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MMA Forum Posts Made By 'scoozna'

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Forum Posts By MMA Playground user: 'scoozna'
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02/05/16 03:49PM
by scoozna
Report: Ex-UFC fighter Karlos Vemola sentenced to one year in jail for illegal cannabis farming
2 MMA News Share Forum 3
02/02/16 04:11PM
by scoozna
Benson Henderson gets welterweight title shot vs. Koreshkov in Bellator 153 main event
9 MMA News Share Forum 15
02/01/16 11:59AM
by scoozna
UFC Survivor Season 24 (Starts at UFC Fight Night 82)
8 Side Games 13
01/30/16 06:01PM
by scoozna
UFC on Fox 18: Johnson vs. Bader - Results/Discussion (Spoilers)
13 Spoilers Forum 54
01/30/16 06:03PM
by scoozna
UFC on Fox 18: Johnson vs. Bader - Results/Discussion (Spoilers)
14 Spoilers Forum 54
01/27/16 02:48PM
by scoozna
Donald Cerrone trolls Reebok, praises Nike gear
4 MMA News Share Forum 7
01/20/16 04:27PM
by scoozna
BJ Penn Comes out of Retirement
26 MMA News Share Forum 28
01/15/16 05:03PM
by scoozna
FBI Investigating ISIS Threats Against UFC Middleweight Tim Kennedy
2 MMA News Share Forum 3
01/15/16 04:47PM
by scoozna
Kenny Florian Plagiarizes For UFC Article; Fox Sports Calls It An "Oversight"
3 UFC Forum 5
01/15/16 04:39PM
by scoozna
Conor McGregor eats Sheepshead
7 UFC Forum 13
01/15/16 04:49PM
by scoozna
Police Body Camera footage of Juliana Pena arrest (2 angles)
5 UFC Forum 9
01/05/16 04:37PM
by scoozna
If I win the powerbal(400 million)
11 Off Topic 17
01/03/16 08:30AM
by scoozna
UFC 195: Lawler vs. Condit - Results/Discussion (Spoilers)
133 Spoilers Forum 132
12/26/15 11:46AM
by scoozna
Merry Christmas Playground
11 MMA Playground Game Talk 11
12/22/15 05:02PM
by scoozna
Nate Diaz calls out Conor McGregor in epic, uncensored rant on national TV
7 MMA News Share Forum 6
12/10/15 11:47AM
by scoozna
UFC Fight Night 80: Namajunas vs Van Zant Weigh in (LIVE)
3 UFC Forum 3
12/10/15 11:45AM
by scoozna
TUF 22 Finale
10 MMA Playground Game Talk 10
12/08/15 04:38PM
by scoozna
Training partner believes Jose Aldo will retire after UFC 194
4 MMA News Share Forum 13
12/04/15 10:47AM
by scoozna
Dana White responds to Jon Jones' claim that UFC knew about Vitor Belfort's PED use
3 UFC Forum 6
11/28/15 10:35AM
by scoozna
Video-Watch Dominique Steele's slam-knockout of 'Maestro' Dong Hyun Kim
3 UFC Forum 6
12/02/15 05:34PM
by scoozna
What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
14 Off Topic 14
11/23/15 04:31PM
by scoozna
Report: Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort II booked for UFC 197
19 MMA News Share Forum 24
11/16/15 03:40PM
by scoozna
Rousey’s coach: Holm wasn’t getting the better of Ronda in the striking
9 MMA News Share Forum 16
11/13/15 11:56AM
by scoozna
Cute female reporter flirts with Dana White during interview
3 UFC Forum 9
11/13/15 11:46AM
by scoozna
hello all
2 Introduce yourself 8
11/13/15 11:51AM
by scoozna
Ben Askren officially scratched from ONE Championship 32 after opponent misses weight
5 MMA News Share Forum 8
11/04/15 03:19PM
by scoozna
'Drunk guest' invades Dan Henderson’s hotel room in Brazil
7 MMA News Share Forum 10
11/04/15 05:13PM
by scoozna
Ronda Rousey's coach claims bankruptcy, trustee pursues GFC for liquidation
5 MMA News Share Forum 6
10/28/15 05:11PM
by scoozna
Kurt Angle, Ken Shamrock both tease major Bellator announcement
4 MMA News Share Forum 12
10/28/15 05:14PM
by scoozna
Miesha Tate says UFC's plans could have her contemplating retirement
2 UFC Forum 4
10/26/15 11:45AM
by scoozna
Reebok executive Michael Lunardelli responds to Brendan Schaub’s 'misplaced' criticism
5 UFC Forum 4
10/23/15 09:12AM
by scoozna
Poirier on turning down Parke: 'You don't just fight everybody because they want to fight'
6 MMA News Share Forum 20
10/08/15 09:01AM
by scoozna
Ronda Rousey on Holly Holm: 'This one's going to be a much longer fight'
18 MMA News Share Forum 25
10/08/15 08:56AM
by scoozna
Paul Buentello defeats Rameau Sokoudjou in a controversial stoppage
5 MMA News Share Forum 5
10/05/15 01:11PM
by scoozna
Ryan Bader Poll
11 UFC Forum 14
10/01/15 01:33PM
by scoozna
Uriah Hall replaces Michael Bisping, meets Robert Whittaker at UFC 193
3 MMA News Share Forum 12
09/24/15 12:55PM
by scoozna
George Roop says he's 'one of the best' but disappointed by UFC inconsistency
2 MMA News Share Forum 7
09/24/15 12:54PM
by scoozna
Unfortunate developments of life...
6 Off Topic 25
09/23/15 05:46PM
by scoozna
Camping Question
2 Off Topic 8
09/24/15 09:25AM
by scoozna
Camping Question
4 Off Topic 8
09/18/15 03:22PM
by scoozna
Matt Mitrione calls out UFC VP Matt Hughes following Nick Diaz tweet
3 MMA News Share Forum 6
09/18/15 04:26PM
by scoozna
Stories from the Road: Jeremy Horn
2 General MMA Talk 1
09/14/15 01:54PM
by scoozna
41-year-old UFC vet Pedro Rizzo wins in Brazil, announces retirement
6 MMA News Share Forum 5
09/10/15 09:04AM
by scoozna
Ronda Rousey to Star in MGM’s ‘Road House’ Reboot
14 MMA News Share Forum 16
09/04/15 11:24AM
by scoozna
Robbie Lawler vs. Carlos Condit title fight headlines UFC 195 on Jan. 2
2 MMA News Share Forum 5
09/04/15 11:23AM
by scoozna
Mugger pleads for life after attacking champion MMA fighter
7 MMA News Share Forum 8
09/02/15 10:40AM
by scoozna
Background nationality of playgrounders ?
3 Off Topic 30
09/01/15 05:09PM
by scoozna
Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka - to be charged with 3rd degree murder
1 Off Topic 5
09/02/15 10:36AM
by scoozna
Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka - to be charged with 3rd degree murder
5 Off Topic 5
08/24/15 02:39PM
by scoozna
Bisping on Perez's retirement: 'He hasn't got the cajones to really be in this sport'
7 MMA News Share Forum 14
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