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Dramatic Rodent?!   [View Full Version]
Northrend » Posted 2/25/07 10:37:00PM

Was bored looking through Youtube and saw this...could be the dumbest and funniest thing I have seen that is only 5 seconds.

rcg916 » Posted 3/20/07 3:54:00PM

funniest 5 seconds ever!

InkedUp » Posted 6/27/07 5:20:00PM

So help me god, I thought I was about to fall outta my chair I was laughing so damn hard

jnjjacob » Posted 6/15/07 3:09:00PM

Rampage Jackson has nothing on this rodent's stare down!

MrLehman » Posted 5/19/07 2:32:00PM

lol Props 2 u! Great find!

garrick » Posted 3/28/07 11:04:00AM

good find! It's things like this that make you appreciate youtube.

tommyprairie » Posted 7/7/07 5:40:00PM

HAHA, random, but funny

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