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thepunisher » Posted 2/2/07 11:42:00AM


Riggs and Quarry would wipe the floor with Leben.

I give you Riggs might beat him but as slow as Quarry looked the other night he would be going down

waylon_o » Posted 1/15/07 1:24:00PM

Posted by thepunisher


now name 9 fighters who ARENT better than Leben..... .....good luck

that is tough


Quarry, Riggs, Lutter, and Shonie would all beat Lebe...possibly Sell and probably Martin if they fought again. I'm not sure BamBam wouldn't beat Leben either

bls1919 » Posted 6/25/07 1:09:00AM

I like the way leben was patient with his strikes and some more JJ he could be a very dangerous fighter. I think he and Riggs would be a great fight

spikerman19 » Posted 6/22/07 1:23:00AM

I think Leben looked his worst in that fight ,no energy he was lucky he was fighting a short butterball that gases late in round one.Leben with the lean body just didnt seem strong or have any thing in the tank.

He also looked like he was on crank or something , not that he was he just looke like your crazy runaway cousin.

Bountytaker » Posted 1/26/07 12:23:00AM

My friend was saying he'd like to see Ken-Flo and Diego have a rematch of TUF 1 Finale. I countered that, since it wouldn't happen, I'd like to see Ken-Flo and Leben meet at a compromise weight class and rematch their semi-final.

Why would Leben do it? To avenge the loss, and the chance to nearly headline an event.

Why would Ken-Flo do it? To erase the controversial win he had against Leben way back when, and the chance to prove he can compete outside of LW.

Of course, the funny thing was, in thinking about the potential fight, I could only come to one conclusion: Ken-Flo would DESTROY Leben. Hands down.

Since TUF 1, Leben has barely improved. Sure, his heads on a little straighter, and his cardio is somewhat better...but, in this sport, that's nothing special.

Meanwhile, guys like Ken-Flo, Forrest, Diego, etc...have all shown growth in their actual SKILLS. Heck, Ken-Flo is almost unrecognizable from that first season.

Based on that, I don't think Leben's got much future left in the UFC. Everyone has to GROW in this sport...not just overcome thier weaknesses. You have to be a well rounded competitior, not just someone who won't gas too early.

IMO, Leben made a mistake going on TUF 1. He relied on the fact that he was training with Couture at the time, and didn't seem to think he needed to improve. He used the experience to sell himself, not to learn methods that could transform his game. And, you can't completely blame him since he was training with Couture.

Still, when you look at the changes that most of that seasons competitors made, and then look where Leben is at right now, it's pretty obvious. The guy didn't use the opportunity given to him....and he probably doesn't have much time left in the league.

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