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The Worlds weirdest animals   [View Full Version]
Lord_Lenny » Posted 3/31/07 6:09:00PM

Weird Animals

fedorwins1 » Posted 1/25/07 7:02:00PM

Blob fish lol

akumairon » Posted 6/3/07 4:48:00PM

sweet jesus some of these creatures i have seen in my worst nightmares

puppetmaster837 » Posted 6/28/07 1:00:00AM

The sun bear looks mentally handicapped

casey64 » Posted 7/5/07 2:39:00PM

man what some weird animals.

Mastodon2 » Posted 3/14/07 4:45:00PM

wot no Goblin shark?!

Ydoc » Posted 2/2/07 9:39:00AM

Posted by Mastodon2

wot no Goblin shark?!

Separated at birth?

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richieb19 » Posted 2/4/07 7:47:00PM

No mention of the cuddlefish... shame...

Mastodon2 » Posted 3/14/07 4:45:00PM

Posted by richieb19

No mention of the cuddlefish... shame...

Do you mean the Cuttlefish?

I don't think that Cuttlefishes are all that weird, just a divergent evolution of the Squid line! Nothing that odd about them really.

Now Vampire Squids, they are weird!

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