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MMA Forum Posts Made By 'snakeman88'

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Forum Posts By MMA Playground user: 'snakeman88'
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07/30/08 07:07PM
by snakeman88
Davis-Takaya Now Off WEC 35
2 MMA News Share Forum 6
04/01/08 04:43PM
by snakeman88
Fedor and UFC agree to verbal terms!!!!!!!
14 MMA News Share Forum 47
03/31/08 12:17PM
by snakeman88
Monson vs Russow
4 MMA News Share Forum 10
03/15/08 06:27PM
by snakeman88
DREAM MW Grand Prix fighters named
11 General MMA Talk 15
03/15/08 06:39PM
by snakeman88
DREAM MW Grand Prix fighters named
12 General MMA Talk 15
03/13/08 05:06PM
by snakeman88
Dreams to be televised
5 General MMA Talk 17
03/13/08 05:07PM
by snakeman88
Any way to see SENGOKU or DREAM IN US?
4 General MMA Talk 3
03/09/08 09:41PM
by snakeman88
Where will the IFL fighters go?
2 General MMA Talk 7
03/01/08 12:56PM
by snakeman88
Joe Rogan: love him or hate him, he is no act
2 MMA News Share Forum 25
02/29/08 04:01PM
by snakeman88
UFC 82 Weigh In LIVE at 4pm ET / 1pm PT
6 MMA News Share Forum 14
02/20/08 05:33PM
by snakeman88
Dana White: Tank Abbott UFC Hall of Fame future inductee
5 MMA News Share Forum 48
02/19/08 05:07PM
by snakeman88
UFCs Tito Ortiz casting for a new reality show?
3 MMA News Share Forum 4
02/19/08 05:10PM
by snakeman88
Fidel Castro resignes
8 Off Topic 10
02/19/08 05:12PM
by snakeman88
Has Lindland found a home?
6 MMA News Share Forum 5
02/19/08 12:37PM
by snakeman88
What if Wanderlei Silva moves to middleweight??
14 UFC Forum 24
02/19/08 12:39PM
by snakeman88
Who should Cro Cop fight in Dream.1 on 3/15
10 UFC Forum 17
02/19/08 12:51PM
by snakeman88
Strike force coming up on the 23rd
3 MMA Playground Game Talk 2
02/19/08 12:46PM
by snakeman88
Aoki vs Calvancanti
12 General MMA Talk 13
02/19/08 02:00PM
by snakeman88
which Pride GP tournament was the your favorite??
9 UFC Forum 12
02/19/08 12:55PM
by snakeman88
the 5 main cards in canada are??
10 UFC Forum 9
02/19/08 12:40PM
by snakeman88
Who should Mir fight next?
30 UFC Forum 38
02/14/08 08:19PM
by snakeman88
Strikeforce- Secondary league?
1 General MMA Talk 1
02/14/08 08:20PM
by snakeman88
Miguel Torres
11 General MMA Talk 13
02/14/08 08:24PM
by snakeman88
Shouldn't the fantasy picks include at least some other major MMA organizations?
12 MMA Playground Game Talk 12
02/19/08 12:50PM
by snakeman88
need help putting on weight
13 MMA Training 15
02/19/08 01:00PM
by snakeman88
Josh Neer vs Din Thomas
31 UFC Forum 33
01/17/08 05:57PM
by snakeman88
ufc 83 in the states but where?? free on spike or cbs??
4 UFC Forum 3
01/08/08 09:38PM
by snakeman88
Full WEC card 2/13/08
1 General MMA Talk 14
12/06/07 03:48PM
by snakeman88
Video hound?
1 MMA Playground Game Talk 9
10/28/07 04:13PM
by snakeman88
K-1 Hero's Korea Results
13 Spoilers Forum 17
10/27/07 08:21PM
by snakeman88
Robbie Lawler vs. Vitor Belfort
5 MMA News Share Forum 29
11/01/07 06:00PM
by snakeman88
Putting all my money on Edgar!
11 MMA Playground Game Talk 14
10/15/07 12:54PM
by snakeman88
Ricardo Arona signs with M1
2 UFC Forum 6
10/02/07 04:15PM
by snakeman88
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Sensation Not Going To UFC
2 MMA News Share Forum 1
09/22/07 01:17PM
by snakeman88
Mods: Take doski-barrett fight off!
1 MMA Playground Game Talk 5
09/18/07 03:03PM
by snakeman88
MOD: Ifl hvwt. fight is now rodriguez vs. Rothwell
1 MMA Playground Game Talk 3
10/24/07 11:48PM
by snakeman88
War Room Warriors are heavyweight champions
24 Fight Camp Central 26
09/06/07 04:26PM
by snakeman88
Canadian Top Team
139 Fight Camp Central 160
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