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Signal2112 » Posted 5/31/07 6:49:00AM

Hmm, hopefully this won't be too bad for his career.

KingKash » Posted 6/13/07 12:25:00AM

He pulled a Robbie Alomar, except it was a bouncer and not an ump.LOL

babalu2720 » Posted 2/1/07 8:55:00PM

Babalu needs to get his spiky patch of hair out of his ass. I dont know how much more i can take...What's next a loss to David Heath

Rush » Posted 1/31/07 10:42:00PM

Well, because of the number of asshole bouncers that I've seen out there, I really don't resent Sorbral's actions.

99% of well known MMA fighters really have nothing to prove by picking a fight outside of the ring, but I am sure there are a lot of non-fighters that want to prove their manhood by fighting a pro fighter. They've got nothing to lose. If they lose the fight, they have lost to a top fighter. If they win..... well.....

I have a feeling being an MMA fighter is like being a movie star, except it's not the paparazzi in your face all the time, it's wanna be fighters trying to start something.

As for this being bad for MMA. I am on the fence about this. It's really a small incident. Spitting is technically assault, but so is just putting your hand on some one's shoulder. I have a hunch that despite getting arrested, Sorbral wont be convicted of assault. Also, I think all the drug charges on other fighters (cocaine, etc) are worse for MMA than this.

silverbullet » Posted 5/28/07 3:41:00PM

Posted by Northrend

Posted by Canadian_MM_EH

Bad for MMA imo......

So is Chuck looking like he is on drugs on a morning tv show. That was way more mainstreamed as well. Shit happens, these fighters are real people and this stuff just happens.

These guys are pro athletes that represent a sport. I hope that he gets suspended at least until this charge clears up

GrandMaster313 » Posted 6/9/07 7:01:00PM

I'm pretty sure in most states that if you spit on someone it is automatically labled as assault. I know it is here in Michigan. So there's your assault charge.
The trespassing follows after you get kicked out of the bar! As long as he didn't hit anyone he will not lose his License. If he did then he is a moron for letting some shmuck get the better of him. Your a professional fighter Babalu c'mon now

GrandMaster313 » Posted 6/9/07 7:01:00PM

Posted by babalu2720

Babalu needs to get his spiky patch of hair out of his ass. I dont know how much more i can take...What's next a loss to David Heath

i might say so my friend you should bet on that statement !

MisFiT » Posted 3/6/07 7:31:00PM

**** all of you need to calm down, no one's perfect. Shit happens. Understand it.

SpiderSilva » Posted 7/10/07 6:44:00PM

Babalu has had some bad luck I was hoping he would turn it around in this next fight. Man this sucks I have been a fan of his sence the Shogun Horn wins there was one more dude I dont remember his name but bablu went to war that night F*ck no one can say they beat those two dudes in one night

11-7 av bets

He's been known to cure narcalepsy by just walking into a room. His orgin donation card list his beard. He is a lover not a fighter but he's also a fighter so don't get any idea's he is SpiderSilva I'm the baddest man alive

TOMMYAYO05 » Posted 6/27/07 5:26:00PM

Lets hope spitting on a bouncer boosts his confidence after his last fight i think its just part of the training and it seems to be going well....ahaha

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