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shinobi » Posted 4/15/07 3:21:00AM

Does anybody know who John Alessio's next opponent is in WEC? any help would be great.

madmarck » Posted 1/24/07 5:55:00PM

Im sure they are gonna bring him back. But he hasnt been doing so hot agains the top tier guys (but thats nothing to frown upon).
I personally see him as someone who fights perfectly into WEC. I think he can beat almost anyone there except for the few top 3 guys in that org at 170.
I wanna see Renato Verissimo come to WEC. I think with the three guys i listed above we would get some nice subs.

shinobi » Posted 4/15/07 3:21:00AM

yeah i dont know if he belongs in ufc, wec for sure, and when you get paid to do what you love and please fans with your fights, a belt isnt as rewarding.

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