07/31/08 05:09PM
by Jason-plata
What was your favourite fight of all time?
18 General MMA Talk 20
07/29/08 02:30PM
by Jason-plata
Rampage on the road to recovery, possible Fall fight with Wandy?
8 MMA News Share Forum 28
07/28/08 12:03PM
by Jason-plata
Mrs. Cyborg... a girl that could beat you up?
19 Off Topic 23
08/02/08 01:14PM
by Jason-plata
Diaz v Noons 2?
21 General MMA Talk 23
07/25/08 07:06PM
by Jason-plata
EXC Weigh-In Results
4 MMA News Share Forum 8
07/25/08 07:00PM
by Jason-plata
Arlovski vs. Fedor
9 General MMA Talk 25
07/25/08 01:05PM
by Jason-plata
Still no Rampage update?
5 UFC Forum 4
07/25/08 01:14PM
by Jason-plata
Amir Sadollah Interview
4 UFC Forum 4
07/25/08 01:42PM
by Jason-plata
Exclusive Interview: Nick Diaz
4 MMA News Share Forum 4
07/17/08 02:05PM
by Jason-plata
POLICE: Jackson harmed woman (and possibly her unborn child)
15 MMA News Share Forum 54
07/16/08 06:05PM
by Jason-plata
"Other Organizations - Dream, Affliction... Yamma too (j/k)."
2 General MMA Talk 4
07/15/08 07:43PM
by Jason-plata
Michael Bisping: ‘Somebody else is going to be getting knocked out’ in UFC 89 Chris Leben fight (Video)
9 MMA News Share Forum 23
07/15/08 03:21PM
by Jason-plata
does Huerta deserve to fight for the title?
7 General MMA Talk 15
07/15/08 01:00PM
by Jason-plata
UFC Fight Night 14 weigh-in details for ‘Silva vs Irvin’ Las Vegas
3 MMA News Share Forum 2
07/13/08 12:47AM
by Jason-plata
Griffin vs The Iceman
5 General MMA Talk 21
07/12/08 02:50AM
by Jason-plata
For those who train..
1 General MMA Talk 1
07/12/08 02:52AM
by Jason-plata
Ever had to use your combat experience in real life?
4 Off Topic 21
07/12/08 02:56AM
by Jason-plata
Affliction Banned Drawing Heavy Media Interest
4 MMA News Share Forum 13
07/12/08 02:58AM
by Jason-plata
James Irvin: Quinton Jackson, Scott Smith Hit Harder Than Anderson Silva
25 MMA News Share Forum 29
07/11/08 04:10PM
by Jason-plata
Swick vs. kos needs to be made!!
2 General MMA Talk 14
07/11/08 05:34PM
by Jason-plata
favourite beer/liquor
12 Off Topic 32
07/11/08 01:27PM
by Jason-plata
Appropriate Entrance Music
5 General MMA Talk 31
07/11/08 01:46PM
by Jason-plata
Michael Bisping out for a ’stand up brawl’ with Chris Leben
4 MMA News Share Forum 20
07/11/08 12:06PM
by Jason-plata
the best beat-down artists in the business...top 10.
6 UFC Forum 21
07/11/08 11:52AM
by Jason-plata
Jon Fitch: " I'm fine fighting BJ after I win"
3 MMA News Share Forum 29
07/11/08 12:09PM
by Jason-plata
The Silva vs. Silva Dream Match...If It Ever Were To Happen...
3 General MMA Talk 17
07/11/08 12:12PM
by Jason-plata
mmm Dunkin' Donuts...boo Krispy Kreme...
11 Off Topic 18
07/11/08 12:13PM
by Jason-plata
Which event are you looking forward to the most?
3 General MMA Talk 12
07/11/08 01:01PM
by Jason-plata
Laugh and you Lose
25 Off Topic 61
07/11/08 01:39PM
by Jason-plata
Laugh and you Lose
31 Off Topic 61
07/11/08 05:07PM
by Jason-plata
Heart Break...
42 Off Topic 83
07/10/08 07:11PM
by Jason-plata
Most Hated Bands and Why
4 Off Topic 76
07/10/08 02:41PM
by Jason-plata
Another person inducted into the Rampage slam club..
1 General MMA Talk 11
07/10/08 02:50PM
by Jason-plata
Silva fights Okami after July 19th fight.
4 UFC Forum 16
07/10/08 02:11PM
by Jason-plata
Dana White on Affliction VP: "The guy has an attitude problem, and I’m going to fix it for him"
2 MMA News Share Forum 14
07/10/08 02:02PM
by Jason-plata
Who would you rather see GSP fight?
5 General MMA Talk 18
07/10/08 02:19PM
by Jason-plata
Joe Rogan makes fun of an affliction-wearing heckler
5 Off Topic 10
07/10/08 12:11PM
by Jason-plata
MICHAEL VICK: Does he deserve to die for what he did?
46 Off Topic 121
07/10/08 11:29AM
by Jason-plata
A "Friendly" Bet With A "Friend"...
3 Off Topic 2
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