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MMA Forum Posts Made By 'Adam_Buru'

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Forum Posts By MMA Playground user: 'Adam_Buru'
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01/08/18 06:23PM
by Adam_Buru
Anderson Silva plans to continue fighting: ‘It’s not over yet’
3 MMA News Share Forum 2
03/20/15 10:56AM
by Adam_Buru
Cops Bust 'World's Most Prolific' UFC Pirate
15 MMA News Share Forum 14
03/04/15 01:23PM
by Adam_Buru
Longtime site coordinator Burt Watson confirms exit from UFC
13 MMA News Share Forum 13
03/02/15 06:23PM
by Adam_Buru
Gene LeBell maintains timing of Ronda Rousey finish is incorrect
5 MMA News Share Forum 4
02/20/15 09:30PM
by Adam_Buru
10 UFC Titles
7 UFC Forum 13
02/11/15 09:44AM
by Adam_Buru
Hector Lombard's manager 'really, really surprised' UFC fighter failed drug test
6 MMA News Share Forum 8
02/07/15 09:25PM
by Adam_Buru
Anderson Silva's win over Nick Diaz switched to a No Contest
15 MMA News Share Forum 15
01/21/15 04:15PM
by Adam_Buru
Dave Herman's Wife Film's Tasering Incident and Felony Charges made up on the fly
18 MMA News Share Forum 34
01/15/15 01:03PM
by Adam_Buru
Garbrandt's win was a tale of shared fulfillment
2 MMA News Share Forum 2
01/10/15 07:34AM
by Adam_Buru
Not impressed by your performance? St-Pierre now admits legendary slam was 'low-class'
12 MMA News Share Forum 17
01/08/15 08:51AM
by Adam_Buru
Dana White: Jon Jones' positive test a 'great thing,' champ could return better than ever
3 MMA News Share Forum 6
01/07/15 12:22PM
by Adam_Buru
UFC champion Jon Jones tests positive for cocaine, reportedly enters rehab
74 MMA News Share Forum 85
01/04/15 05:06PM
by Adam_Buru
Conor McGregor vows to defeat Dennis Siver in 'under two minutes'
3 MMA News Share Forum 12
01/04/15 05:21PM
by Adam_Buru
Jones: I hope he's somewhere crying
2 MMA News Share Forum 13
12/23/14 06:37PM
by Adam_Buru
Bellator in talks with former WWE star Alberto Del Rio
11 MMA News Share Forum 19
12/02/14 11:11AM
by Adam_Buru
Hobbled Diego Nunes Hammers Joachim Hansen at Superior Challenge 11 in Sodertalje
10 MMA News Share Forum 9
12/01/14 07:38AM
by Adam_Buru
Jim Ross Compares Brock Lesnar To Muhammad Ali, Talks Ronda Rousey At WrestleMania 31
13 MMA News Share Forum 12
11/14/14 08:11AM
by Adam_Buru
Thatch Returns to Face Wonderboy in Broomfield
12 MMA News Share Forum 11
11/11/14 03:21PM
by Adam_Buru
Chris Weidman: A third fight against Anderson Silva would be an 'easy payday'
10 MMA News Share Forum 16
11/07/14 08:48AM
by Adam_Buru
Joe Riggs would fight ‘Neanderthal’ Nick Diaz again: ‘He's not a smooth, polished boxer like me’
8 MMA News Share Forum 11
10/20/14 05:12PM
by Adam_Buru
War Machine's suicide note: 'Society has killed men. I was never meant to live in this era'
3 MMA News Share Forum 6
10/17/14 07:17AM
by Adam_Buru
Cop Smashes Stupid Driver's Window In The Most Badass Way
1 Off Topic 8
10/09/14 06:25AM
by Adam_Buru
Anderson Silva doesn’t rule out trilogy bout with Chris Weidman
8 MMA News Share Forum 11
10/08/14 02:27PM
by Adam_Buru
I TKO'ed James Toney
8 UFC Forum 25
10/16/14 03:49PM
by Adam_Buru
Chris Weidman puzzled why American fans don't root for American fighters
13 MMA News Share Forum 12
09/09/14 07:57AM
by Adam_Buru
Anderson Silva seeing psychologist to deal with gruesome leg injury, believes he is ‘closer to retirement every day’
5 MMA News Share Forum 8
08/12/14 10:36PM
by Adam_Buru
Gustafsson Wants His Shot Back
10 MMA News Share Forum 14
08/10/14 10:06PM
by Adam_Buru
Ronda Rousey has no love for Batman vs. Superman casting: I should have been Wonder Woman!
