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Biggest upset this year?
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Serra vs. St. Pierre 26 65%
Jackson vs. Liddell 0 0%
Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop 12 30%
Couture vs. Sylvia 2 5%
Alexander vs. Jardine 0 0%
Biggest Upset so far this year?   [View Full Version]
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Taylor8766 » Posted 6/24/07 5:32:00PM

What has been the biggest upset so far this year?

Twenty20Dollars » Posted 6/21/07 4:27:00PM

pretty sure this debate is already over. it was on serra over GSP.

Gladiator » Posted 1/15/07 1:36:00PM

it has to be serra vs gsp just because of the odds against serra and the way he dominated pierre in the standup but a close second is prob gonzaga headkicking cro cop. after those 2 it gets debatable, but i'd have to say dan henderson knocking out wanderlei for me.

warglory » Posted 2/4/07 2:44:00AM

Definitely GSP/Serra, simply because of the odds involved with that one. Personally, seeing CroCop get decapitated was just too much for me to handle.

cmill21 » Posted 5/27/07 4:09:00PM

I hated when Mirko lost, so that was the biggest upset for me. But serra and GSP was rediculous. Neither of them looked like a shadow of themselves. It was weird.

JimiMak » Posted 1/24/07 9:31:00PM

I meant to pick CC/GG but accidentally picked Sylvia/Couture (which shouldn't have even been on the list, imo)
Serra GSP, as much of a surprise as it was I kinda expected for some reason. I didn't think GG had any chance. I remember ppl here saying it was the biggest mismatch in MMA since the original days.

CwB » Posted 2/27/07 2:05:00PM

what about soukoudjou (i dont know how to spell his name) Vs Nog, or diaz vs gomi,

and i think couture was the biggest upset because he had retired after getting knocked out twice, came back at a bigger weight to fight a guy with knockout power and a huge reach advantage, and we have seen couture struggle at heavywight. i know the betting odds on gsp vs. serra where ridiculous and no one on this sight picked gonzaga to win by ko

plus watching that fight had me on the edge of my seat the entire fight. i was just waiting for sylvia to catch him and knock him out.

kofranklin » Posted 6/25/07 9:55:00AM

Gonzaga vs Cro Cop has been the biggest upset this year.

masodd » Posted 7/2/07 4:25:00PM

serra vs st.pierre........the GG vs CC wasnt that much of a shocker except the he ko'd him

DJDark41 » Posted 5/23/07 9:05:00PM

Ok first off, Liddell/Jackson was NOT an upset, if anything, the favorite won that fight. I'm not sure why people keep calling Jackson the underdog in that fight, but he was not the underdog by a longshot. Couture/Sylvia isn't an upset either as far as I'm concerned, just the way it happened made it alot cooler, but I don't think that was an upset. Same with CroCop/Gonzaga. Gonzaga had a good chance to win, but the way he did it was a huge shock.

BTW- Serra/GSP, period.

kevietre » Posted 6/29/07 1:36:00AM

Believe it or not I never underestimated Serra it wasn't a shock to me... I never in a million years thought Gonzaga would KO Cro Cop

casey64 » Posted 7/5/07 2:39:00PM


Scott_Revels » Posted 6/22/07 4:53:00PM

Serra/St. Pierre
Gonzaga/Cro Cop

I don't think the Rampage/Liddell fight was even an upset.. I think had Liddell won, it would've been an upset.

sfmaster » Posted 7/28/07 2:56:00AM

Serra/GSP, I had a strange feeling the fight would go down exactly the way it did, but popular opinion predicted otherwise for sure.

Lord_Lenny » Posted 3/31/07 6:09:00PM

Rampage/Liddell wasn't a surprise at all, i had to flip a coin for that one. I could see randy winning his fight but i didn't think he would completely outclass him. I could see Gonzaga winning but i never would have guessed from a devastating head kick, but i just plain never would have predicted Serra to beat GSP

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