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UFC Fight Night 11: Leonard Garcia vs. Cole Miller   [View Full Version]
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Sam_Rothstein » Posted 3/21/07 1:52:00AM

im rooting for cole miller right now but leonard garcia might have this one

should be a good fight

xphycorx » Posted 7/3/07 12:48:00AM

garcia is a bad ass and held his own against huerta. miller fights for american top team, a very good camp. i gotta give this one to garcia though, he's just too tough for miller.

Chris_Keppel » Posted 7/16/07 5:26:00PM

There's alot of people here... I wouldn't necessarily say Cole would school everybody here haha...

Personally... yeah, Cole would more than likely submit me... but school me? Maybe in juijitsu wrestling or something.

He probably is weak, physically, but hell, he was on TUF. He's doing something right..

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