12 MMA News Share Forum 27
08/06/14 09:31AM
by Adam_Buru
WSOF President Ray Sefo: 'I would have reacted the same way Cormier did'
2 MMA News Share Forum 2
07/16/14 11:40AM
by Adam_Buru
Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Ronda Rousey: 'I don't know who he is'
23 MMA News Share Forum 42
07/08/14 09:25AM
by Adam_Buru
World Series of Fighting Cuts Ties with Dustin Holyko Over Criminal Record, Tattoos
9 MMA News Share Forum 9
06/26/14 03:42PM
by Adam_Buru
trainer: Weidman will crush Lyoto Machida and his 'weak chin'
9 UFC Forum 10
06/16/14 04:51PM
by Adam_Buru
Jon Jones says UFC announcing fight without his agreeing was 'unprofessional, a bully tactic'
10 MMA News Share Forum 14
06/09/14 03:15PM
by Adam_Buru
Ross Pearson appeals UFC Fight Night 42 loss to Diego Sanchez
4 MMA News Share Forum 4
06/08/14 01:18PM
by Adam_Buru
Sanchez-Pearson decision might be worst in MMA history, and that's saying something
3 MMA News Share Forum 33
01/01/14 02:25AM
by Adam_Buru
Weidman's corner says "Good, f**k him" about Silva
34 MMA News Share Forum 46
12/29/13 12:46AM
by Adam_Buru
Anderson Silva says there's a 'great chance' he retires after Saturday night
29 MMA News Share Forum 31
12/19/13 01:10PM
by Adam_Buru
UFC 170 adds Stephen Thompson vs. ‘TUF’ winner Robert Whittaker
4 MMA News Share Forum 3
12/10/13 08:33PM
by Adam_Buru
Fight of the year is?
6 UFC Forum 9
11/21/13 08:26PM
by Adam_Buru
Dana White Explains Why Georges St-Pierre Owes UFC More Fights
11 MMA News Share Forum 20
11/21/13 08:33PM
by Adam_Buru
cain or shaq
11 UFC Forum 13
11/21/13 04:23AM
by Adam_Buru
Firas Zahabi: Fifth round won Georges St-Pierre fight against Johny Hendricks
7 MMA News Share Forum 6
11/17/13 01:05AM
by Adam_Buru
Who do you think won?
4 UFC Forum 43
11/17/13 01:15AM
by Adam_Buru
UFC 167 main event!!??
8 UFC Forum 10
11/13/13 02:50PM
by Adam_Buru
Johny Hendricks first realized KO power with arcade-style punching machine
3 MMA News Share Forum 5
11/06/13 03:03PM
by Adam_Buru
Boxer Abdusalamov now on life support
6 MMA News Share Forum 7
09/05/13 06:22PM
by Adam_Buru
Ali Bagautinov
1 UFC Forum 5
08/18/13 02:15PM
by Adam_Buru
UFC boss: Uriah Hall 'not a fighter,' 'TUF 17' finalist's next move uncertain
6 MMA News Share Forum 19
08/04/13 10:04AM
by Adam_Buru
Machida vs Davis - who won?
3 UFC Forum 28
08/04/13 10:01AM
by Adam_Buru
BT Sport launches to customer complaints, UFC loses 3.8 million UK Virgin TV customer base
3 MMA News Share Forum 3
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