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A Different Kind of Fight: Title IX and MMA   [View Full Version]
grappler0000 » Posted 3/24/07 5:29:00PM

The pugilistic pride of Oklahoma State University, UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture (Pictures) originally began his college studies at Washington State in 1981.

Had he stuck to his intention of completing his education there, the mixed martial arts Hall of Fame might be short one member.

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Branwest » Posted 7/14/07 1:42:00PM

Title IX is crap. It's reasoning had good intentions, but it's still crap. It discriminates against men. Schools only have so much money to put into their athletic programs. Schools should be able to make money, or at least have some money to counter the monetary expenses of the programs. That means that woman's sychronized water dancing stuff shouldn't be put ahead of men's wrestling. Men's sports are generally more entertaining, not to mention, lucrative. But the main sports, such as football, basketball, baseball, and wrestling shouldn't be bothered. These sports at least generate some money to be put back in to their programs.

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