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MMA Forum Posts Made By 'Fish_Hook'

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Forum Posts By MMA Playground user: 'Fish_Hook'
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04/29/10 01:32PM
by Fish_Hook
Fedor no longer top ten?!?!?!
1 General MMA Talk 43
04/13/10 01:52AM
by Fish_Hook
What can Dana do???
1 General MMA Talk 20
04/10/10 11:07AM
by Fish_Hook
Greatest "Pros Pick" Ever
1 General MMA Talk 0
04/06/10 03:12PM
by Fish_Hook
Car suggestions?
6 Off Topic 10
04/05/10 07:41PM
by Fish_Hook
Fitch vs Alves to happen in Vancouver!
5 UFC Forum 4
04/06/10 03:17PM
by Fish_Hook
Cro Cop vs. Barry Thoughts
15 UFC Forum 15
04/02/10 12:37PM
by Fish_Hook
Roy Nelson WTF question
1 General MMA Talk 9
04/01/10 03:26PM
by Fish_Hook
Is Florian a Gatekeeper?????
2 General MMA Talk 21
02/22/10 01:46PM
by Fish_Hook
Dan Hardy: Koscheck and Fitch had their chance against GSP -- and they got beat up
4 MMA News Share Forum 12
02/20/10 02:50PM
by Fish_Hook
How can Cain win tonight?
1 General MMA Talk 8
02/22/10 01:38PM
by Fish_Hook
How can Cain win tonight?
7 General MMA Talk 8
02/15/10 11:38AM
by Fish_Hook
Wanderlei Has Perfect Strategy For Bisping
2 MMA News Share Forum 9
02/11/10 01:23PM
by Fish_Hook
Kampman Cut, and off of 111
18 MMA News Share Forum 26
02/10/10 05:26PM
by Fish_Hook
Rampage On Rashad: "he got no chin. A big mouth, but no chin"
2 MMA News Share Forum 20
02/08/10 06:58PM
by Fish_Hook
The Current State of the Gracie's: Name bigger than skill?
3 General MMA Talk 18
01/30/10 05:33PM
by Fish_Hook
Vitor Belfort: Anderson Silva seemed 'upset or nervous' at UFC 112 pre-fight face off
4 MMA News Share Forum 6
01/26/10 03:09PM
by Fish_Hook
Gabriel Gonzaga talks Dos Santos,Brock Lesnar and sickening nutshot
2 MMA News Share Forum 5
01/20/10 10:57PM
by Fish_Hook
Colts/Jets avatar bet
11 Off Topic 11
01/18/10 04:58PM
by Fish_Hook
Diaz To WW, Could Face Markham At 111
3 MMA News Share Forum 16
12/30/09 12:42PM
by Fish_Hook
Gary “The Gatekeeper” Goodridge: Gegard Mousasi is a kid, I am an adult
5 MMA News Share Forum 7
12/23/09 06:02PM
by Fish_Hook
What's Thiago Silvas point?
5 General MMA Talk 14
12/23/09 02:06PM
by Fish_Hook
What's Thiago Silvas point?
1 General MMA Talk 14
12/23/09 02:08PM
by Fish_Hook
Report: Jon Jones Loses Appeal on Matt Hamill Fight
5 MMA News Share Forum 5
12/23/09 01:55PM
by Fish_Hook
UFC Bans Condom Depot
19 UFC Forum 23
12/23/09 01:52PM
by Fish_Hook
anyone have a good up close pic......
10 UFC Forum 9
12/17/09 02:26PM
by Fish_Hook
Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Could Pose for Playboy
18 MMA News Share Forum 27
12/15/09 04:40PM
by Fish_Hook
The Fate Of Gina Carano
11 MMA News Share Forum 10
12/12/09 01:26PM
by Fish_Hook
Final Thoughts: Ufc 107
1 UFC Forum 5
12/12/09 12:54AM
by Fish_Hook
Georges St-Pierre vs. Dan Hardy official for UFC 111 on March 27 in New Jersey
7 MMA News Share Forum 11
12/11/09 01:56PM
by Fish_Hook
UFC 107 weigh ins today!
2 UFC Forum 15
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