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MMA Notes: UFC 75 Is PPV Quality For Free On Spike TV   [View Full Version]
zephead » Posted 1/16/07 5:32:00PM

Boxing has lost much of its popularity in recent years by putting all of the big fights on pay-per-view. Sometimes they aren't even big fights, yet fans still are forced to shell out big bucks for mediocre fights on pay-per-view.


"To me the records were just a starting point," recalls John Paul Jones, "The most important thing was always the stage show. So many great nights. At our worst we were still better than most. At our best we could just wipe the floor with the lot of them. It was just a very good live band."

loonytnt » Posted 7/9/07 11:43:00AM

im happy to see this ufc for free

jae_1833 » Posted 7/19/07 11:27:00AM

This is good news, saves me 45$!!

LightsOut33093 » Posted 2/2/07 7:39:00PM

id rather it be on PPV

ThePlague » Posted 8/23/07 9:55:00PM

Good for me and good for the sport. I'm happy.

mrsmiley » Posted 4/12/07 4:37:00PM

I'm glad it's free.I think they made a good move offering this show for free.I think they want to convince mass UFC fans that might not have been exposed to Pride,that Quinton Jackson and Dan Henderson are two great fighters to headline a main event.Casual fans who only order pay per views when a name like Randy Couture or Chuck Liddell are fighting,might feel alienated by guys like Rampage and Henderson.

Hope we get to see alot more free events like this.I doubt it though.

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