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MMA Forum Posts Made By 'mrsmiley'

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Forum Posts By MMA Playground user: 'mrsmiley'
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04/08/16 07:55AM
by mrsmiley
Good for a laugh
1 General MMA Talk 2
03/09/16 07:09PM
by mrsmiley
Mauro Ranallo Reunited with Bas Rutten as New Inside MMA Host
8 MMA News Share Forum 8
02/25/16 10:56AM
by mrsmiley
Rousey says she was out on her feet after first exchange in holm fight
23 UFC Forum 22
02/12/16 09:40PM
by mrsmiley
UFC Legend Kevin Randleman has passed away at age 44
23 MMA News Share Forum 23
01/31/16 11:02AM
by mrsmiley
White: Ex-champ Cain Velasquez headed for back surgery, 4-week recovery expected
3 MMA News Share Forum 3
01/20/16 09:41PM
by mrsmiley
BJ Penn Comes out of Retirement
27 MMA News Share Forum 28
01/06/16 07:46PM
by mrsmiley
Ronda Rousey named host of Jan. 23 edition of 'Saturday Night Live'
6 MMA News Share Forum 5
12/21/15 05:00PM
by mrsmiley
Star Wars
22 Off Topic 27
12/23/15 03:33PM
by mrsmiley
Star Wars
26 Off Topic 27
12/03/15 05:57PM
by mrsmiley
Am I the only person that-
1 Off Topic 9
12/03/15 08:12PM
by mrsmiley
Am I the only person that-
3 Off Topic 9
12/04/15 09:17AM
by mrsmiley
Am I the only person that-
6 Off Topic 9
12/03/15 05:52PM
by mrsmiley
Joe Rogan says UFC contract complete in August, unsure if he'll return to commentary
5 MMA News Share Forum 17
11/17/15 08:04PM
by mrsmiley
Joe Rogan Podcast: "Cyborg would make 135 if she cut off her d#$k"
13 MMA News Share Forum 48
11/18/15 05:10AM
by mrsmiley
Holly Holm's endorsement of company linked to banned supplements questioned
9 MMA News Share Forum 9
11/29/15 05:30AM
by mrsmiley
Goldberg during the Rousey fight
28 UFC Forum 32
11/10/15 07:53PM
by mrsmiley
Royce Gracie vs. Ken Shamrock 3, 'Kimbo' vs. 'Dada 5000' set for Bellator 149
31 MMA News Share Forum 31
10/30/15 11:36PM
by mrsmiley
Place your bets: Jon Jones edition
11 UFC Forum 10
10/10/15 08:04PM
by mrsmiley
Growing the Site
35 Off Topic 44
10/07/15 08:37PM
by mrsmiley
Fedor Emelianenko's first opponent revealed for New Year's Eve return to MMA
31 MMA News Share Forum 36
10/08/15 08:33PM
by mrsmiley
Fighter you wish had fought in the UFC
17 General MMA Talk 17
09/25/15 09:07PM
by mrsmiley
Unfortunate developments of life...
19 Off Topic 25
09/20/15 08:45PM
by mrsmiley
Fedor headlines NYE show in Japan on Spike TV
15 MMA News Share Forum 54
08/25/15 05:49AM
by mrsmiley
Charles Oliveira suffered an esophageal tear at UFC Fight Night and remains hospitalized
6 MMA News Share Forum 8
08/19/15 06:56AM
by mrsmiley
Fedor, Sakuraba And Shamrock To Attend Bellator Fan Fest
4 MMA News Share Forum 5
08/06/15 04:54AM
by mrsmiley
Big Nog hasn't decided if he will retire yet
4 MMA News Share Forum 6
08/06/15 04:49AM
by mrsmiley
Fedor reveals UFC negotiations in process, wants ‘strongest fighters in the world’
10 MMA News Share Forum 10
07/19/15 09:57PM
by mrsmiley
UFC Fight Night 72 post-fight facts: Michael Bisping now third in all-time UFC wins
9 MMA News Share Forum 10
07/16/15 04:44PM
by mrsmiley
Manager confirms Fedor return, expects top 10 opponent
22 MMA News Share Forum 21
07/18/15 11:59PM
by mrsmiley
Do you think it's possible the UFC would pay Mendes to take a dive?
39 UFC Forum 38
07/11/15 11:57AM
by mrsmiley
Dana White: Jose Aldo 'did not have a broken rib,' the x-rays he released showed an 'old injury'
20 MMA News Share Forum 22
07/11/15 12:01PM
by mrsmiley
Favourite MMA fighter and why ? And has it changed over the years
19 General MMA Talk 22
07/04/15 01:43PM
by mrsmiley
Ex-UFC champ 'Rampage' Jackson on next fight: 'Shogun' Rua owes me a rematch
7 MMA News Share Forum 6
07/04/15 01:37PM
by mrsmiley
Jose Aldo Unhappy With Interim Belt
19 MMA News Share Forum 18
06/30/15 08:46AM
by mrsmiley
Shamrock responds to Rogan's fight fixing speculation: You can ruin someone's career
15 MMA News Share Forum 15
06/28/15 06:53PM
by mrsmiley
Yoel Romero Apologizes for ‘Misunderstanding’ Over Controversial Post-Fight Remarks
17 MMA News Share Forum 23
06/27/15 02:05PM
by mrsmiley
Report: Photo shows negative 'B' sample for Silva at UFC 183
8 MMA News Share Forum 13
06/27/15 02:12PM
by mrsmiley
Is Sean sherk a HOFer?
11 UFC Forum 14
06/19/15 05:16AM
by mrsmiley
Game Of Thrones
10 Off Topic 27
06/14/15 06:19PM
by mrsmiley
UFC 188 Aftermath: Where does Fabricio Werdum rate among the greats?
4 MMA News Share Forum 20
06/07/15 07:57PM
by mrsmiley
Who's next for Ben Rothwell? 'I think Andrei Arlovski and I should dance'
8 MMA News Share Forum 18
01/22/16 08:28PM
by mrsmiley
I have a link to the original 2007 mmaplayground front page (pre pride 33)
27 Off Topic 27
01/28/15 04:32PM
by mrsmiley
Fertitta: You Will Recognize Punk's First Opponent
6 MMA News Share Forum 11
01/25/15 08:31PM
by mrsmiley
Dana White doesn't believe it was a bad stoppage in the Henderson vs. Mousasi fight
4 MMA News Share Forum 6
01/07/15 08:23AM
by mrsmiley
UFC champion Jon Jones tests positive for cocaine, reportedly enters rehab
70 MMA News Share Forum 85
12/07/14 06:28PM
by mrsmiley
The Green Power Ranger Wants CM Punk in UFC Debut
7 MMA News Share Forum 16
12/07/14 06:46PM
by mrsmiley
CM Punk Signs With UFC
25 MMA News Share Forum 31
12/07/14 06:26PM
by mrsmiley
CM Punk Signs With UFC
24 MMA News Share Forum 31
12/06/14 04:30PM
by mrsmiley
Founder of Dethrone Royalty and Zappos.com responds to Reebok deal
5 MMA News Share Forum 6
12/03/14 05:05PM
by mrsmiley
Nate Quarry blasts UFC for Uniform Deal
8 MMA News Share Forum 9
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