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loller90278 » Posted 1/16/07 3:05:00PM

oh jeez i didnt mean that chuck will have the upper hand im just sayin wandy wont be AS effective as he could be in pride.. chute box emphasizes knees and stomps and such.

ac_gi » Posted 1/29/07 2:47:00AM

Posted by loller90278

Posted by ac_gi

Posted by loller90278

if the fight for some reason ends up at the ground, wandy can't stomp on his frickin mowahk through his head and such.. soccer kicks, stomps, knees to the head while on ground.. no yellow card to penalize slow action

stuff like that

Slow action, are we talking about the same guy? And, again, Chuck doesn't go to the ground.

chuck is a counter puncher, he doesnt press the action. if he were to wait like he does in ufc, he MIGHT get penalized in pride but probably not. and once again if u read my post i said if the fight for some reason goes to the mat, wandy is at a disadvtanage. i dont see your argument valid by just saying "chuck doesnt go to the ground".. its not up to him. its up to guys like rampage, couture, and others to decide.

ya dig?

Here is what I mean by "Chuck doesn't go to the ground."

Chucks last five wins are Tito Ortiz , Renato Sobral, Randy Couture, Jeremy Horn and Randy Couture again. None of these guys could keep Chuck down, if they got him down at all. Is Wandy a better grappler than any of these guys? No.

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