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MMA Forum Posts Made By 'WashULawyer'

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Forum Posts By MMA Playground user: 'WashULawyer'
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02/20/13 10:56PM
by WashULawyer
Jon Fitch among 16 fighters released from UFC on Tuesday
65 MMA News Share Forum 93
01/08/13 03:24AM
by WashULawyer
Bellator sues 'betrayed' Eddie Alvarez, fight future in limbo pending lawsuit
16 MMA News Share Forum 18
11/29/11 07:35PM
by WashULawyer
UFC 140: Four Prelim Fights to Air on ION Television
6 MMA News Share Forum 8
11/14/11 06:35PM
by WashULawyer
Lawlor-Weidman demoted, McDonald-Soto promoted to UFC 139's Spike TV special
4 MMA News Share Forum 22
07/06/11 07:35PM
by WashULawyer
Sources: Chael Sonnen vs. Lyoto Machida not on UFC's fall docket
9 MMA News Share Forum 12
06/23/11 12:19AM
by WashULawyer
Mike Kyle vs. Gegard Mousasi possible for September Strikeforce event
11 MMA News Share Forum 20
05/18/11 06:32PM
by WashULawyer
Let Chael coach TUF and Fight in the UK
1 UFC Forum 3
04/22/11 02:20PM
by WashULawyer
Interesting Edgar or Melendez
7 UFC Forum 6
04/16/11 08:05PM
by WashULawyer
Has Gilbert Melendez accomplished more than Frankie Edgar?
11 UFC Forum 11
04/16/11 03:26PM
by WashULawyer
Has Gilbert Melendez accomplished more than Frankie Edgar?
9 UFC Forum 11
04/16/11 03:29PM
by WashULawyer
Would Rashad ever go to 185?
6 UFC Forum 8
04/16/11 03:31PM
by WashULawyer
Rampage Jackson vs Lil Nog
6 General MMA Talk 6
04/13/11 04:48PM
by WashULawyer
IF Rampage beats Hamill
16 UFC Forum 15
03/31/11 06:54PM
by WashULawyer
Mike Kyle Withdraws From Gegard Mousasi Fight
5 MMA News Share Forum 4
03/31/11 11:15PM
by WashULawyer
Kevro here
9 Introduce yourself 9
05/01/11 12:37AM
by WashULawyer
Matt Serra changed GSP TRUE or FALSE
14 UFC Forum 15
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