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Hunt Signed With UFC?? Lesnar Update   [View Full Version]
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guccimane » Posted 9/4/07 4:05:00PM


A fan who was at the weigh-ins in London posted this about answers Dana White shared during the public questioning period. Apparently Mark Hunt is signed and they are wondering what to do with him due to his weight (he could make 265 easy he's been there before), he was VERY suspicious in regards to Fedor (Rogan mentioned him a lot during the UFC 75 broadcast, but he wasn't shown on camera and it's unknown as of now if he was there)....they also talk about AA fighting in November possibly vs Big Nog, and a lot of other interesting notes including a Brock Lesnar update.

warglory » Posted 2/4/07 2:44:00AM

Great article man, props to you for giving me hope about Fedor!

guccimane » Posted 9/4/07 4:05:00PM

No problem bro, I also noticed during the main event Mike Goldberg said something about the unification "being the first of many" and then stating he couldn't wait for "Fedor to fight the man beside me" (Randy) hopefully that gets signed. When I started watching PRIDE in 2002, I always cheered against Fedor. After seeing him destroy everybody he faced, and never even being tested, I couldn't help but become a huge fan. The only time I rooted against him after that was when he faced Mark Hunt (imo his toughest test), but Fedor being Fedor, subbed him in the first round lol.

kerazzle » Posted 2/17/07 4:21:00PM

i can never root against Fedor....he's just too nice.

guccimane » Posted 9/4/07 4:05:00PM

lol yeah...for some reason I always thought he was satanic...oh well. Mark Hunt is my favorite fighter, along with Shogun and Wanderlei. I really hope he fights in the UFC soon, I think he'd mop the floor with Randy Couture imo.

DutchRebelP » Posted 2/27/07 4:15:00PM

Hunt will rule UFC!!!!!, why UFC still bitching bout weights?? Learn from your master (Pride) and create an open weight division!!!

ThugAngel » Posted 1/15/07 11:40:00AM

i agree with that, the ufc needs 2 hold some tournaments like pride fc

BobosKitchen » Posted 7/5/07 5:15:00PM

Hunt cant make 265

-RiK- » Posted 9/8/07 5:11:00AM

thanks a lot for the news!

imagine mark hunt taking his bombs, i couldn't wonder what the crowd would be like, it'd be like something inhuman! good news about andrei fighting again soon, he's one of my favourite fighters, big nog would be an extremely tough fight.

x_soa_x » Posted 7/8/07 9:19:00PM

Posted by BobosKitchen

Hunt cant make 265

Yes he can.

naantje » Posted 6/17/07 9:17:00PM

Posted by BobosKitchen

Hunt cant make 265

Ehm, yes he can.

madmarck » Posted 1/24/07 5:55:00PM

Posted by warglory

Great article man, props to you for giving me hope about Fedor!

I believe it is still just hope at this point.
I think Hunt would be a great addition to the UFC. Maybe he could fight Kongo and we could finally see someone get KO'd

SpiderSilva » Posted 7/10/07 6:44:00PM

Hunt may be really good in the UFC using his size

11-7 av bets

He's been known to cure narcalepsy by just walking into a room. His orgin donation card list his beard. He is a lover not a fighter but he's also a fighter so don't get any idea's he is SpiderSilva I'm the baddest man alive

gtmercury » Posted 1/15/07 8:41:00PM

I heard when made that comment about Fedor and Randy...Idont think hewas suposed to say that!

Whats goin on with Barnett, Matt L., Gomi etc?

kerazzle » Posted 2/17/07 4:21:00PM

i really think that mark hunt could beat kongo, arlovski, and tim around 260 pounds he'd be in great shape and his ground game is getting better and better.

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