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If you could add one fighter not currently in The UFC to each weightclass, who would they be?   [View Full Version]
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ncordless » Posted 4/8/07 11:09:00PM

HW: Fedor
LHW: Arona
MW: Lindlund
WW: Aoki, Shields
LW: Gomi

Flame Not, Lest Ye Be Flamed Yourself.

rc_kobra » Posted 1/31/07 1:20:00PM

HW: Fedor
LHW:lil nog
MW: Kang
WW: Condit
LW: Gomi

fullerene » Posted 5/31/07 3:28:00PM

HW: Fedor
LHW: Arona
MW: Lindland
WW: Aoki
LW: Kid

kimoron » Posted 5/9/07 6:28:00PM

hw- fedor
lhw- lil nog
mw- lindland
ww- shields
lw- aoki

SteedTheDeed » Posted 1/25/07 7:01:00PM

HW- Fedor
LHW- Overeem
MW- Bustamante
WW- Sakurai
LW- Hansen

JewJitsu » Posted 4/26/07 1:44:00PM

HW - Josh Barnett

LHW - Rogerio Nogueria

MW - Robbie Lawler

WW - Mac Danzig (Hopefully he will make it after TUF)

LW - Rob McCullough

jgtribbett » Posted 3/15/07 6:33:00PM

paulo filho
sakurai (if he lost weight)/ urijha faber (if he could bulk up)

pv3Hpv3p » Posted 1/24/07 6:08:00PM

HW - Hunt if he can trim down to 265

LHW - Lil Nog, hands down... I think Soko should gain a little more experience

MW - Kang... Or the Grabaka Hitman

WW - I'll go with Aoki because Mach is rumored already to be coming over

LW - Hansen, Azeredo, Gilly Melendez.... BRING BACK YVES EDWARDS!!!

FW - Kid, just too small to fight at 155, IMO

ultimatefighter33 » Posted 6/2/07 9:04:00PM

iagree with the first post i would love to see those fighters in the ufc

Scott_Revels » Posted 6/22/07 4:53:00PM

Heavyweight: Fedor Emelianenko
Light Heavyweight: Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
Middleweight: Denis Kang
Welterweight: Jake Shields
Lightweight: Gilbert Melendez

alvin » Posted 7/24/07 12:09:00PM

HW - John Geren
LHW - Oveream (just to see if he'd wear a dress in the US)
MW - Filho (I'm tired of hearing he's the best in the world)
WW - Diaz I guess. UFC seems to have the best already
LW- Gina Carano

the-james » Posted 1/24/07 5:32:00PM

HW: Fedor obviously
LHW: Lil Nog
MW: Robbie Lawler
WW: Sinya Aoki
LW: Gilbert Melendez

MMA_MESSIAH » Posted 4/20/07 6:10:00PM

Shinya "Tobikan Judan" Aoki @ WW or LW

bezeau24 » Posted 7/12/07 12:36:00AM

Heavy Weight - Fedor Emelianenko
Light Heavy Weight - Thierry Sokoudjou
Middle Weight - "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler
Welter Weight - Carlos Condit
Light Weight - Takanori Gomi

MMA » Posted 1/13/07 11:38:00AM

Anyone else think Aoki would do really bad in the UFC? I think he would probably fight in the welterweight division and that division is stacked with strong wrestlers. We all know how Aoki has nearly no stand-up and his TDs are not that great.

Aoki would be forced to either 1) learn to strike to setup his TD, 2) pull guard so he can get the fight to the ground (like he sometimes does), or 3) do some crazy flying submissions if he wants to do well in that division. Oh, and I am not sure about the regulations for wearing his rainbow pants which gives him the friction he needs to hold down his opponents, etc.

P.S. I love Aoki so I am not hating on him. That's just my opinion.

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