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MMA Forum Posts Made By 'twodragunns'

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Forum Posts By MMA Playground user: 'twodragunns'
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06/17/13 12:34AM
by twodragunns
Thiago Silva...
13 UFC Forum 14
08/30/12 07:41PM
by twodragunns
MMA Apparel
4 General MMA Talk 11
08/12/12 09:04PM
by twodragunns
Anyone think.......
21 UFC Forum 29
08/11/12 09:24AM
by twodragunns
Anyone else ever encounter one of these..?
40 UFC Forum 43
08/05/12 01:00PM
by twodragunns
Rory MacDonald out of Fight w/BJ Penn
15 MMA News Share Forum 17
08/05/12 01:03PM
by twodragunns
Looking to Join a camp before next season.
10 Fight Camp Central 15
08/05/12 12:31AM
by twodragunns
Looking to Join a camp before next season.
6 Fight Camp Central 15
07/09/12 05:46PM
by twodragunns
Chael lost because...............
16 General MMA Talk 17
07/09/12 05:18PM
by twodragunns
If he came back to the UFC for a superfight who should it be?
10 UFC Forum 11
07/15/12 03:56PM
by twodragunns
Best Wrestler of all time?
18 General MMA Talk 25
07/09/12 05:15PM
by twodragunns
forrest vs tito 2...sloppy !
18 UFC Forum 17
07/09/12 05:02PM
by twodragunns
Silva vs Sonnen Thoughts?
70 UFC Forum 83
06/20/12 09:47PM
by twodragunns
Gray Maynard goes back to his roots for fight against Guida
9 MMA News Share Forum 11
06/20/12 10:01PM
by twodragunns
UFC 152: Rory MacDonald Early Favorite Over B.J. Penn
10 MMA News Share Forum 10
06/20/12 10:03PM
by twodragunns
Che Mills vs. Duane Ludwig set for UFC on FUEL TV 5
13 MMA News Share Forum 14
05/05/12 09:38AM
by twodragunns
Nathan Diaz vs Jim Miller
16 UFC Forum 17
02/22/12 09:58PM
by twodragunns
I have a feeling Bader will beat Rampage..
18 UFC Forum 36
02/22/12 10:02PM
by twodragunns
there is a reason why they are champs...best in the world...~~WHO YOU GOT!!!!!
16 UFC Forum 15
02/15/12 02:17PM
by twodragunns
Sean Loeffler
7 UFC Forum 12
02/14/12 07:36PM
by twodragunns
RIP K-1 legend Mike Bernardo, 1969-2012
4 MMA News Share Forum 6
02/15/12 02:06PM
by twodragunns
ufc 144 main card ppv is 7 fights
7 UFC Forum 7
02/04/12 09:43PM
by twodragunns
UFC 143 - Diaz vs. Condit - Results/Discussion (Spoilers)
116 Spoilers Forum 238
02/04/12 01:38PM
by twodragunns
Skinny Kenny Florian to get first crack at 125 lbs champion
13 UFC Forum 12
02/03/12 03:39AM
by twodragunns
David Louiseau starts his own reality show
4 General MMA Talk 3
01/29/12 01:56AM
by twodragunns
Ronda Rousey: GSP is bad for the sport
21 General MMA Talk 25
02/24/12 02:29AM
by twodragunns
Ronda Rousey: GSP is bad for the sport
26 General MMA Talk 25
01/21/12 01:50AM
by twodragunns
Sonnen vs Bisping poll
15 UFC Forum 15
01/21/12 01:26AM
by twodragunns
Edson Barboza’s Roadhouse-Style Face-Kick Knockout Is Even Better When Slowed Down 500%
21 UFC Forum 21
01/14/12 02:51PM
by twodragunns
Changed my pick to Belfort
6 UFC Forum 21
01/14/12 03:02PM
by twodragunns
UFC 142 Prelimary fight card on FX
4 UFC Forum 3
01/14/12 01:57AM
by twodragunns
ufc 142 predictions for sotn? kotn? fotn?
12 UFC Forum 13
01/14/12 01:35AM
by twodragunns
Rabi's History of the UFC
14 UFC Forum 51
12/23/11 12:54AM
by twodragunns
Leonard Garcia says Girl St. Pierre is scared of heights (Video)
11 UFC Forum 16
12/19/11 01:57AM
by twodragunns
VOTE: Fight of the Year
7 General MMA Talk 6
12/19/11 01:52AM
by twodragunns
VOTE: Event of the Year
7 General MMA Talk 12
12/19/11 01:59AM
by twodragunns
VOTE: Referee of the Year
6 General MMA Talk 6
12/01/11 02:50AM
by twodragunns
Mayhem vs. Bisping
17 UFC Forum 21
10/07/11 02:53PM
by twodragunns
UFC 136's Lauzon wary of foe's striking but thinks he's bad matchup for Guillard
6 MMA News Share Forum 7
08/20/12 04:09PM
by twodragunns
Last Movie You Watched
1332 Off Topic 3281
05/15/11 12:31AM
by twodragunns
Poor Fighter Management Continues as UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones Not Having Surgery on Hand
13 MMA News Share Forum 13
05/19/12 12:39PM
by twodragunns
Good News For Horny Men Everywhere
23 Off Topic 31
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