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MMA Forum Posts Made By '-RiK-'

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Forum Posts By MMA Playground user: '-RiK-'
Last Post Topic Post # Forum Replies
03/30/08 08:03AM
by -RiK-
Cage Fighting for Kids?
9 MMA News Share Forum 12
10/26/07 07:09AM
by -RiK-
Dana White Says "Fedor Sucks" & Isn't Top 5 Heavyweight
3 MMA News Share Forum 64
10/26/07 02:42PM
by -RiK-
Is anyone actually excited to see Brock Lesnar in the UFC?
17 UFC Forum 30
10/22/07 07:36PM
by -RiK-
UFC 80: Sam Stout vs. Terry Etim
8 MMA News Share Forum 10
10/22/07 06:35AM
by -RiK-
Randy Couture’s manager responds to claims about Randy making millions
8 MMA News Share Forum 10
10/18/07 01:51PM
by -RiK-
UFC 80: Newcastle, England, likely destination in January 2008
9 MMA News Share Forum 10
10/18/07 01:59PM
by -RiK-
wanderlei with a special annoucement at UFC 77
7 UFC Forum 12
10/18/07 02:07PM
by -RiK-
ufc 79 nemesis ticket prices big increase in money
7 UFC Forum 10
09/11/07 02:35PM
by -RiK-
Who do you miss?
26 General MMA Talk 55
09/09/07 10:57AM
by -RiK-
who will Mark Hunt fight ??
4 UFC Forum 35
09/09/07 05:43AM
by -RiK-
The irish Handgrenade!!??!!??
5 UFC Forum 24
09/09/07 05:38AM
by -RiK-
Houston Alexander
11 UFC Forum 39
09/09/07 09:35AM
by -RiK-
Hunt Signed With UFC?? Lesnar Update
9 MMA News Share Forum 38
09/08/07 05:44AM
by -RiK-
CroCop or arlovski?
15 General MMA Talk 16
09/08/07 05:46AM
by -RiK-
Jardine vs Alexander
7 General MMA Talk 8
09/08/07 07:15AM
by -RiK-
Jardine vs Alexander
9 General MMA Talk 8
09/08/07 05:40AM
by -RiK-
Upset for UFC 75?
36 UFC Forum 36
09/08/07 05:39AM
by -RiK-
Randy Couture has brought back "respect" to the UFC Heavy Weight Division
17 UFC Forum 16
09/08/07 05:37AM
by -RiK-
Who's next for Randy Couture?
53 UFC Forum 58
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