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-NewBreed- » Posted 1/30/07 10:54:00PM

With about one hour left until voting closes for mmaplayground's inaugrual event, UFC 67: All or Nothing, it seems as though most of the participants have made their final picks. Turnout has been pretty impressive thus far and it will be interesting to see just how accurate the votes are. Almost all matches received over 2000 votes a piece, with Halverson vs. Huerta being the lone exception, and a number of landslide winners have been choosen. Here is how the voting faired.

Anderson Silva (93%) versus Travis Lutter (7%)
Silva received 2412 of the total 2588 votes, with Lutter raking in a dismal 176 votes. Overwhelming support for Silva in what is now a non-title fight match-up.

Eddie Sanchez (3%) versus Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic (97%)
"Cro Cop" received 2521 of the total 2588 votes, giving Sanchez only 67 votes. No surprise here, maybe with the exception of Sanchez receiving so many votes! There is a few risk takers out there.

Quinton Jackson (97%) versus Marvin Eastman (3%)
Jackson received 2496 of the total 2576 votes, with Eastman receiving only 80 votes. Clearly another landslide victory. Could be some very dissappointed voters out there, but not likely.

Patrick Cote (60%) versus Scott Smith (40%)
Cote received 1496 of the total 2499 votes. Smith raked in a respectable 1003 votes in what turned out to be the closest vote of the night. Should be a war!

Sam Hoger (19%) versus Ryoto Machida (81%)
Machida received most of the 2325 total votes with 1874, giving Hogar only 451. Fight may turn out to be a lot closer than the votes.

Frank Edgar (5%) versus Tyson Griffin (95%)
Griffin impressed a lot of fans in his last UFC fight. He recieved 2174 votes of the total 2280 votes in what turned out to be another clear choice. Edgar received just 106 votes.

Dustin Hazelett (63%) versus Diego Saraiva (37%)
Hazelett took down 1271 of the total 2030 votes, with Saraiva getting 759 votes in what turned out to be one of the closer match-ups vote wise for this weekend.

John Halverson (19%) versus Roger Huerta (81%)
Huerta was the clear winner taking in 1614 votes of the 1992 total, giving Halverson only 378 votes. Again, a lot of seperation in the votes.

Terry Martin (31%) versus Jorge Rivera (69%
Last but not least, Rivera received 1422 votes of the total 2069, giving him a clear edge over Martin's 647 votes. This fight could go either way in my opinion.

So there we have it. The first show is in the books. Out of the nine fights on the card, an average of 2327 votes were given to each fight. It will be exciting to see if that number increases over the next few shows. The votes are in and all that is left to do now is enjoy the show. I hope everyone has a chance to see this card tonight and I look forward to reading the comments left on the forums.


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