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aznteabagger » Posted 4/7/07 6:25:00PM

Manny Gamburyan was in the biggest fight of his career against Nate Diaz back at The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale. It appeared Manny was winning the fight and Diaz hadn't offered much of an offense. At the start of the second round, Gamburyan shot in for a take down. After the shot, he immediately tapped out. Gamburyan's shoulder had popped out and was dislocated. All of his dreams had been lost because of the injury, and the victory belonged to Nate Diaz.


waylon_o » Posted 1/15/07 1:24:00PM

Manny is a stud. The guy is a bull. I hope he gets better and he gets his rematch...I think he'll kill Diaz.

aznteabagger » Posted 4/7/07 6:25:00PM

he was winning the fight vs diaz in the finale

cmill21 » Posted 5/27/07 4:09:00PM

Totally crushing him.

jahdoug » Posted 6/22/07 12:02:00PM

I really hope he gets that shoulder healed up for the long run, he is a true fighter and was shrugging off those sub attempts of Diaz w/ very little difficulty.

LR » Posted 6/21/07 2:59:00PM

Shoulder injuries are bad news. And seeing as he didn't really torque it on Nate's leg that badly, it seems to be a reoccurring injury where the ligaments are probably stretched. It takes a massive amount of rehab to fix that. I've had a similar injury for most of my life, and I can still pop it out from simple swinging a baseball bat.

Twenty20Dollars » Posted 6/21/07 4:27:00PM

yeah manny said something about his shoulder problem with the fight with joe in TUF 5

xphycorx » Posted 7/3/07 12:48:00AM

gamburyan won that first round hands down against diaz. if they fight again, gamburyan will dominate diaz again. that's why diaz doesn't want to fight him, so really i don't blame diaz. i think it will eventually happen. there's no way dana white wouldn't let this not happen. gamburyan deserves a rematch with diaz.

GrandMaster313 » Posted 6/9/07 7:01:00PM

give him a rematch. Nate is a lil bitch to not give manny a rematch!!!

loonytnt » Posted 7/9/07 11:43:00AM

diaz will still win, a rematch should happen after manny has won some1,diaz won the fight, its bull that ppl are not giving him any congretz that he won, congretz on your win diaz you fight throw all the ppl that where put in front of you nice job

GrandMaster313 » Posted 6/9/07 7:01:00PM

yea!!!!!!!!!!! Diaz won ! whoopdey doo. Look at it this way. Rampage destroyed Lidell in the first fight and absolutely embarresed him in the rematch....... but at least rampage was man enough to say "Hey I whooped him the first time, i know I can doit again" and did so. Just the thought of a rematch with Manny makes Nate Diaz deficate on himself. He wasn't going to win unless he nailed a lucky punch the way he was fighting in the 1 round.

TOMMYAYO05 » Posted 6/27/07 5:26:00PM

Corey was crushing Diaz too then out of nowhere he submitted him he was beating so far in the fight but it was only one round.Im a huge diaz fan so i hope nate can figure something out if this goes down.

DevMahon » Posted 4/24/07 12:21:00AM

People are acting like Diaz is ducking Manny. The only "proof" we have of this is Manny's unsubstantiated word that he heard it from someone else.

I think I'll wait for a bit more evidence before I call him craven, thank you.

tommyprairie » Posted 7/7/07 5:40:00PM

I hope he gets the rematch, but that shoulder injury will take a while to fully heal. Also, now it is known to everyone to attack that shoulder

DevonFoxy » Posted 6/27/07 1:57:00PM

Yea I highly doubt that Nate is ducking Manny. I mean yea Manny was winning the match but i doubt Nate would duck Manny. I think Manny is shooting off at the mouth for the moment. I mean give Nate this match and then I'm sure we will see the rematch that Manny wants.

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