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MMA Forum Posts Made By 'RedScorpion'

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Forum Posts By MMA Playground user: 'RedScorpion'
Last Post Topic Post # Forum Replies
04/05/07 09:58AM
by RedScorpion
Brock Lesnar Set To Make MMA Debut July 7!!!!
31 General MMA Talk 62
02/03/07 08:36AM
by RedScorpion
Best UFC/Pride beatdown or total domination that went to a decision
21 UFC Forum 26
01/29/07 11:48AM
by RedScorpion
8 UFC Forum 41
01/29/07 11:54AM
by RedScorpion
Fedor vs Barnett. Who do u think takes it?
7 General MMA Talk 43
01/27/07 10:13AM
by RedScorpion
Best camps in MMA
8 UFC Forum 34
01/27/07 07:53AM
by RedScorpion
18 General MMA Talk 53
01/27/07 06:17AM
by RedScorpion
Heath Herring was a total disappointment
18 UFC Forum 26
01/25/07 05:20AM
by RedScorpion
hi guys
1 Introduce yourself 1
01/25/07 09:42AM
by RedScorpion
Tito now claiming early stoppage
13 UFC Forum 28
01/25/07 09:47AM
by RedScorpion
Best brother combo in MMA
14 General MMA Talk 39
01/27/07 07:56AM
by RedScorpion
Fedor Recieves Great Honor...
10 UFC Forum 13
01/25/07 05:39AM
by RedScorpion
Kevin Randleman Hopitalized!
4 MMA News Share Forum 17
01/25/07 05:34AM
by RedScorpion
Chuck Vs. couture again?
3 General MMA Talk 6
01/25/07 09:50AM
by RedScorpion
Cro Cop vs. Franklin (Dream Match)
12 General MMA Talk 50
01/25/07 05:37AM
by RedScorpion
Sylvia vs. Couture, who wins?
20 UFC Forum 24
01/25/07 05:23AM
by RedScorpion
Sergei Kharitonov vs. Gilbert Yvel
12 UFC Forum 38
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