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Tyron Woodley believes he’s the ‘worst-treated champion’ in UFC history   [View Full Version]
Braden » Posted 3/6/12 2:55:00PM

Tyron Woodley isn’t happy with the UFC, or some of its fans it appears, calling himself the “worst-treated champion” in the history of the promotion.

The UFC welterweight champ believes he could be the fighter who helps the UFC break through in a big way with African-American combat sports fans, particularly considering the void left by the retirement of boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr.


Wallass » Posted 10/7/08 5:39:00PM

I love Woodley but the belt doesn't propel you to huge money fights as soon as you get it. Some people are draws and some aren't he should be running through guys every few months then he'll get his Conor, GSP and Diaz fights but until then people like him and Miocic gotta put in work before the big paydays.

tildengolfer » Posted 2/19/11 9:57:00PM

He is really amplifiting this beyond all B.S. imaginable.

Look at the past/current champions and shut up. Hey. Guess what?! You had your first defense and it ended up a Maj. draw. Say what!?!?! Shut the fuck up. Defend your belt and quit acting like the world is against you. Fight Wondrboy who rightfully deserves it and then maybe. Just maybe fans will quit hating on you. I understand you wanna make money. And in that sense you decided Diaz would be a good fight. Or GSp. Maybe Maia. But the fact you avoided Winderboy is criminal.

I am not one for immediate rematches but I felt the last 170 title fight. If Thompson didn't gat a rematch. I'd find it criminal. Rematch him willingly. Then. Only then. I'd find you a true and willing champ. Woodley has turned into a primadonna. Fucking joke.

VitoCapone » Posted 1/21/12 6:39:00PM

I totally agree Tyron defended his title ONE time against Wonderboy and it was a Majority Draw which in Layman's terms means you won by default. This guy was born with the world against him if you pay attention to his whining. Also, let's get this out there......If you are the one always talking about the race-card maybe you should try to calm down on your political correctness a bit. If you perceive that everyone is against you before you meet them life is going to be hard for you. I have also noticed he has really turned it up since all the bullshit that went down in his hometown. I know the last time a black guy killed a white guy in Detroit or Flint(probably both places yesterday) us white people didn't hatefully rally. And please everyone keep acting like black cops and white cops are different. Where I come from a cop is a cop and it doesn't matter what race they appear to be. As a white male I have been treated like shit by black, white, brown, tan and female officers. Tyron Woodley please grow-up just a little and don't try to draw negative attention to yourself and your character by being a negative human being. Instead of crying and whining......act. Talking about shit that is broken rarely fixes the problem. As far as being a well received Champion, be a Champ people like and want to deal with don't fight to a Maj. draw and expect the world to think you are the greatest. I see you as a Champion due to a bad decision and you staying Champion by default. If a draw result in a no win no champ situation Tyron would have something else to squall about I guess.

handyman293 » Posted 1/25/14 8:51:00PM

I'm still waiting for my white privilege to kick in. I don't discount him as a champ, he's legit, but me being white, still means I have to work everyday. I won't cry for him.

aussiemma » Posted 1/27/12 10:34:00PM

He comes off as a bit of a whiner and complainer and nobody likes that. Woodley is actually a pretty smart guy and well spoken but he will never have that 'it' factor to generate the money that he is after

Shaolin_86 » Posted 3/5/16 1:28:00PM

I actually think he's taking advantage of the hate coming his way and trying to use it to to generate interest in his fights. Whether people love or hate you, they'll still come and watch you fight. He has his fans, but then there are a lot of people who want to see him lose and will want to watch him get knocked out. Like you said, he's not stupid.

Personally, I don't like him and am tired of his perceived whiny, entitled, hypocritical attitude, but like him or hate him it generates more interest and gets people talking. He's probably come to terms with the fact that a lot of people will always dislike him no matter what.

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