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Tigger » Posted 1/16/07 10:43:00PM

Hey. this would be a first post. i've not much into forums, but I enjoy MMA quite a bit. So Far I guess i'm doin alright on picks.. but I haven't ventured into any wagers yet. How bout some suggestions on betting strategies, and getting the most out of this site.

Lovin it.

oh yeah... to avoid misconceptions the icon is my wife... not me.


JimiMak » Posted 1/24/07 9:31:00PM

My best suggestion would be, depending on how much you wanna gamble, most favorites are that way for a reason. That is determined by book makers, fans and experts. However, you have to figure no matter what the odds on any individual fight there will always be one or two upsets... if you can find a knack for picking underdogs that win, you will not only do well here that is the way to make money gambling in the real world. Once you get used to the whole betting thing, try betting the lines (this site is about to add this feature, if you want a site that already offer that option pm me I don't want to advertise on here if it's not welcome but will gladly hook you up unless I'm told that isn't kosher). Lines not only make things a little more interesting on the individual bet, they give you more of a real world view of wether you have an eye for how to make money on this sort of thing. Good Luck.

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