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MMA Forum Posts Made By 'fonduktoe'

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Forum Posts By MMA Playground user: 'fonduktoe'
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01/27/15 07:56PM
by fonduktoe
Jon Jones Opens as Betting Favorite Against ‘Rumble’ Johnson for UFC Title Fight
2 MMA News Share Forum 1
01/27/15 07:59PM
by fonduktoe
Akira Corassani Hints at Retirement "My brian has filed for a divorce from my body"
4 MMA News Share Forum 4
01/22/15 10:34PM
by fonduktoe
Ben Saunders vs. Erick Silva set for UFC Fight Night in Rio de Janeiro
14 MMA News Share Forum 15
01/13/15 08:09PM
by fonduktoe
Hendricks Out Of Title Fight, Faces Matt Brown At UFC 185
10 MMA News Share Forum 17
12/02/14 09:02PM
by fonduktoe
Tito wants Rampage, not King Mo
6 MMA News Share Forum 7
12/02/14 08:46PM
by fonduktoe
Joseph Benavidez: I think the last thing the division needs is a champion nicknamed ‘Uncle Creepy’
4 MMA News Share Forum 3
11/11/14 08:10PM
by fonduktoe
UFC's Luke Rockhold: It 'definitely upsets me' that 'Jacare' is ranked higher
9 MMA News Share Forum 11
10/28/14 08:20PM
by fonduktoe
Carlos Condit injury update: 'Killer' UFC return targeted for spring 2015
5 MMA News Share Forum 5
10/08/14 01:15PM
by fonduktoe
I TKO'ed James Toney
7 UFC Forum 25
08/24/14 02:49PM
by fonduktoe
Ben Saunders Claims First Omoplata Finish in UFC History
10 MMA News Share Forum 11
07/14/14 06:01PM
by fonduktoe
Next big upset
3 UFC Forum 30
07/14/14 05:50PM
by fonduktoe
Film deal may block Carano's return to the UFC
2 MMA News Share Forum 2
06/26/14 10:08PM
by fonduktoe
Whatever Happened To The UFC?
5 MMA News Share Forum 18
06/26/14 10:14PM
by fonduktoe
Cruz eyeing August return, maybe Mizugaki fight
5 MMA News Share Forum 9
05/05/14 06:18PM
by fonduktoe
Ronda Rousey: ‘I don’t watch ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ now that I know how much bull is in it’
3 MMA News Share Forum 11
04/29/14 08:54PM
by fonduktoe
Watch the UFC Special Announcement Press Conference from Mexico City Tuesday at 4 PM ET
9 MMA News Share Forum 9
02/10/14 12:33AM
by fonduktoe
UFC signs Pedro Munhoz to fight Raphael Assuncao at UFC 170
8 MMA News Share Forum 8
02/10/14 12:35AM
by fonduktoe
UFC's John Lineker sticking with flyweight, pledges to figure out weight-cut issues
4 MMA News Share Forum 5
02/10/14 12:38AM
by fonduktoe
Rafael dos Anjos on Khabib Nurmagomedov: 'I'm going to shut him up'
4 MMA News Share Forum 8
02/10/14 12:30AM
by fonduktoe
Swanson 'Aldo should man up & move up for Pettis'
9 MMA News Share Forum 9
02/10/14 12:57AM
by fonduktoe
Who will be the UFC's next two-divison Champ?
7 UFC Forum 6
01/27/14 12:43AM
by fonduktoe
Dana White: After 'typical Ben Henderson fight,' UFC title shot not likely next
18 MMA News Share Forum 20
11/17/13 01:07AM
by fonduktoe
UFC 167 main event!!??
6 UFC Forum 10
11/12/13 10:52PM
by fonduktoe
Ryan LaFlare replaces Kelvin Gastelum, meets Court McGee at UFC on FOX 9
3 MMA News Share Forum 5
11/05/13 08:18PM
by fonduktoe
Greatest UFC Title Fight
33 UFC Forum 32
04/30/13 12:15PM
by fonduktoe
Michael Bisping speculates that Alan Belcher was looking for 'a way out' following eye poke
16 MMA News Share Forum 17
03/24/13 12:30AM
by fonduktoe
Lavar Johnson released
7 MMA News Share Forum 10
02/17/13 12:23AM
by fonduktoe
James Te Huna's Men In Black entrance to UFC On Fuel 7
3 UFC Forum 7
02/17/13 12:40AM
by fonduktoe
Johny Hedricks: GSP lit a fire underneath me
9 MMA News Share Forum 8
02/17/13 12:30AM
by fonduktoe
Vinny Magalhaes picks Sonnen to beat Jones by decision
8 MMA News Share Forum 10
01/31/13 11:49AM
by fonduktoe
UFC 156's Joseph Benavidez not interested in proposed 115-pound division
2 MMA News Share Forum 7
01/30/13 11:45AM
by fonduktoe
Dana White says Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman is 'closer than people think'
9 MMA News Share Forum 11
01/30/13 11:36AM
by fonduktoe
Hatsu Hioki Responds to Fan Criticism of Clay Guida
11 MMA News Share Forum 13
01/30/13 11:26AM
by fonduktoe
Nate Diaz vs. Josh Thomson added to April's UFC on FOX 7 event
20 MMA News Share Forum 19
01/30/13 11:41AM
by fonduktoe
Dana White calls Anderson Silva's camp call-out of Cung Le 'typical craziness'
12 MMA News Share Forum 11
01/31/13 12:04PM
by fonduktoe
Why do people believe Weidman deserves a title shot ???
19 UFC Forum 19
01/05/13 08:54PM
by fonduktoe
Another (P)erfect troll job on Rome
7 UFC Forum 6
01/05/13 08:52PM
by fonduktoe
"I finish fights"
15 UFC Forum 14
12/29/12 03:21AM
by fonduktoe
Fabricio Werdum earns title shot with win over Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in June 2013
8 MMA News Share Forum 17
12/29/12 03:18AM
by fonduktoe
Illness knocks Goldberg from UFC 155 broadcast; Anik joins Rogan in booth
26 MMA News Share Forum 27
01/05/13 08:57PM
by fonduktoe
Nick Diaz and Georges St-Pierre, just my 2cents
21 UFC Forum 21
12/12/12 12:01PM
by fonduktoe
Josh Koscheck: 'Rory MacDonald should fight me, but I doubt the UFC wants to see him get his ass kicked'
21 MMA News Share Forum 21
10/06/12 03:10AM
by fonduktoe
UFC on FX 5 results and analysis - Browne injures knee, gets mauled by Bigfoot
6 MMA News Share Forum 26
09/22/12 04:06AM
by fonduktoe
Michael Bisping:"I haven't had the title shot yet, I think it's long overdue."
16 MMA News Share Forum 43
09/11/12 01:02PM
by fonduktoe
UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz says Jon Jones is mentally weak
9 MMA News Share Forum 8
08/27/12 04:19AM
by fonduktoe
Coach Mike Winkeljohn Suggests Chael Sonnen Might Have Been Training for Jon Jones Bout
9 MMA News Share Forum 13
08/25/12 02:48AM
by fonduktoe
ufc champions who u couldn't wait to see lose
1 UFC Forum 26
08/25/12 03:15AM
by fonduktoe
ufc champions who u couldn't wait to see lose
4 UFC Forum 26
08/25/12 02:22AM
by fonduktoe
Dana White.. UFC 151 Conference Call WOW
8 UFC Forum 8
08/25/12 02:42AM
by fonduktoe
Is Sonnen and Jones the best heel/face flip in MMA history?
10 UFC Forum 11
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